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The director of fiction at RTVE, on the end of ‘Quantem’ and the cancellation of ‘Server y Protecion’

The director of fiction at RTVE, on the end of 'Quantem' and the cancellation of 'Server y Protecion'

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Two months, two months! TVE began to program a series of its own production at night. Following the move of “Stories to Not Sleep” to LA 2, with four “new” installments spread over two Sundays in the “Version Espaola” cinema area, LA 1 will premiere this Wednesday (22.50) in the miniseries “SinLimits” , which is about Elcano’s debut. Travels around the world played by lvaro Morte. They may have already seen them, as both fictions have been on Amazon Prime Video for months, even a year.

“Without Borders” isn’t the only Spanish series that LA1 plans to air before the end of the year. TVE had been promoting the thriller ‘Force of Peace’ for several months, which was presented to the media at the Vittoria Festival in early September.

“The ‘Power of Peace’ has been available for a long time,” admits RTVE’s director of fiction and cinema, Jose Pastor, in conversation with ABC.

Another series in the chamber is the third season of ‘The Hunt’, a police drama starring Megan Montaner, this time set in Andalusia. “The idea is that all these series are available throughout the season,” he is confident. He also co-produces with the BBC ‘Crossfire’, a thriller about a shooting in a hotel in Tenerife; In the United Kingdom it was released in September and the reviews were not good at all.

There is more: the novel adaptation by Almudena Grandes, “The Patient of Doctor Garcia”, is already in a very advanced stage of the post-production process. Netflix will also broadcast it. And this Monday, the third season of “HIT” ends shooting, which stars Danielle Groo as an unusual teacher. Both should be released during the first half of 2023. but who knows.

‘Tell me’ is not over. We are in talks with the producers, looking into how to continue the series or call it off
Joseph Shepherd RTVE Director of Film and Fiction

For the unsure, ‘Tell me how it happened’. “It hasn’t ended. We’re in talks with the producers to see how to continue the series or call it off. We don’t want it to end like this. It depends on a number of factors. It is a series with 18 chapters and two specials. It is an important series for us, not only because it is the DNA of the channel, but also because of the economic impact.” Jose Pastor is clear: that ‘Quentem’ remains without end, it does not depend on the fiction sector; The same one who tried to execute the fifth season of ‘El Ministerio del Tiempo’ headed by Pérez Tornero at RTVE.

After the end of ‘Seva Aur Raksha’, two new shows: ‘Vaada’ and ‘Chaar Sitare’

Which has a written ending (and almost recorded, as filming ends this Tuesday) is the serial Server y Protecion, the final chapter of which will air over Christmas. «If you want to put the new chain on the grid, you have to let the others out. It has been on air for five years now.” Pastor believes that during this period, a daily series has to perform markedly above the channel’s average and thus the case in the United Kingdom for a long time. The running becomes a soap opera. The director admits that their broadcast schedule is complicated, as sporting events sometimes take place.

The cancellation of ‘To Service and Protect’ does not mean the end of the genre on TVE. ‘Lapromis’, a period melodrama, which is already being recorded, and ‘Cuetro Estrellas’, a contemporary drama. The schedule itself is unknown, as one may leave after lunch and the other at night.

La 1 Is Already Promoting Its New Spanish Show 'Lapromise'.
LA 1 is already promoting its new Spanish show ‘Lapromis’ Manolo Fernandez-Valdes

Another series that was left without a proper ending is The Mysteries of Laura, which returned to LA 1 in January after nearly eight years. And he did it as a film, an event. “It allows us to recover the canal’s known properties that were slightly forgotten. Even if ‘The Mysteries of Laura’ comes back with a series of eight or ten episodes, it will still be difficult to justify a renewal, But by asking for such low fidelity, the audience appreciates it. It gave us acceptable audience data [1,3 millones de espectadores] And we’re exploring that line.” Another possibility is that they may take over the airing of the second season of “Stories to Keep You Awake” recently released on Amazon.

Why so many ‘thrillers’ on TVE?

It’s a genre that works really well, capable of generating good ‘cliffhangers’, i.e. the end of one episode hooking the next. This is a style that has a very wide age range. Comedy, right now, is more targeted towards younger audiences and melodrama may be targeted to older audiences. Thriller can work for the audience. In general, the competition works heavily on the ‘thriller’ or ‘thriller’ concept with a hint of drama. If we make a horror series, it will be very exclusive. There are genres like comedy or melodrama in ‘prime time’ which don’t work so well. If you have a melodrama, it’s best to have it as a daily bar, on a four-odd [de la tarde], An unusual or very unusual 30-minute comedy series Playz. like the forum makes more sense [
‘Ser o no ser’,

Which style do you want or plan to try?

We like the period, which along the lines of ‘Isabelle’ represents not only historical events, but also recent events of the 20th century. We really like drama. We are not obsessed with building ambitious campuses. One thing the Turks taught us is that sometimes audiences appreciate a return to the classics and tell the stories clearly. We look for series with a social component. We are a public service and we must tell stories that do not have such a business profile, but are important to contribute something to the society.

Has TVE forgotten something about that social aspect? The series he made in the eighties is always given as an example.

We’re fixing that feeling. We have started more series development to have more options to bring the production clear.

author of the series

Maggie Sivantos To Star In 2019 Series 'Malka', Created By Daniel Corpas And Samuel Pinazzo
Maggie Sivantos to star in 2019 series ‘Malaka’ which was created by Daniel Corpas and Samuel Pinazzo RTVE

Regardless of style, Jose Pastor and Javier Olivares, “El Ministio del Tiempo” co-creators, agree on the most important thing: the creator’s vision. “It’s very difficult for public television to compete financially with private TV or the platform. It’s all about building a relationship of trust with the producer, giving him as much freedom as he can to choose what he wants to work with, and letting the talent shine.” give the opportunity; there isn’t that much competition”, says RTVE’s director of fiction and cinema. The corporation, through a competition, pays for the writing of a series, such as ‘Malaka’ or ‘Yariel’. Production another The story is. For Olivares, the path is for TVE to produce the series whose producers put their stamp, as in the United Kingdom or the Nordic countries. In other words, the producer is in charge of production. «Me More Need more Sorogoyan and Pena [‘Antidisturbios’]more alex pina [‘La casa de papel’]More ‘Farina’, more Javiso [‘Paquita Salas’, ‘Veneno’]”, Sentence.

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