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Share your location in real time: All the apps and options to do it

If you want to start using real-time location and you don’t know if it’s worth it or not, we’ll explain the pros and cons. We can use it in applications which we have installed in mobile no need to install anything else, It is available on Telegram, WhatsApp or Google Maps and will allow you to travel safely or know where your loved ones are. Of course, keep in mind that this is a double-edged tool and it will give us security, but don’t let anyone demand that you use it.

advantages and disadvantages

Real-time location sharing has many benefits, but it also has some detractors who claim it harms or erodes our privacy. Be that as it may, we explain which applications allow you to do this and how you can do it in a simple way and with anyone. This is useful in many cases…

  • Know when you arrive: Know how much time do you have to go If you’ve met someone and want that person to know where you’re going, real-time location is essential. Whether you do this because you’re driving and you can’t warn them or if you want them to know where you’re going if you’re running.
  • Safety and Security: if you come back at night And you’re worried, real-time location is one of the best ways…
  • Sports and Activity. If you are going on a hiking or mountain biking route and you want your partner, your parents or your friends to know where you are in case something happens to you. You can activate it on WhatsApp, Telegram or Google Maps for hours and thus you will be discoverable all the way. Of course, this will depend on the coverage you have.
  • For kids or seniors. If a child is leaving or has to move back home, or is a teenager, you’ll be able to know where they are at all times.for seniors that they can get distracted or lost. If the elderly are going for a walk alone, you will be able to know where they are at all times, if you have to go at a certain time or if something happens or in case of an emergency or if you pick them up when you feel lost.

However, it also has one major drawback: loss of privacy. We must use it responsibly and most of the applications that allow it allow us to choose a specific time in which we will continue to share it. They won’t be done without your consent or with someone you don’t want, but it’s important to keep in mind that we should share location in real time when it’s useful to us or helps us be more secure , But you should never do it because someone forces you to do it.

Another common drawback is that it doesn’t always work as accurately as you’d like. It depends on whether you have coverage and if you travel on the road, for example, or if you go hiking it may go away at some point. It may also not be accurate in real time and it may not update every second, so you may reach a point before your mobile knows that you have reached.

Share location in real time

There are various applications or tools that allow you

by whatsapp

One of the best applications for sharing location in real time is WhatsApp, thanks to the fact that we all already have it installed on our mobile phones and we don’t need anything else. Is Fast and easy. You can share location with whoever you want in private conversations or WhatsApp groups.

Of course, you won’t be able to choose an exact time, but the application allows you to share it for fifteen minutes, an hour or eight hours. Once you want it to end, just cancel it and the other person will have no idea where you are. While it’s active, the contact you sent it to you will see how your whatsapp profile photo It moves around the map in real time, it will know where you are or where you are going until the indicated time elapses or you cancel it manually. By sending it, you can add a comment in the same way we attach WhatsApp files to any conversation.

  • open whatsapp
  • Go to the conversation you want, individual or group
  • Click on the clip icon next to the message box
  • Select the “Location” option in the popup window
  • Click on “Real time location”
  • Choose the time you want to share your location
  • add a comment if you want

Once you want to cancel it, you just have to go to the notification bar of the mobile phone and press to stop sharing the location in real time.

Whatsapp.jpgfrom google maps

Google Maps also allows you to share your location in real time and the advantage is that you are more precise in terms of the exact time you share it. Another main advantage of this tool is that it allows you to share You want in the application or chat, You can copy the Google Maps link in WhatsApp, but also send it via email, SMS, Twitter message or Facebook Messenger so the other person or people know where you are at all times and can see you walking on the map while you’re at it. can see.

There are two time options for real-time location sharing on Google Maps: during preset and marked times or until you turn the option off. Also, you can share it through any application you want.

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile phone
  • Click on your picture icon in the top right corner
  • Go down in the menu and scroll
  • Click on the “Share Location” option
  • Choose how long you want to share your location
  • Mark the friends or contacts you want to Google it


by telegram

Telegram also allows for real-time location sharing. Just go to the conversation or group you want and click on the share icon. Like WhatsApp, you can’t choose an exact time, but you do get to choose between 15 minutes, an hour, or eight hours. Once you do, they’ll see you on the map or you can cancel it whenever you want Stop working for this.

You just have to follow a few very easy steps:

  • open telegram on your mobile phone
  • Select the chat in which you want to send your location
  • Click on the clip that you will get in the message window
  • opt for “Place”
  • Click on “Share location in real time”
  • Choose the time you want to share it
  • send message to relevant contact

From the moment until you cancel it or during the time you choose, the other person will be able to see where you are and see how you move at all times.


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