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“Social tragedy in Medellin increases civil grievance”: former President lvaro Uribe; What is the problem about?

"Social tragedy in Medellin increases civil grievance": former President lvaro Uribe;  What is the problem about?

Talking about the social problems affecting money capital is like entering a world where hundreds of people of all ages are dedicated to committing various crimes that affect the quality of life of its residents and go against them. Huh.

Although it is not new to talk about child prostitution, drug sales and numerous murders in Medellin, the statistics of some of these crimes raise alarm, Or at least citizens’ complaints are becoming more frequent and statistics from state institutions make it known.

Former President lvaro Uribe spoke about these worrying statistics that plague the city, which was seen on the morning of 6 November in a massive meeting with residents of the city’s northeastern communes. He mainly spoke about the painful tragedy of child prostitution and other problems expressed by politicians and citizens.

The former president arrived at a social hall in the Vila Guadalupe neighborhood of the capital of Antioquia, where hundreds of people accompanied him to listen to his speech “for change in Medellin”, specifically to make the city government aware of the provision of Attention boys and girls. It required investment in entrepreneurship projects, education, etc. to avoid the difficult problem of prostitution in the city.

In addition, it speaks of a worrisome situation. This was announced through his Twitter account.

“Civil grievance in Medellin rises due to social tragedy:

abuse and prostitution of minors and adolescents;

prostitution tourism;

Expansion of Tussi or pink cocaine consumption, especially in young people.

Other Colombian cities also confirm this, ”the former president wrote.

Immediately, hundreds of people commented on the trill. For example, one of them wrote: “I am 51 years old, I have lived in many communities, I walk around the city every day. I had never seen it go so badly, moreover, micro-trafficking, extortion, Alleys full of potholes, garbage, alleyways all over the city. What Federico had done was destroyed.”

However, many people turned against the trillers and made it clear to them that this is a problem that has been registered in the city for several decades.

“In Medellin, there is growing outrage over decades of violence financed by the parastatal policy you manage. Medellin wakes up, no longer swallows whole. You are no longer a reference. He is a criminal. Prison chains follow him,” he confirmed in another comment.

But going by the statistics and studies of state institutions, the difficulties in the city have increased. For example, a month ago, the Office of the Ombudsman issued an alert regarding the sexual mechanization of children and adolescents in Medellin. A series of complaints compiled by a human rights defender make it clear that crime is rampant in the city’s most touristy areas.

As acknowledged by the district administration, these types of crimes are committed more often in places where there is a high circulation of people, especially travellers. The most important landscape is occurring in commune 14, in the exclusive region of El Poblado and in the vicinity of its derivatives: Parque Leras and Provenza.

The alerts that have reached the offices of the Ombudsman in Antioquia are shocking, according to a report known by the institution. Week, Parents and caregivers have reported how criminals recruit their minors to act in sexual encounters in those areas of the capital of Antioquia.

In part of the document that was extended to local authorities, it read: “Information provided in audio to the Regional Ombudsman suggests that, in many cases, children and adolescents have been sexually abused in homes near Parque Lleras.” is done”. The preamble of those crimes would be terrifying.

Several documented cases suggest that the victims may have been abducted before the abductors could reach the clutches. Although the Metropolitan Police of Valle de Abura has insisted that there is no evidence of these scenarios.Officials were invited to investigate these practical criticisms in the public ministry.

Those in the file shared by the Ombudsman, who asked not to be named, said that “minor children are abducted from city schools.” Although the thesis has circulated on social networks and parents have been warned, officials have responded that it will be an urban myth.

The then police commander in Medellin, Brigadier General Javier Martín Gámez, assured that the situation was a replica of what happened five years ago and is no longer active today, adding that “there are criminals who want to cause concern. This does not mean that we will neglect the safety of children,” the official said.

On the other hand, the Ombudsman warned that sexual violence, mainly against girls and adolescents, is on the rise. This criminal incident would have increased further with the flower fair held in August. The high influx of tourists was taken advantage of by minor musical instruments.

In the list of recommendations issued by this entity, there is greater assertiveness among judicial bodies to investigate and prosecute those responsible. Although it is important to persecute structures that promote exploitation, it is important to “identify those who come and demand these services”.

“Commercial sexual abuse of children and adolescents is an unfortunate fact, a crime that must be punished. Awareness and pedagogy are fundamental On the impact of sexual violence on the lives of victims, not only physical, but also psychological and emotional”, the Ombudsman concluded.

According to National Police data, 117 complaints have been filed so far in 2022 for offenses involving commercial sexual abuse of individuals, 106 minors and ten adult victims, of which 76%
An alert has been issued to the women associated with

Similarly, six criminals have been arrested for putting a price on the bodies of minors and people above 18 years of age. To curb crimes, the mayor’s office imposed a curfew for boys and girls in areas where there is a history of prostitution. and a reward of 100 million pesos to identify the perpetrators who promote it.

On the other hand, Carisma Hospital, an institution that provides treatment for addictive behavior, reported with increased anxiety in patients with cocaine addictions over the past three years.

In addition, this institution, with a track record in the care of these patients, confirmed that as a result of this consumption, these people have problems with the nasal septum, a severity marked in the blood vessels, especially in the arteries.

William Echvaria, manager of Karishma Hospital, said that over the past three years there has been a 20% increase in demand for cocaine-use patients coming to a public institution with septum perforation.

“Currently there is very poor quality cocaine on the market, 90% of which is combined with synthetic substances, including those of a veterinary nature, and is causing a great deal of biological damage. At this time, most characteristic of the septum There is perforation, not only as a result of consumption, but also because of the poor quality and quantity of waste contaminated with other synthetic drugs sold to the consumer,” Echvaria said.

He noted that the increase in admitted patients has been notorious, “For example, in 2020 we received 4,549 patients with consumption problems from across the department, In 2021 it increased with 5100 cases and it is most likely that we will not close 2022 with such positive figures; This figure has also doubled with patients who present a perforated septum.

According to doctors at this departmental public care centre, this type of intake causes respiratory problems and in more extreme cases can lead to perforation of the palate and internal bones of the head, making treatment impossible. These health difficulties also include the number of patients aged 12 to 16 who have been treated by the institute because of this problem.

The Charisma Institution in Medellin alone served 1,048 minors: 346 between January and December 2020, 432 between January and December 2021, and 270 between January and July 2022 alone.

Medellin’s councillor, Luis Bernardo Vélez, who was Medellin’s secretary of social inclusion in Federico Gutierrez’s government, has reiterated in affirming that more preventive campaigns by the municipal administration are lacking.

“Where are the campaigns for the family to prevent psychoactive substance use? We have to make ourselves more clear and work towards this situation which hurts us so much today; It is not just mitigating or reducing the risk, it is addressing the phenomenon comprehensively,” the councilman said.

A study conducted by the National University of Colombia and the Medellin Mayor’s Office warned about the consumption of synthetic psychoactive substances, Considering that 98% of the samples analyzed show some sort of change.

Since October 2021, researchers have collected over a hundred chemical substances that are randomly sold on the streets of Antioquia’s capital to measure the risks to its consumers.

After taking a portion of the substances, they were chemically characterized and submitted for a pharmacological and toxicological analysis in the laboratories of the Department of Pharmacy of the National University.

disturbing conclusions

The study divided the analysis into four classes: cannabis, synthetic drugs, opiates, cocaine and derivatives, chemical compositions most frequently distributed in the municipalities of Medellin and Valle de Abura.

The synthetic drugs that were tested – where 2CB, LSD and Ecstasy samples were linked – were found to have high levels of substitution. Namely, they are replaced with ketamine, phthalate plasticizers, caffeine and other ingredients above 70%.

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