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The easy-to-install wind turbine for cheap electricity at home

When talking about wind energy, everyone thinks of the gigantic wind turbines that are already part of the landscape in countries like Spain. These are ever larger turbines, capable of powering tens of thousands of homes, whose design is constantly being innovated to achieve better efficiency and even generate energy without wind. However, The sector that is experiencing exponential growth is that of domestic wind turbinessmall models to be installed on the roof or on the terrace, which can eventually replace solar panels.

In recent years, all kinds of gadgets and inventions have been presented, each of which has become more surprising, and many companies are marketing their homemade turbines. However, most designs continue to have two fundamental problems: noise and little or no production in low winds. To solve both problems, the American startup is developing Harmony Turbines A vertical turbine that can deploy in light winds to multiply power generation and to fold up in case of excessive wind that could damage the structure.

After a successful funding campaign that saw them raise more than $1 million, Harmony Turbines executives are confident in the feasibility of a prototype that could change the renewable energy landscape forever. “We firmly believe that Harmony Turbines will become the next global standard for residential wind power generation And on a small scale. “Our wind turbines are beautiful, quiet and pose no danger to people or animals,” says their website.

a family project

Behind this innovative turbine is Christopher Moore, who describes himself as a “craftsman, inventor and entrepreneur”. Moore has been researching the possibilities of clean energy since the late 1990s, but only started in 2017 designs and patents his own wind device with the help of his wife Cheryl.

What started out as a humble family project with little sign of production has grown in scale and ambition, and they already have the funds to make it happen Completion of prototyping work and start of production of test units. The pair have been sharing their progress on their website and YouTube videos for years, and one recent update states, “We expect to start receiving pre-orders for our first early beta devices in early 2024.”

What makes its wind turbines unique are two fundamental aspects: on the one hand, their ability to generate energy at low wind speeds (from 1.6 to 3.2 km/h) and, on the other hand, their folding or winding technology that makes this possible Overcome high-wind-speed situations where you can protect yourself without disrupting production. “This will allow us to continue producing at full capacity even in strong winds that disable or even destroy competing small plants,” they say.

The Harmony Turbine prototypes the Moores have built so far are based on four key points: Comfort, ease of use, performance, and cost. For this reason, they have used aluminum and plastic as the main materials but do not rule out using others for the turbines they will sell, knowing that “metal will not be the material that satisfies all needs”.

Harmony Turbines technicians at work in the Harmony Turbines Omicrono workshop

For the winding mechanism of these wind turbines, use an automatic electronic control system. The default state is fully open to catch the wind. When it starts to blow and the turbine spins, the first thing that lights up is precisely this small electronic system, which can be activated at any time it detects an excessive force that could jeopardize its structural integrity.

performance and prices

Right now, the Moores and their engineering team are working on setting up the 400W units with a fin array approximately 1.5 meters high and 1.2 meters wide when fully open. They are working to ensure that the entire unit, including the generator, weighs less than 70 kilograms, allowing it to be installed on building roofs prepared for that load.

One of the Harmony Turbine prototypes in action Harmony Turbines Omicrono

However, the first Harmony turbines to hit the market will likely need to be installed on a patio or garden with a concrete floor. This allows the wind turbine to be raised to a height of 2.4 to 3 meters to avoid the risk of hitting someone on the head. The final price for the consumer is around 5,000 euros, but it can vary depending on the end materials used and their market price. In the medium term, They are already working on a lighter and cheaper version that can be attached to the base without the need for the lower platform.

For maximum performance, Harmony Turbines Manager recommends combining power generation with solar panels and a storage system, such as batteries from brands like Tesla or EcoFlow. “Our turbines help balance your energy needs by feeding it into your storage system when there is wind, just like solar energy when the sun is shining. Then, with the help of inverters, the energy is drawn from this storage system to power your home,” they explain.

They have conducted various tests over the past year but have not yet received official performance and efficiency ratings for their prototypes. For that, they have allied themselves with three renowned American engineering universities that will analyze and study Harmony’s technology in detail to provide reliable and proven data.

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