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How many continents are there in the world? Five, six or seven? The question sounds simple, but it has complexity and variety of ideas that make the answer very complicated. As a child many of us were taught in school that there are actually five continents: America, europa, Asia, Africa You Oceania, This has been one of the most common consensus, which also coincides with the symbolism of the rings. Olympic Games, one for each continent. Although Division of America into two parts (South and North) and the sum of antarctica, white continentIncreases the number to six and seven respectively.

with Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent, there is a similar debate: are they six or seven? In this case it will depend on whether we split the American continent into two halves or if we leave it as one block. The majority option and what gives its name to the huge challenge is the ‘Seven Summits’, which include, in addition to Aconcagua mountain (6,962 m) of the Andes mountain rangeThe Denali or Monte McKinley de Alaskawith a height of over 6,190 meters, The rest of the peaks that touch the sky Monte Everest (8.848 metropolis, China and Nepal), Monte Kilimanjaro (5.892 Metropolitan, Tanzania)The Mount Elbrus (5,642, Russia)The Vinson Massif (4,897 m, Antarctica) You Mount Jaya or Karstenz (4,884 m, New Guinea),

There are several versions with this list as well, although the one shown is the one that makes the biggest compromises. famous italian climbers Reinhold Messner, 78, was one of the originators of this version. We are not talking about any other climber, but about a pioneer of mountaineering: his CV shows that he was the first to climb the mountain. 14 okomiles (from 1970 to 1986) in full force among many other milestones. This mountaineering institute was awarded Prince of Asturias Award for Sport in 2018, Messner’s List surname is ‘Carstenz List’Since it includes the mountain located in Nueva Guinea and which, in the opinion of experts, is the one that causes the greatest technical difficulties to reach the top.

The original listing, however, corresponds to that of the American climber and businessman. Richard Bass, In the 1980s, this businessman and born adventurer created this peculiar ranking with the likes of Monte Kosciuszko (2.228 m) As a sticking point. Located in great dividing range and is located in Australia’s Kosciuszko National Park, is the highest mountain in mainland Australia. Your book, ‘Seven Summits’, gave the final push to this chain of peaks that aroused the interest of expert climbers already in the 50s of the last century. in 1986, Canadian Pat Morrow became first person In completing the ‘Carstenz List’ of the Seven Summits. Messner repeated the route and opted for this type because it was more difficult.

for its part, Junko Tabei was first lady In 1992, a Japanese climber was crowned in conquering the world’s seven highest peaks Everest With a Women’s Campaign in 1975 and managed to break many prejudices around the perceived physical limitations of women. She herself was an example of self-improvement: she was barely one and a half meters longBut thanks to her impressive psychic power, she managed to silence many and open the way for other women to follow her path.

Kilimanjaro in Africa is 5,895 meters above sea level. Pixabay

tourist package

“There are always a thousand excuses to go down near the top and only one reason to go up.” Appointment corresponds to the Madrid climber ramen portillawho climbed the Seven Summits between 1980 and 1990. First, he departed Aconcagua in 1986, climbed Everest in 1992, and finished the Odyssey Caucasus Mountains in 1994. Eight years and seven roofs later, Portilla describes the adventures of his life in the book ‘Las Siete Cumbres’, published in 2005. producer of ‘Edge of the Impossible’ from la 2, Sebastian Alvarohighlighting that his colleague’s publication “has always had a warm feeling towards the mountains and towards the people who inhabit and climb them. Spectacular colorful images and the tallest of the seven continents.” With sketches of routes to the peaks”.

Like everything related to mountaineering in the 21st century, Seven Summits is not untouched by the desire for markets and tourism. Without further ado,, a website made up of a group of professional climbers, offers tours of each of the peaks. The prices of these tour packages are not affordable at all and their range Elbrus. $5,000 to climb To $44,000 from Antarctica either $65,000 Everest,

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