Say hello to the most expensive variant of the 2023 Nissan Sentra

Say hello to the most expensive variant of the 2023 Nissan Sentra

Yokohama firm Nissan has a wide range of options on its Sentra sedan. Today we’re interested in going over the most expensive: the Midnight Edition.

It is common for Nissan to offer a wide range of variants for its models. The case of the Sentra, in its 2023 version, is no exception. Today’s premise is to analyze the Midnight Edition variant, which according to official sources from Nissan USA is the most expensive one in the market today.,

In the Midnight Edition, we notice that Nissan is trying to give a premium look to the Sentra., is associated with the night. The entire car is organized in black, silver gray and a few white dots. You won’t find fluorescent shades, or very flashy ones, in the Midnight Edition.

It is noteworthy that Nissan sedans are one of the factory’s central bets in the United States. So much so that it has four models, with multiple versions per model: Maxima, Sentra, Altima and Versa. In fact, there is a choice; All based on the demands of the future buyer.

In the Sentra we get a mid-size sedan that is slightly more expensive than its Versa counterpart and slightly less than its other Altima and Maxima fleetmates. In this spectrum, the Japanese firm places the Sentra and its variants. “Built for efficiency, built for emotion,” said Nissan while introducing its Sentra, Edition 2023.

Midnight Edition, Centra Ball Gown

2023 Nissan Sentra Midnight Edition. Source: Nissan USA.

“Make it a luxurious affair,” says Nissan when introducing the Midnight Edition of the Sentra., In this version, flashy colors are not in the options. Its bodywork has three options: full black, full gray or two-tone black and white.

It is regarded by Nissan as a “special edition” that stands apart from the rest of the configuration options. The main differences are in the bodywork. For example: grille applique, diffuser and a rear spoiler made for the Midnight Edition. Its wheels are also noteworthy: black and 18 inches.

Another highlight of this variant are the headlights: “The Sentra Midnight Edition gets LED fog lights which look more modern and emit a brighter light.” Body drawing, in general, does not differ from other options. It remains a mid-sized saloon with modern looks and aerodynamic lines.

At the same time, you can see the “Midnight Edition” logo at several points on the bodywork. The exact averages are: 182.7 inches long, 71.5 inches wide and 57.0 inches high, while the wheelbase is 106.6 inches. All versions of the Sentra share the same measurements.

Sentra Midnight Edition Cockpit

For the interior of the Midnight Edition, Nissan bet on technology applied for comfort and road safety. The sign about the Sentra’s interior reads, “Technology puts you at ease.” Among these features we find remote engine start system with customization, steering wheel with multimedia controls, heated seats, keyless ignition.

In the center of the dashboard, the 8” NissanConnect touch screen stands out. The system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The second screen is, in driving position, 7”. It contains all the information for driving the Sentra using Drive-Assist.

In strictly cosmetic terms, the Sentra is identical to the Altima. Restraint follows with typical youth aspects: the Sentra doesn’t want to be a serious, formal saloon, but is aimed at sub-50 buyers. It can be requested with “Sport Finish”, embroidered steering wheel and seats, details and finish with a color thread that stands out.

Sentra Midnight Edition Features

Nissan offers the same engine across its various versions of the Sentra including the Midnight Edition, It is a front engine, gasoline, direct injection (DIG), 2.0 litre, four cylinders in line and 16 valves. Such a combination allows the Sentra to produce a peak power output of 149 hp at 6,000 rpm, while its peak torque sits at 146 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm.

Drive is front, as indicated by the tradition of city sedans and its transmission is the continuously variable Xtronic CVT. With respect to braking, the Sentra employs ventilated solid disc brakes both front and rear, ABS, brake assist and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD).

Outside of this Midnight Edition variant that we are describing in this article, there are other slightly cheaper versions from Nissan: S, SV, SR, As you’ll see, the Sentra is positioned as a strong option, perhaps Nissan’s strongest yet, in a segment of the market that competes with midsize city sedans. Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and its ally Nissan Altima: direct competition that seeks to “own” regular-use sedans.

market value

According to official sources from Nissan USA, the Market price of Sentra SR Midnight Edition starts from US$ 23,635, This is the most expensive Sentra in the catalog.






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