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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Social networks and well-being. Is a rift opening up between influencers and professionals?

The influential people They are the main actors of the social network; Many of them take the opportunity to disseminate material related to Health And this physical training. The problem is that most do not have the necessary training to do so. Medical and fitness professionals agree that the biggest shortcoming is trackers don’t be careful while following the advice.

experts say there is a fine line This is the difference between prescribing a healthy diet and giving professional advice based on scientific evidence. may also be to follow the guidelines given by them Potentially harmful to health. There are many popular personalities who always have a large number of followers They broadcast material about how they manage to “be good”.

In quarantine, with the impossibility of visiting gyms or training sites, the network grew by leaps and bounds proposed “routine” Those who invited to join, ranging from teachers to people who usually did gymnastics, began to share their practices. Cardio, functional, height and coordination exercises were and remain a choice. in many, They are mixed with physical activity, diet advice and questionable methods to gain muscle and lose fat.,

“If I wanted to be a nutritionist, I could be; there are fitness trainers that he saw the vein and began to devote himself to it – he says Country impress her Agustina Dandari. I don’t want to work with patients, it’s not my service; A communicator is not the same as a doctor. I’m not trying to grab or intrude. i don’t gain from it,

Agustina D’Andrea: “I’m not trying to usurp or intrude”.

Dandri is a journalist (he worked for eleven years in the magazine Para Ti), author of the books Diario de una chica fit; Legally fit and spiritually fit, she was one of the first to influence a healthy and fulfilling life. acknowledges that, in some cases, there is a The “crack” between influencers and health professionals, “They find a rivalry where there is none instead of thinking about reaching more people. I’ve never dieted in my lifeI go to a nutritionist; influencers have a role real inspirationsI assure

She comments that when she uploaded the prescriptions she faced “attacks” from professionals, even going as far as to condemn her for being intrusive and accusing her of advocating for anorexia: ” Giving a diagnosis online is unprofessional, it was brutal. I faced intimidation from various nutritionists, but at the same time, I have alliances with many others. I communicate what I’m passionate about and what they Hire me to work on it.

for nutritionist Monica Katz (MN 60164) There are different types of influencers: the pros – “With whom we also have a problem, because they are bigots or think about issues that are not characteristic of them” -; the one who he ran intermediate“valued to accompany people but that goes on for months”, and those who are directly They didn’t go through any training.”talk more and give advice from their experience,

“The Health is taken care of with registration -Underlines-. Of course, there may still be errors, but they are minimized. It is necessary to check what training they have, if they have published work in peer-reviewed areas, how old are the institutions they cite. COVID-19 is a result revival of science; The pandemic overturned the expert”.

Katz acknowledges that social media has an influence”So big that they compete with what is said in the office” and when asked why people believe influencers and/or celebrities, he points to the use of “simplistic language”; They see it as a duet; they look for the simple, Science produces fleeting truths and most do not like it”.

Micaela Mendez meets the dual status of influencer and graduate in nutrition (MP 5826) and agrees that there are people who “They go the extra mile and give advice beyond just cooking recipes And, for example, suggest an eating plan. If there is no expert then it is wrong.”

Micaela Mendez Is An Influencer And Also Has A Degree In Nutrition.
Micaela Mendez is an influencer and also has a degree in nutrition.

She comments that, although they do not attack her, there is usually criticism when she uses a “controversial” ingredient Like mayonnaise. “They start asking why shouldn’t I if I am healthy; Criticism usually comes for such things”, he reviews. Mendez says he gets “Very deep” consultations in the network, “among those that should be done in the doctor’s office” And this is the reward it gives them. “I explain that these are issues that require location, analysis and that the answers depend on each case.”

For Katz, “absolute freedom to say, but demanding transparency” should reign in the network. he keeps that in conflicts of interest, Not only economic, it is also ideological-political and nutritional. “Everyone places bets; People need to know where we’re talking from”, he confirms and gives as an example the case of food front labeling, whose liability is limited to those packaged “out of sight of the consumer”. There are no ingredients like salt or sugar, nor bread from a bakery or cheese mold”.

He insists that influencers make certain types of consumption “fashionable” and, if they are not supported by academic training, he does not distinguish whether they are appropriate for everyone or only for certain perversions. are useful for In the past few months, the “keto diet” and “intermittent fasting” have become prominent.

Mario Di Santo Outlines The Risks Of Training Without Control.
Mario Di Santo outlines the risks of training without control.Regards Mario Di Santo

former gymnast, professor of physical education, university professor, expert in neuroscience, mario disanto, They have never had social networks but believe they are “a new subject and a new force; a The hypertrophy of the person that allows him to be a new product and a businessman at the same time ”,

He believes that learning and creativity have a “hinge” “that is not better or worse, but different” and he observes that “reproduction of similar forms of movements, everyone trains the same, This is the Taylorism of the movement. uniformity, Images are key, not solutions. The science of movement is credited with concept, image, and kinesthesia; That is permanent triangulation with motor experience. today is the studio affected by the tyranny of the image, Its imposition crushed the concept”.

De Santo affirms that networks, as a concept, work to “catch up” and that if there are influential individuals it is because there are people who can be influenced. “It’s a functional relationship,” he summarizes.

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