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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Supreme Court expanded, live: Senate debates reform promoted by Christina Kirchner

senator sylvia giacopo (JxC-Jujuy) this afternoon condemned that Kirchnerism is “trying to systematically explode justice.” He did this by interfering in the debate over the extension of the Supreme Court of Justice, which promotes the ruling party and rejects the main opposition coalition.

Sylvia Giacoppo, Senator For Together For Change For Jujuyu
Sylvia Giacoppo, Senator for Together for Change for JuJuYuCapture

senator Martin Lostau (JAXC-CABA) said on campus this afternoon that the ruling party called for political dialogue that “should be unmasked”, as there was no previous agreement to deal with the extension of the Supreme Court of Justice. “We’re debating once again what you want, how you want, while inflation runs at 7 percent per month and prices rise at 135 percent per year, our debate is this”Said radical for the city of Buenos Aires.

Martin Lostau, In The Senate This Afternoon
Martin Lostau, in the Senate this afternoonsantiago filipuzzi

senator Guillermo Snopek (FDT-Jujuy) intervened in the session this afternoon as an informed member of the ruling party in the debate for the extension of the Supreme Court of Justice. However, he did not give details about the main details of the project: the number of members of the court.

Senator Guillermo Snopek Of The Front Of All For Jujuyu
Senator Guillermo Snopek of the Front of All for JuJuYucapture

The Front of All (FDT) withdrew from the specifics debate in the Senate with the promotion of Three cameramen from the province of Santa Cruz, proposed by the executive powerWhich was included in the agenda of this afternoon’s session in which they will vote for extension of Supreme Court justice.

these are sheets Marcelo Hugo Bernardelli, Carlos Augusto Borges and Nelson Andrés Sánchezwho were proposed as candidates to hold a seat in the Court of Appeals of the City of Santa Cruz Commander Luis Piedrabuena and now they will be studied again in the contract commission headed by the senator Annabel Fernandez Sagastik,

The specifications were contested by the opposition, primarily Bersanelli, who served as Christina Kirchner’s counsel in the proceedings ordered by the late judge. Claudio Bonadio, At the opening of the session, the head of FDT Interblock, jose mayonsorequested to return the same to the Contract Commission for analysis.

The Senate session in which the expansion of the number of members of the Supreme Court of Justice is debated has already been noted 30 speakersHence it is estimated that the sitting of the Legislative Assembly will last for seven hours and the voting will take place after 10 pm.

Senate In Session This Afternoon
Senate in session this afternoonSenate Press – Charlie Diaz Azque

senator Ignatius Torres (FDT-Chubut) today declared itself a “victim of the operation” due to the appointment of its former advisor gaston marano as a lawyer Gabriel Nicolas CarrizoThe head of the “Copitos” gang, who has been detained in connection with the attempted assassination of Vice President Christina Kirchner.

Ignacio Torres, Senator From Chubuto For Together For Change
Ignacio Torres, Senator from Chubuto for Together for Changecapture

The Senate session to debate the extension of the Supreme Court of Justice began this afternoon with the Provisional President Claudia Ledesma Abdala de Zamoras In command of the legislative meeting.

The Together for Change bench did not give a quorum, but the ruling party of the Front of All, with its own 34 senators and three aides, did. Alberto Veretilneck, Clara Vega and Solari Quintana.

Claudia Ledesma Abdala Presides Over Special Session That Seeks To Expand Members Of The Supreme Court Of Justice
Claudia Ledesma Abdala presides over special session that seeks to expand members of the Supreme Court of Justicesantiago filipuzzi

senator Maria Eugenia Catalfamo (FDT-San Luis) this afternoon eliminated the apprentice of the Rodriguez Sa brothers, who also move to the Upper House. whereas Adolfo Rodriguez Sao Agreed with Christina Kirchner’s change in the project to expand the Supreme Court of Justice, to take its amalgamation to 15 members, the governor Alberto Rodriguez Sao The idea remains to increase the composition to 25 members.

“The court is not becoming independent, it needs to be changed. I had an agreement with the project to reach 25 members that came from governors and I think reducing it to 15 hurts federalism”, warned Catalfamo in the preamble of the session. The lawmaker, who is aligned with the governor of San Luis, insisted in any case that the project to be discussed this afternoon “involves gender equality and is very important.”

Senator Maria Eugenia Catalfamo
Senator Maria Eugenia CatalfamoFabian Marelli – The Nation

The special session of the Senate to debate the increase in the number of members of the Supreme Court of Justice will not begin at 2:30 pm, as was officially planned. The traditional buzzer of the Upper House started ringing to invite the MLAs to the House, but then it went off. This indicates that the meeting, which will be led by Vice President Christina Kirchner, has been delayed.

United States Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (Amcham, for its acronym in English) issued a statement in which it stated its position against the expansion of the Supreme Court of Justice to 15 members, which the ruling party will seek to pursue in the Senate today. The unit expressed its concern “only at the possibility that this materializes”.,

Amcham recalled that the Court changed its composition in 1990 and 2006, and that the Judicial Council was reformed in 2006 and 2013, and maintained: “Though our country has undergone profound changes in the last 40 years , but we find it overwhelming that there are so many processes of change in the two central organisms of Argentine justice”.

“While the Justice Service faces serious challenges in responding in a timely manner to all kinds of societal demands, it is worth asking itself whether the solution to the current problems is tripling or quintupling its members, rebuked the Chamber, which asked him “all senators who deeply evaluate these foundations, in their quest to build solid and sustainable institutions, within a republican model of government and to create conditions for the integral development of our society.” We do.”

In June, the North American Chamber of Commerce had already rejected an intention to expand the court when a group of Peronist governors joined forces to promote that the Supreme Court be made up of 25 members.

References to Together for Change rejected the measure that seeks to elevate Supreme Court judges. They agreed that the reform responds to the interests of Christina Kirchner And he remarked that it showed the call for talks by the government was “not serious”. He also warned that the project would not be able to proceed in the dept.

Hours after the session was confirmed, Together for Change’s national table issued a statement saying that “The only thing the Front of All is dedicated to is to be free from its impunity.” And he closed: “There is no way for political leadership to build consensus that society today demands and demands, if the government itself encourages an agenda that aims to solve inflation, reduce poverty, insecurity.” have nothing to do with the inclusion of our vast sectors. Society in the world of work, draw up agreements to increase investment in strategic sectors of our economy, establish clear and lasting rules”.

“Tomorrow we will not give a quorum, but if Kirchnerism does get it, we will demonstrate on the floor how this reform only seeks to add to the personal agenda of the vice president,” the senator said. Martin Lostau One Country And I add: “There’s no technical or political reason that could support this hilarious project that wants to put the Supreme Court of Justice in the hands of Peronist governors. If they really want to make justice more agile, we will debate the transfer of services in the city.”

Along these same lines, the president of the Senate Radical Caucus, louis nadenoff, “This is another chapter in the path that matters most to Christina Kirchner that has nothing to do with the people’s agenda. This is a crude and absurd attempt at his passion for justice”, he told the medium and assured: “Everything Kirchnerism tried to do in judicial matters was a failure. This Is Another Effort That Might Pass In The Senate, But It Will Sleep In The Deputies,

“It has no margin in the deputy”, he agreed. John Manuel LopezBlock President civic alliance And I add: “It is a tangible threat to the judiciary before the punishment of public works,

The leaders agreed that the ruling party’s willingness to bring the issue to the floor reflects that “you can’t believe” the government’s call a few days ago to “understand a change”. “This is a clear example. You can’t believe the dialogue of people who have always condemned them“I believe Nedenoff. ,This is another issue that hinders negotiations,” Lopez said.They talk of peace and declare war on the institutions of the republic”, said the head of the pro Patricia Bullrich In conversation through this.

Senator from Mendoza alfredo cornejo He said that “the Court’s treatment of the amendment is the demonstration that Kirchnerism should be taken for what they do and not for what they say”. The former president of UCR concluded: “On the one hand they talk of dialogue and on the other they call for a session with the opposition without the minimum of consent and elbowing,

Alejandro “Topo” Rodriguez, also joined from the federal Interblock and personally believed that the reform “has no destiny” other than criticizing the government for going ahead with the measure. “Instead of adopting institutional fantasies, the government should tackle inflation and social distress,” he said. Country,

The ruling party will today seek to approve the extension of the court, a measure promoted Christina Kirchner, The meeting has been called at 2:30 pm. And it also includes the specification of three judges nominated for the controversial Federal Chamber of Commerce Commander Luis Piedrabuena (Santa Cruz) and which have been rejected by the opposition. One of them is Marcelo Bersanelli, who served as Christina Kirchner’s lawyer in the proceedings ordered by the late Judge Claudio Bonadio.

The original project raised the number of Supreme Court judges to 25, but after several weeks of negotiations, the vice president ended up giving the green light to reduce the number to 15 in order to gather the votes needed to approve the expansion. . Court’s. The project that will be discussed is promoted by Peronist governors, but according to official legislative sources, it will undergo modifications to the venue.

By reducing the number of members, Kirchnerism’s vote would add up. Adolfo Rodriguez Sao (San Luis), who considered the initial number to be highly proposed, as did the speaker Clara Vega (La Rioja) more than Alberto Veritilleneck (Together We Are Rio Negro), author of a project that increased the number of court members to 16.

According to official spokespersons informed yesterday morning by the head of the Fronte de Todos block, jose mayonso (Formosa) notified the parliamentary leaders of Together for Change – who have already notified He will not give a quorum – the desire to take the issue to the floor.

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