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Success Institute paves education, leadership path for San Bernardino County youth

A local organization offers programs that help youth develop into leaders and professionals.

The Success Institute was established to help young adults who are at risk and in need of support to fulfill their potential. Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Success Institute serves young adults ages 18 to 24 throughout San Bernardino County. The organization connects youth with leadership opportunities, community connections, and education.

Success Institute partners with Career Institutes and other organizations that provide career services. When other organizations do not have the funds, Success Institute fills the gap by serving young adults pursuing a brighter future. The organization connects these youth with mentors and educational opportunities they do not believe they can achieve.

“We provide services to youth who are homeless, in foster care, suffering from mental health issues and financial insecurity,” said Becky Kemp, the organization’s board chair. “We believe it is the mission of organizations like ours to raise this population and provide a path to hope and greatness.”

The Winning Students Of The Success Institute Scholarship Are Visible.  (Courtesy Of Success Institute)
The winning students of the Success Institute Scholarship are visible. (courtesy of Success Institute)

Success Institutes’ College Guidance and Success Program helps participants navigate a path to college education. College and career specialists work with students to build the skills they need to be successful and help them build career paths, enroll in college, and apply for financial aid.

Success Institute listens to the needs of the people it serves, solving challenges that may not be obvious. Mentors noticed that holidays were especially difficult for parents in career programs. To address this, it launched Christmas Angels, which raises funds to provide items to help adults continue exploring their careers and toys for their children.

The organization partners with the Career Institute to provide scholarships to exceptional participants in the program. It hosts an annual event that honors recipients as well as mentors, employers and community members who support these youth and their participation. On an average, the organization awards 20 scholarships in a year.

According to Kemp, this level of support can change the course of participants’ lives. One of these success stories is Georgia Berkel, who was told that she should not apply to college because of a learning disorder. After joining the Career Institute and receiving a scholarship from the Success Institute, Berkel earned a master’s degree and plans to become a guidance counselor at a community college so she can encourage others.

The Success Institute’s Leadership Connection Program, which is funded by the Wilmas Foundation through the Inland Empire Community Foundation and private donations, helps shape the future of local young adults. Through engaging with community leaders, developing an understanding of career opportunities and developing skills, program participants are encouraged to seek careers locally.

Success Institute is an all-volunteer organization and needs partners who can provide funds, support and opportunities for youth.

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