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The Boogeyman’s ending explained by the lead actress

The film The Boogeyman is a horror story with a shocking ending and young actress Vivian Lyra Blair wanted to give meaning to it.

Spoiler note. The Boogeyman is about a family coping with great loss that is suddenly haunted by a terrifying creature. In the end, Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and Sawyer (Vivian Lyra Blair) team up to defeat the evil creature in the dungeon and save their father, Will (Chris Messina). Although they are successful, in the final scene Sadie hears a voice after healing.

Actress Vivian Lyra Blair, who starred as young Leia in the Kenobi series, plays Sawyer’s youngest daughter in the film, and in a recent interview with TD, she revealed what she will be doing in the film. Was most excited about: “I think the crypt stuff, because it definitely needs to be kept the most secret… because only when you see the monster do you really understand what it is, what it’s doing, because you have to gets a little information along the way. of the movie. But this is really where it all comes together. You see him, and they’re fighting him, and he dies, and that’s it. Well, I don’t Looks like he dies, but he gets badly injured, is one way of putting it. He moves. (laughs) So, that’s really something that brings it together.

The monster is still alive.

boogeyman frame


Vivian Lyra Blair is clear that they defeat The Boogeyman but they certainly do not eliminate him, as she states: “And then that last scene when they’re in the doctor’s office, I think it’s a horror movie that ends with The Boogeyman and he’s not dead. That’s a horror movie way to end it. So, I think it was also nice to say: Absolutely.”

“I’ve seen several versions. I think this one was by far the scariest because most variations on The Boogeyman cast him as some kind of shadow. Maybe like a shadow with pointy eyes. And unless you really That’s what you see for most of the movie, until you look into the basement. And it’s so creepy and so gross.”



“I don’t really know what I was expecting, because I’ve seen it in so many different ways. I’ve seen him as just a man, I’ve seen him as a shadow, I’ve seen him as a real spider. And even though there are versions of it, like he’s in human form, he moves like some sort of spider, there are certain inclusions that they use from all the stories other than the bogeyman stories, I think That’s definitely the scariest. There are a lot of additional components that are so gross.”

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