The driver enforces the rules and the tutorial on how to do so in Uber comes to the rescue

The driver enforces the rules and the tutorial on how to do so in Uber comes to the rescue

  • Remedy reminds us that there are more ingrained consumer habits for which there are rules.

  • love study “The Uber Effect in Australia” They allow you to see what a transport passenger can do to apply makeup during the trip.

  • There are books like “Courtesy of Emily Post”Let’s talk about etiquette in private transportation services like Uber.

A Driver imposes a strange rule on his passengers and stops them accomplish On the vehicle, realizing the restrictions that exist in the market in the face of increasingly consolidated habits in the consumer, however, these are allegations in some transports, content has also emerged on social networks tutorial to make on board A Uber,

When Uber studio run “The Uber Effect in Australia” identified what motivates users to take a service on its platform and helped us understand why there are users who put on makeup in transit before reaching their destination and that’s what 79 percent said He requested visits from friends and family; 74 percent did so to go to a restaurant or bar, and only 73 percent did so for shopping.

no make up!

A driver imposes a strange rule on his passengers and that is, it prevents everyone from boarding or boarding his car during the trip.

“Do not put on make-up, do not talk to the driver and children over the age of four pay the ticket”, is the warning that a taxi-type transport but on the road imposes on its passengers.

Today the habit of applying makeup has become a phenomenon, which reminds us how important it is for women and men to resort to products that improve their personal appearance from the skin itself.

Despite this requirement that has been established among the people, there are restrictions on public transport as reported in Tampico, where this activity is prohibited.

The interest generated by this ban on public transport tells us about the habits that have been implemented today.Where it is fundamental to understand what matters is the consumer or service provider who already controls these activities such as the habit of applying make-up during travel.

The strange ban on applying make-up in taxis is an interesting case of how to adapt to trends that are increasingly present in the consumer, due to the key fact that, on occasion, an etiquette manual should be able to use one. emerged for Uber,

If we look at the scheduled estimates Study “Uber Technologies Q4 2020 Earnings”, During the first quarter of 2023, there were 130 million active users registered on this platform in the world, which clearly gave the person in charge of this manual the mandate to bring this million-dollar number of users on the said private transport service platform through a single platform. Inspired to apps,

As we reported in October 2022, the etiquette manual for “Courtesy of Emily Post”Known to have been published in the United States since 1922, its most up-to-date version included recommendations on how to react to the board Uber,

Among the recommendations made in this latest installment of the book, the following are mentioned: “Always greet your driver and ask him how he is… If you can’t talk, it’s okay to be on your phone, something say so; ‘I’m going to listen to some music now.’”

Both cases allow us to see how new protocols arise in the face of activities that increase their demand and how habits form in the consumer who use these services.

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