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Sustainable SynBio and the women who rocked the industry

Can you imagine being able to make a dessert that has the same nutritional value as your vegetables? Can you imagine being able to use biology to make eco-friendly clothing? Well today, it is possible due to the increasing presence of synthetic biology in the industry.

Synthetic biology (known in English as SynBio) is a relatively new discipline that seeks to design or redesign biological systems in order to improve them or add new properties, and thereby adapt them to our needs. applies to fulfill. To better understand this concept, we will define biological systems as a set of living components that work in harmony to accomplish a certain function.

In this sense, SynBio uses three main tools: bioinformatics, sequencing, assembly or synthesis of DNA, and genome editing. If there is anything that characterizes us as a society, it is the constant struggle to meet needs in the most comfortable and efficient way possible; For this reason, synthetic biology is a fascinating discipline that has attracted the attention of thousands of scientists and professionals, as it offers new sustainable options for manufacturing products or services that meet those needs on a daily basis.

Sustainable Synbio And The Women Who Rocked The Industry

Who is synthetic biology for?

Synthetic biology is a very broad study that has a thousand and one possible areas of application: from pharmaceutical, which focuses on creating new treatments, to industrial, the processes of creating products or services using what we find to improve.

Some of the wonders that this science offers us are plant-based fuels that try to replace fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or sustainable materials of plant origin such as bioplastics, biopolymers or from mushrooms or fruits Made clothes. ,

We can also talk about the use of synthetic biology in the kitchen with the design of alternative proteins to replace meat and dairy products and reduce the ecological footprint of livestock. Another application is in cleanup and environmental remediation, where microbes have been designed to decompose contaminants from many ecosystems. All of this is just a small sample of what can be achieved with the implementation of synthetic biology.

Sustainable Synbio And The Women Who Rocked The Industry

women in science

This science has immense potential and it is incredibly encouraging to see all the positive changes that are coming from its implementation. With these tools, we can make decisions that create a more sustainable future. However, as in other engineering and sciences, it is important to talk about the gender gap.

It is well known that currently, unfortunately, there is a huge gender disparity in science and technology. In Mexico, only 31% of engineering students were female in the 2020-2021 school year and only 24% of senior researchers in research are female.

To give women in science the recognition they deserve, we’ll share the story of three scientists from around the world who are revolutionizing the industry and creating things that were unimaginable just a few years ago. These stories demonstrate the importance of creating diverse spaces where you can collaborate and where gender is not a limitation in bringing about positive change on the planet.

Sustainable Synbio And The Women Who Rocked The Industry

  • Maricel Saenz: Originally from Costa Rica, he founded Minus Coffee, a company dedicated to the development of coffee through synthetic biology, seeking to reduce the severe climate impact of coffee production that results from deforestation, Causes soil erosion and habitat destruction. All of this is achieved through the study of the coffee microbiome and the fermentation of various roots and seeds to alter coffee beans.
  • Michelle Egger and Lisa Strickland: Founders of BioMilk, a Durham-based startup that describes itself as a science-rooted, mom-focused company that seeks to feed infants milk created in laboratories from mammary epithelial cells is on a mission to create an alternative for This alternative seeks to reduce the carbon footprint produced by formula milk from cows, in addition to replicating the nutritional value of breast milk.
  • Catherine French: founded Blumbio in Berkeley, a company dedicated to developing biotechnology for bioremediation, by identifying enzymes and bacteria already found in nature and then helping to clean up contamination Engineering plants and bacteria.
  • Addressing the gender gap in science is essential if we are to ensure a sustainable future and act on the climate crisis. By creating diverse spaces, we get different ideas and therefore arrive at solutions that have not been explored before.

    Furthermore, as we can see, synthetic biology is a vast discipline with much to explore and learn, and it is time for the work that women scientists do in this to be recognized. . This device can help us build a more sustainable future and reverse the damage done to our home planet Earth.

    Sustainable Synbio And The Women Who Rocked The Industry


    Sara Aripriste Garcia is part of the Girl Up Mexico community, a youth-led movement that seeks to train, inspire, and connect with other activists for gender equality.

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    Sustainable Synbio And The Women Who Rocked The Industry

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