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Simple trick backed by scientists to lose weight sitting in a chair

Simple trick backed by scientists to lose weight sitting in a chair - Canarius te Quiero

slim down Without getting up from a chair or putting in much effort practically sounds like magic, but in this case we’re talking about science. researchers of University of Houston The formula for training a muscle is discovered that burn glucose and fat while sitting, with a very simple exercise to practice. This is an innovative discovery that is said to fight the battle against a sedentary lifestyle. is in secret soleusA muscle located under the gastrocnemius in the back of both legs.

Although this unknown muscle accounts for 1% of our body weight, researchers have found that it can do great things for our metabolic health if we are able to activate it properly. American University Professor of Health and Human Performance, Mark Hamiltonrevealed that sole flexion (SPU as its abbreviation), increases muscle metabolism for hours, even when we are sitting. This wide and thick muscle is one of the people responsible for standing.

with a name derived from only, which means sandal, the sole extends from below the knee to the heel. Hamilton’s research published in the journal iSciencesuggests that its activation is to maintain a high oxidative metabolism and improve blood sugar regulation. It is more efficient than any other method. Weight loss, including exercise and intermittent fasting. The process uses oxygen to burn blood glucose or metabolites such as fat, but it depends on the immediate energy needs of the muscles while working.

Why Speed ​​Up Metabolism?

“We never dreamed that this muscle had this kind of ability. It’s always been inside our bodies, but No one has investigated how to use it to optimize our healthUntil now,” Hamilton says. The researchers point out that “when activated correctly, a soleus muscle can increase local oxidative metabolism to high levels for hours, not just minutes, and that a different fuel mixture may does so by using it.”

Tested In The Laboratory Of The University Of Houston.
Testing in a University of Houston laboratory.

During their examination, muscle biopsy revealed that there was a Minimum contribution of glycogen to fuel the solius, which is generally the major type of carbohydrate that promotes muscle exertion. Instead of breaking it down, this muscle can use other fuels such as glucose or fat present in the blood. “It Helps You Have Less Dependency Than Usual work for hours And during this type of muscle activity there is a certain limit of muscular endurance because of the lack of glycogen, without being fatigued,” Hamilton specifies.

“To our knowledge, this is the first concerted effort to develop a special type of contractile activityfocused on the optimization of human metabolic processes”, continues the professor. Improvements in the effect of SPU on blood chemistry include 52% in blood sugar variation And 60% less insulin is needed for three hours after drinking the glucose drink. This activism of Solus has also been effective for double the normal rate of fat metabolism In periods of fasting between meals, reducing triglyceride levels.

How is the exercise done?

After years of research, Hamilton and his team have managed to develop a specific soleus flexion, activated when we stand or walk, that aims to achieve the muscle’s oxygen consumption with rest physical activity, which makes it resistant. To fatigue at the same time. UPS is made sitting with your feet flat on the floor and your muscles relaxed, The heel is raised while the forefoot remains stationary. Once the upper limit of motion is reached, the leg is passively released to come back down.

The goal, he explains, is to simultaneously shorten the calf muscle. The sole is activated naturally by its motor neurons., Might look similar to SPU sit and walkBut according to researchers it’s the exact opposite: When we move, the body is designed to reduce the amount of energy used, while hamilton method This sole causes it to use as much energy as possible during that extended period of time.

“The Solius Flexon looks simple from the outside, but what we see with the naked eye is not the bottom of the story. It is a very specialized movement that at this time required wearable technology and expertise to optimize its health benefits. Is.” According to reports, they are working on Additional publications focused on teaching people how to put UPS into practice Correctly without the need for equipment used in the laboratory.

However, the researchers caution that It’s not about a panacea for weight loss Nor should it be considered as a dietary supplement for those who wish to lose weight. However, for Hamilton it is “the most important study” that he has done in his Metabolic Innovation Laboratory at the University of Houston, because it may solve many of the health problems people with slow metabolism due to inactivity,

In fact, Americans sit for about 10 hours a day, he says. In Spain, according to INE, the figures are lower: We sit an average of 5.51 hours a day, Spending too much time in this position increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, dementia and more. “The 600 muscles combined contribute to only 15% of total body oxidative metabolism within three hours of carbohydrate ingestion, and the sole is capable of doubling or tripling this. We are not aware of any existing or promising drugs approaching this magnitude”, concluded the researcher.

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