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Smart Training: One Super Complete Exercise & 4 Others That Can’t Be Missing From Your Routine

Smart Training: One Super Complete Exercise & 4 Others That Can't Be Missing From Your Routine

“I chose these exercises because, when performed, they involve large muscle mass, as daily life demands of us. Therefore, they are associated with intelligent training,” says Adolfo Resnik.

Resnick is the National Professor of Physical Education and the National Coach of High Performance Sports. In his 35 years of experience he has done everything from TV shows to working in medical rehabilitation.

“When you lunge forward and you have a weight over your head, in addition to strengthening your legs, you’re doing a lot of work on yourself. isometric strengthwhich is the constant power of the whole trunk”, exemplifies the prof.

training for everyday life

This routine is not designed to sign up for a marathon, but to be able to withstand the effort it demands of us. everyday lifeSuch as lifting boxes, pushing cabinets or handling loads.

For example, when lunges move forward with an upward load, we contract sustained effort, The same happens if we have to move a box some 20 or 30 meters.

“There must be a force in our arms called ‘constant’. One does not move up and down the box: holds it in the chest,” Resnick says.

development of localized exercise

To work the upper body, we’ve always done localized practice, Some are performed seated (like the dumbbell bicep curl) or on a machine (like the chest press).

“They are not bad, but everyday life” it doesn’t work that side. No one is pushing the elements sitting down,” the professor analyzes.

“to push the wardrobe” we stay, we put one leg forward, the back is straight. We hold more or less enough currency,” he continues.

Therefore, this type of training helps in strengthening the back of the shoulders and lower back. Thus, while pushing the load, we will have enough force all groups muscle.

“So you don’t just do it with your lower back and stay strongsomething that normally happens”, warns the teacher.

And it encourages us to keep going. “When you train, you unconsciously try in correct way, Not to get hurt,” he says.

One by one: 5 exercises you should be doing

In a video he. made for bugleThe teacher teaches five combinations that use almost all muscle groups:

Above isometric lunge extension of the arms. Photo Lucia Merrell.

1) Lungs with isometric extension of the upper arms

“It’s an exercise very full, If you want, you can do only 7, 8 or 10 sets of that exercise in a routine. And you don’t have to invent anything else,” enthuses Resnick.

“You can do 20 minutes of lunges with isometric extension of the arms. You do 15 minutes on the elliptical and with that, you have a training“, he adds.

The exercise involves taking a step forward and raising your arms.

The leg that is behind works the glutes and hamstrings, stabilizing the posture. front leg strengthens the quadriceps and knees.

When we bring the arms up, they work on the back, shoulders and cervical muscles. By spreading the arms, the focus is on the triceps.

If we maintain our balance by lunging on our toes, the calf, calf and ankle are activated. Furthermore, we work together with force stability and coordination,

Flexo Closed Triceps Extension.  Photo Lucia Merrell.

Flexo Closed Triceps Extension. Photo Lucia Merrell.

2) Flexo Closed Triceps Extension

According to Resnick, there is research that has shown that there is a directly proportional relationship between the number of repetitions of push-ups by a person and the number of repetitions between them. health conditionincluding cardiovascular response.

“In addition to being healthy, a person who can do 12 or 15 well-executed arm flexions strengthens the entire trunk region”, highlights the prof.

In this case, add degree of difficulty For the traditional version of the exercise. This involves bringing your hands closer together, something that engages the triceps even more and greatly strengthens the upper body.

Sit-Ups With Leg Bike.  Photo Lucia Merrell.

Sit-ups with leg bike. Photo Lucia Merrell.

3) Sit-ups with Leg Bikes

In this exercise, the legs are raised at 90°. there we have one abdominal contraction Isometric, that is, continuous.

“It happens to us every day. When we stand up we have abdominal contractions all the time. Otherwise we would fall forward,” Resnick says.

“When we spend a lot of time sitting the stomach gets weak. Because the stomach is a muscle posture and support, So it is suggested not to spend so much time sitting,” he adds.

In this exercise, we have to do one leg bike at the same time as we lift the trunk. “It’s not easy, it’s a . coordination workLeads the teacher.

Squat With Arms Extended Up.  Photo Lucia Merrell.

Squat with arms extended up. Photo Lucia Merrell.

4) Squat with arms extended above

it’s practice same as before But, instead of lunges, it involves doing squats. While going up, we raise our hands. Thus, it coordinates the upper body and lower body.

Transferred to everyday life, the movement would be like picking something off the floor and carrying it over a cupboard.

As in the first case, it is a super complete exercise, It involves the coordination of almost all muscle groups in the body.

The Final Exercise Begins With A Flexo Extension Of The Trunk To The Front.  Photo Lucia Merrell.

The final exercise begins with a flexo extension of the trunk to the front. Photo Lucia Merrell.
Then, We Line Up With Dumbbells To The Chin.  Photo Lucia Merrell.

Then, we line up with dumbbells to the chin. Photo Lucia Merrell.

5) chin lumbar with rowing

The last exercise is done standing and a . starts from trunk flexo extension to the front. It strengthens the hamstrings, the entire back of the torso and legs.

This practice will help us in our daily life. “Usually we go to find something on the floor and we stay toughIf we have lumbar weakness”, warned Adolfo.

Then, we line up with dumbbells to the chin. work like this cervical muscles and behind the shoulders.


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