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The 10 most profitable companies in the US

The 69th edition of the Fortune 500 list says that these entities are present in all areas of American life, from basic food services to gasoline to health care.

In 2023, its revenue will be $600.1 billion. Headquartered in Bentoville (Arkansas), Walmart was founded in 1962 and has a presence in 27 countries around the world, focusing its activity on retail sales. Their brands are unique: Great Value, Sam’s Picks, and Matches. The amount accumulated a return of 2.6% after 2023, when it increased by 11%. The stock, with a capitalization of more than $453 million, offers a potential upside of 11% over current prices. The Reuters consensus, which maintains the company’s buy recommendation, sets a target price of 180.20 euros.

The Evolution Of Prices At Walmart
The evolution of prices at Wal-Mart


Jeff Bezos was able to get his entity to record revenues of $502.19 billion. Founded in 1994, Amazon is headquartered in Seattle and operates in more than a hundred countries around the world, with e-commerce being the most important. Some of its brands are Kindle, Echo, and Amazon Prime. The big technology companies, winners during the pandemic, did not benefit from an environment of rising interest rates like we saw last year.

The company traded at 153.16, which closed a drop of -8% in the accumulated value of 2023. So far this year, however, it is trying to recover, albeit very slowly. The amount led by Jeff Bezos has a potential increase of 18% if it seeks 182.04, where the Reuters consensus has set its target. Again, the recommendation is to buy the value.

Amazon Quote
Amazon quote


With revenues of $394.32 billion by 2023, the company founded in 1976 is headquartered in Cupertino and operates in more than a hundred countries. It focuses on the production and sale of electronic and technological products, promoting brands such as Beats and AirPods as emblems of Apple. For the first time in history, Apple has overtaken Samsung to become the company that has sold the most mobile phones in the world. This is shown in the reports of two research agencies, which put the giant bitten apple at the top of the podium in 2023. The value, which closed in 2023 with a revaluation of 48% this year, rests. Its share, with a market value of $2.84 billion, has a target price of $199.56, giving it upside potential over current prices of 8.9%.

The Evolution Of The Price Of Apple

The fourth place goes to Exxon Mobil, which will achieve revenues worth $386.81 billion in 2023. Founded in 1999, with headquarters in Irving (Texas), it operates in more than 40 countries around the world. in energy, exploration, production, and sale of oil and natural gas. Among its brands are Exxon, Mobil, and Esso. The company didn’t start the year off on the right foot either. More than 2% remains, but analysts believe the amount is worth more. The Retuers consensus gives a price target of $125.71, leaving a potential upside of 28% over the next twelve months. This is the value of those exposed to the most objective potential.

Exxon Mobil Quotes
Exxon Mobil Quotes

CVS Health

CVS Health shows that the medical industry has also entered this ranking by accumulating revenues of $315.22 billion in 2023. Founded in 1963, with headquarters in Woosocket (Rhode Island), it is in more than dozens of countries and focuses on the pharmaceutical industry, personal care products, and prescription drugs. Among its brands are CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, and MinuteClinic. The company, which fell 1.9% early in the year, has a buy recommendation and double-digit potential. Analysts have set a price target of $89.86, leaving a potential upside of 16.06% over the next twelve months.

Cvs Health Price Evolution
CVS Health price evolution


It is also followed, with a $313.13 billion revenue level in 2023, by UnitedHealth. Founded in 1977, with headquarters in Minnetonka (Minnesota), it is present in more than 130 countries around the world. Dedicated to the health sector, it has brands such as Optum, UnitedHealthcare, and AmeriChoice. The stock remains a small loser for the year—lost -1.3%—and is trading at a discount compared to the consensus price target. The stock, which has a buy recommendation, has a target price of $601.35, leaving a current upside potential of more than 15%.

Unitedhealth Quote
Unitedhealth Quote


The seventh place goes to the parent company of Google, which also has brands like YouTube, Android, and Chrome. Alphabet, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, earned $282.11 billion in revenue. It is available in over a hundred countries around the world with technology products and online services. The stock is up more than 2% for the year and had a price target of $153.99 last year, which provides a potential upside of more than 8%.

Quote Alphabet
Quote Alphabet


Health care, with Mckesson, will reappear in the ranking with 272,020 million dollars in revenue in 2023. Founded in 1833, with headquarters in San Francisco, it is present in more than 16 countries worldwide and dedicated to the distribution of pharmacist products. Its most popular brands are: McKesson Health Solutions, McKesson Medical-Surgical, and McKesson Specialty Health. The price rose more than 5% in the first few months of the year and could rise by another 4% if it seeks the 511.78 euros where it has set its target price.

The 10 Most Profitable Companies In The Us
The 10 most profitable companies in the US

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hath Rg-B accumulated revenues of $253.88 billion by 2023. Its brands, such as GEICO, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, and Duracell, have driven it to success in more than 70 countries around the world. It dedicates its activity to the investment and management of companies in various sectors (financial services, insurance, manufacturing, transportation, and energy). Founded in 1839, it is located in Omaha, Nebraska. The story of Berskshire is the story of Warren Buffett. In 1962, the investor began buying enough company stock to change the direction of the company and take control of it. Berkshire Hathaway has grown significantly and is a shareholder in various companies in various industry sectors. Some of the companies in which Berkshire Hathaway is a shareholder are: Apple, Bank of America, and The Coca-Cola Company. Berkshire Hathaway has Warren Buffett as CEO.

Warren Buffett’s investment vehicle will rise slightly this year, as the value may rise more than 12% if it seeks $615,000, where the analyst consensus target price is set.

The 10 Most Profitable Companies In The Us
The 10 most profitable companies in the US


Closing out the list is Cencora, a healthcare company formerly known as AmercisourceBergen, formed as a result of the merger of Bergen Brunswig and AmeriSource in 2001. Headquartered in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, it accumulated $238.58 billion in revenue last year. Its presence in the wholesale drug market is thanks to major subsidiary companies such as Alliance Healthcare and MWI Veterinary Supply.

The stock, which is up more than 6% this year, has the tightest potential. It could go up to $219.07, in line with the price at which the stock is trading today.

Cencora Quote
Cencora Quote

Through the profitability index

Besides the Fortune 500 list, Visual Capitalist determines which companies are the most profitable in each economic sector. In technology, Amazon stands out with an annual profit of 99.8 billion dollars and a positive annual change of 5.4%. In energy, ExxonMobil has 55.7 billion dollars and an annual increase of 141.9%.

In finance, JPMorgan Chase won with $37.7 billion in revenue, while in healthcare, Pfizer stood out with $31.3 billion and an increase of 42.7%. In terms of telecommunications, we highlight Verizon Communications with a revenue of 21.3 billion dollars (falling 3.7%) and, in retail sales, Home Depot with 17.1 billion dollars and a year-to-year change of 4.1%.

With a net income of $15 billion and growth of 21.5%, Visa RG-A stands out in business services. In household products, Procter & Gamble reported revenue of $14.7 billion, after an increase of 3%. In vehicles and parts, Tesla stands at 12.6 billion dollars per year, a growth of 127.5%. And in the transport sector, UPS stands out, with 11.5 billion dollars (a decrease of 10.4%).

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