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Snails: Trap so they don’t eat the plants

Snails and slugs When chewed they leave large irregular holes and very smooth edges coated with silvery mucilage, unlike other insects.

These insects are most active during modern warm weather when the soil in your garden is moist. Hot, cold and dry conditions drive them far away to find new shelter.

This method will not harm the snails or your plants.

Ideal netting to keep snails away from your plants

all is not lost and there is a way keep snails and slugs away from your plantsObviously this has nothing to do with eliminating them or making an attempt on their life, but rather a preventive measure to keep them away from your little ones.

The process is very, seriously very easy. The piece of cardboard can be any size you want, you just have to make sure it fits perfectly into the area of ​​your garden as a shield, as if you were making an extra planter.

When the cardboard is well adjusted to the areas you like, water it with enough water so that it is only wet on both sides, not necessarily dripping.

Best of all, the cardboard rests on the soil of your plants and you just leave it there over night; next morning (don’t be afraid) but you’ll see all snails that had taken refuge in your little plants and you hadn’t noticed it before.

Finally, carefully pick up the cardboard and carry it to a vegetated area where these little animals can take refuge in a new home.

Tip: Don’t take them to the trash can or sidewalk, that would be very cruel to the animal in care. The aim is to take care of your plants, but without harming the rest of nature. Remember that snails are only looking for a home and food, so it’s best to change your location.

Now that you know this simple trick, keep your plants safe without harming anyone else’s.






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