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The embargo will hurt the Cuban economy, yes, a lot of honor

When Castro whispered that all evil is the fault of the “blockade” should not be opposed to a simple ignorance of effect of the embargo on the Cuban economy. This denialism is an unsustainable position that crashes against the simplest logic and, therefore, undermines those who accuse Castroism of demagoguery on this issue.

It’s just not necessary to deny that the embargo affects the economyOn the contrary!, it must be recognized. And furthermore, praise this damage to the best Cuban libertarian tradition, which has always made economic collapse a valid tool to weaken the tyrannies of power, which some of us suffer.

In the wrong way, many have conceived of the embargo as “the” regime change tool, something that created expectations that were impossible to meet. These disappointed expectations were used by the Castro regime and many of its accomplices—consciously and unconsciously—as a pretext to escalate the conflict with the Americans, which was planned before the bearded men arrived in Havana and it is very useful and It is for the Government of the Island.

but The purpose of the embargo is not to overthrow Castroismbut rather weaken it, and since it has been proven effective, precisely because it affects the economy.

If he Castroism should not be weakenedWhat is the relationship between Cubans on the Island and their immigrant relatives today? Is internet usage widespread? Private property, trips, hotels, cell phones, dollars, can we have them if Castroism has been able to maintain its isolation from the West? Without the North American embargo, Cuba today would likely be more like North Korea.

In addition, many “rights” that are wrongly considered to be normalized today Cubaobtained not because of the goodness of Castroism, whose ideological-totalitarian core is still strong and hidden, but because it has weakened – fundamentally because of its ineffectiveness, but also because of seizure—, the regime must restructure to avoid social and economic collapse.

Therefore, it should not be denied, but contextualized. the damage caused by the embargo as a lever to weaken a poor and liberticidal dictatorship. At the same time, the great hypocrisy of this moaning and victimizing dictatorship must be highlighted, which, based on a dignity it sold to the Russians, continues to legitimize itself and justify its repression, fueling in Washington’s bilateral conflict. A conflict that does not suffer anyone close to power, but millions of Cubans who have no say in the country’s foreign policy.

Cuba has the rest of the world to trade and develop, including a “friend” as powerful as China, which is already the first trading partner of almost all of Latin America. However, Cuba will not prosper; simply because its system does not work and it has nothing to offer the world.

she embargo It is not a cause, but a cause, of the decay of the system, which accelerates the decline for which the economic policy of Castroism alone is responsible. A policy contrary to human nature and reality which, through force, fraud and moral corruption, was imposed for 65 disastrous years.

It has never been more necessary than now keep that embargo going (I hope it hardens), since the Castroism, which is afraid of being erased from history, wants to change itself by incorporating the nuances of a market economy and democratic tools that are empty. A plan that, necessarily, does not include a freedom of trade with the United States, but a control of that trade from the Palace of the Revolution, through many agents of the dictatorship of that country. Only the embargo hindered that process.

Bad good, the However, it has fulfilled and continues to fulfill its function of weakening Castroismand if even now Cuba has not reached the definitive solution, it is not because of its failure, but because this policy is not supported by other democracies and, more importantly, because it is not accompanied by a larger dignity from within the Island. .

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