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Stunned by government claims, Marrero “explains” why there is hunger in Cuba

talking to state press about agrarian problems in cubaHe Prime Minister Manuel Marrero CruzSomewhat indignant, assured that “the government has given these lands and therefore, there is a commitment and an assignment to guarantee production for the people”, implying that the state believes it has have done their part and are the producers who are not doing their part.

In the same sense, he emphasized that “the land was and is still being given to the people, to the cooperatives. However, the objectives are not always fulfilled; and then, who is responsible? To whom the people claims that? food guarantee, To the government and the government, through state companies, has to make arrangements to reach these producers, it has to enter into contracts to guarantee that food delivery,

Let’s see, there would be only three possible explanations for this that farmers, as Marrero indicates, are producing less than they could With the available resources: 1- They are lazy and/or inefficient; 2- They have co-ordinated to act as a monopoly and to obtain maximum profits; 3- Though the government has handed over the land, it is not enough and needs to be encouraged Suitable for maximizing production.

How else There’s no reason to think that Cuban farmers are particularly lazy and inefficientor that it has been cartelized to act as a monopoly, although the premier dislikes them, the government’s claims seem well-directed, because Lack of incentives due to poor institutional framework is the true reason for the low productivity of the Cuban countrysidenot to mention rState responsibility in the absence of better productive conditions Due to lack of investment in the sector

But despite his astonishment at the people’s claim to government, Marrero insisted that farmers produce more “It goes through discipline, it goes through demand, to be able to pay farmers for production, and also to demand that it be produced… through state companies The government has to manage to reach those producers, paying it rent to guarantee food distribution”.

Does any of this sound like the “change of mindset” and “doing different things and not a little more of the same” with which Marrero has assured the government to face this 2023? Or does it feel like they’re just doing what they’ve been doing for 64 years? Ministers seem to have forgotten that the socialist state company Ekopio—which is actually a huge monopoly—has been contracting production with farmers for decades and yet, Cuba is the biggest food production failure in the Western Hemisphere,

What worries Marrero, however, is that a producer “sells the squash directly for six pesos a pound, while it is 40 rupees in the markets … First, the producer sells at cost, and then a series of middlemen whatever they do, they just buy and resell, and in the end the two big guys are affected, the one who produces the sun every day, the one who charges the lowest, and the who pays the most to the middlemen, who are the people”.

Two Pillars of the Prime Minister of the Republic Why are the food prices in Cuba so ridiculous? And people are hungry: producers do not produce as much as they could and, in addition, there are middlemen “who do nothing, just buy and resell”, raising prices.

Let’s not go into details about the creativity, risks, and costs involved in an activity as complex as “just buying and reselling” that justifies arbitrage profit; Better ask yourself: If nothing is happening by buying and selling,What, then, justifies the profits of state-run companies that buy abroad—by taking money from the people—to resell for higher profits? Pumpkin reseller of Camagüey? Even more, What justifies the extraordinary profits of today’s biggest resellers, the Catapulk-type companies? Because Marrero crushes pumpkin resellers while Hugo embraces Cancio,

But since man does not live on pumpkin alone, the Prime Minister also talked about the problem of milk 70% of the milk consumed by the island is imported. and although, Milk produced in the country which is not contracted is diverted And that it is not going to deter children and people who need it”.

It is unclear whether when Marrero refers to “diverting” milk to those who “don’t need it”—meaning everyone healthy in Cuba over the age of seven—she is including herself and her family. does. What will they have for breakfast at the Prime Minister’s house? Wouldn’t healthy adults drink “opposite” milk at the State Council? This gives the impression that Marrero is concerned only with milk that has not been “diverted”.

In any case, Marrero’s shamelessness is not as relevant as knowing what happened. A government that took over a country with more cows than inhabitants Turned it into a place where the head of state, Raul Castro, had to promise every Cuban a glass of milk 16 years ago and didn’t even keep it. Could it be that farmers have also become an evil monopoly and middlemen are “diverting” the product? Or is the system simply not working?

between this terrible severe food crisisIt is appalling that one of the highest government officials, and speaking for the government as a whole, hides behind democracy to blame others and not take responsibility, which means that They will not actually adopt the necessary policies to promote the most basic and important sector of the Cuban economy, preferring to watch the people suffer from hunger Rather than admitting that the problem is the system itself, because in that case they would have to change it, and no, they don’t, because everything that keeps Marrero fat prime minister in an increasingly skinny country depends on the system.

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