The Colombian Netflix Series That Won't Let You Get Off the Couch

The Colombian Netflix Series That Won’t Let You Get Off the Couch

Netflix has various movies and series in its catalog that are loved by millions of its subscribers and there is a constant renewal of titles in its catalogue. In this case, a production that we will discuss in this article that breaks it down on stage is a romantic drama series and has a duration of only 10 chapters.

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It is about “False Profile”, a Colombian series that, according to its fans, is very addictive and among the aspects that these users have uncovered, it must be said that they find an explosive chemistry between its two protagonists. Let us examine the scripture that promises to surpass even the other successful series as ‘The Pulpit’.

The production premiered on Red N on May 31 and the topics they tackle are dating apps, cheating and couple relationships.

“False Profile”, Colombian Netflix series. Source: Twitter @netflix_portal

The Colombian series of the moment is about Camila, a woman who meets the man of her dreams through a dating app. However, when she travels to his hometown to surprise him, he learns that it was all a lie. Rather than give up, she decides to avenge the betrayal, starting a dangerous web of deceit and secrets.

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The basic premise of the series is the following: “Can true love be born in a false relationship?”. Said premise is a constant and resonant question that plagues the mind of beloved Camilla (Carolina Miranda), and the answer to which could be fatal.

“False Profile”, Colombian Netflix series. Source: Twitter @RevUnnimedios

It must be said that in addition to Camila, the series handles characters full of mystery and in which nothing is what it seems, with the participation of actors and actresses such as Fernando Castell (Rodolfo Salas), Ángela Ferrer (Manuel González). , Ferrer (Victory Mallarino), David (Lincoln Palomeque), Mauricio Henao, Felipe Londoño, Juliana Galves, María Luisa Flores, Juan Pablo Posada and Julian Canek Cerati.

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