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Sunday, September 25, 2022

The Gilded Age season-finale recap: Clash of the Titans

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When I was 6 years old, I asked a guy from my first grade named Timmy to be my boyfriend. He said sure. In about an hour, he wrote a love letter (it was a picture of a heart) to a girl named Savannah, I kid you not, Savannah. So our relationship ended. There’s almost as much depth to the relationship between Tom and Marion in this show, and the episode’s vulnerable fallout made me go, “…. What??” Because, like Timmy chose Savannah despite my very flashy haircut, this story doesn’t make sense.

When this season started, I didn’t think I’d ever be in a solid place of “I enjoy this show,” but the last few episodes have corrected me. We’ve mostly skipped the boring plotlines, and we’re moving from courtroom drama last week to the social spectacle in the finale. Marion is running away with Tom, Bertha is threatening Mrs Astor, George is hanging around the house, and Peggy – Peggy is having a hard time.

After Peggy announced last week that she is married, has a child, and that she has died, it is immediately rife with “that child is still alive” possibilities. And so it has passed! Dorothy, aka Mrs Scott, aka Peggy’s mother, found a note in her husband Arthur’s pants (Classic) which informs that Peggy’s son is still alive and in Pennsylvania. Arthur seems to have arranged the whole thing, which is high on the list of the worst things you can do for your baby. This explains a lot! At first, it seemed like Peggy didn’t like her father’s lack of support for her writing career (that’s valid too!), but this pantomime kind of feels like villainous behavior.

Arthur comes home, and when Dorothy confronts him, he says that they will never be able to find the child and that Arthur is not sorry. Arthur!! You are not on high ground here! You think you are, but eventually you will realize that you are at the bottom of a very deep well. Peggy and Dorothy leave the season to look for Peggy’s son, whom we expect next season to see a real change in outlook for Arthur. I’m talking great remorseArthur.

The rest of the finale is Marion’s escape attempt and Gladys oncoming ball. In addition, they cost a Very of time on the fact that Monsieur Boudin is actually from Kansas? Like too much time. I don’t need this storyline – Snip Snip. Also: does every servant have some mysterious secret?? Bridget the Maid, Cook, JohnJack (they alternate names for her, so that’s what I call her), Miss Armstrong, Mr Watson (this is the man who sees the woman from behind a tree). I’m really interested why Mr. Watson is chasing this married lady and why she recognizes her name and then shows up at Russell’s very fancy party with her husband! Why couldn’t we spend the finale on that, instead of “You thought I was from France, but I’m not.” Minus One Star!

OK, let’s do it. Let’s talk about Marion. Marian. again! Look at your life! Look at your choice! This story line is absolutely bonnet. It looks like Marion had something to do and set her up with Larry the following season after the disappointment of a failed engagement. but it also makes No Understanding. Tom and Marion meet at the park, and he says he never loved her more than this moment (as opposed to the other five minutes you spent together??). They are going to run away the next day. It is important. next day, I’m not really positive on that, as the timeline is never clear in this series, but it’s at least the same week. When Peggy asks Marion where she and Tom are going to live, Marion says, I don’t fuck you, that she guesses they’re going to be in Tom’s apartment. not even that Know, Marion!! What if he doesn’t have an apartment! She has been in New York for three weeks. He’s probably staying in a hotel. Good God.

Ada thinks about Marion’s plans, and when Marion says they both want to wait, Ada explains that and yet, Tom hasn’t waited. An excellent point, Ada. It’s all a learning experience for Marion, but it’s like… it’s an experience I’d expect from a sixteen-year-old in this time period? Like if it all happened with Gladys Russell, I’d be like, oh yeah, of course. But Marion has positioned herself as this very sensible twentysomething, and it’s just bananas that she makes this choice. Agnes explains that Marion Henry is reading to James, and he is a Washington Square Reference? have hope. It came out in 1880, so only a year ago. Learn from your books, Marion! Or from absolutely anything other than your bad intuition. If it seems like I’m being too harsh towards Marion, keep in mind that this will continue until she starts thinking about absolutely nothing. Ol’ Shoes at Carpetbag Marion.

Tom doesn’t show the escape. Of course, he doesn’t, but it’s also really weird that he doesn’t. He chose the successor, Miss Bingham, who was, of course, but also very established. Why was he so insistent on running away with Marion? Are we really working on thinking he was trying to get married before his greedy side came out and hooked Marion? This is extremely silly and I will not allow it.

However, it’s great that Aurora sees her with Miss Bingham at the Academy of Music, while a woman sings Bellini’s “Vaga Luna Che Inergenti” and rushes to tell Marion about it. This is true and I support Aurora. She is the Mercury of this entire series. Marion is supported by several outstanding women in this episode, including Aurora, Mrs. Chamberlain, Peggy and Ada, whether she deserves it or not.

On a side note Marion giving Mrs Chamberlain a painting of a bird when Mrs Chamberlain literally has masterpieces throughout her house. bold moveAnd I had a lot of laughs at Marion’s bird-painting gift.

lets go ball and WWE SmackDown gilded era They are Bertha Russell and Lena Astor. It all comes down to this: Mrs Astor and Mrs Russell are in the same room, struggling for social domination. It’s all based on real events! Or at least a possibly apocryphal story. To no one’s surprise, the role of Bertha was played by Alva Vanderbilt, and she didn’t invite Carrie Astor to the ball until Mrs. Astor called the Vanderbilts. In the actual version, instead of Gladys’ coming ball, it was a costume ball, and I’m so sad they didn’t go this route on the show. Some rose from the ashes as a phoenix, some in the form of a wasp, and some seem to have killed several peacocks to cover their dress with peacock feathers. But, he spectacle,

But first, we have this meeting between Lena Astor and Bertha. Two Titans. Mrs Astor refuses to sit down and says that now that she has been paid the call on Bertha, Carey can go to the ball. Bertha crosses over and says that she paid for a call when no one was likely to. i am distracted Carrie Coon is looking so beautiful in this scene. The drama alone is so good, but also: beautiful. Bertha has all the power here and is extremely aware of it, which is worth watching. She makes her demands: Mrs. Astor has to attend the ball, and she also has to make Van Rijns come (“Wow. Wow” my notes say). Bertha! The captain of the social industry! “Mrs. Astor is leaving,” she says to her butler. That’s exactly what I wanted from this show.

Mrs. Astor decides to heed Bertha’s terms, and Carey is invited to the ball. At the ball, I hate Bertha’s dress, but that’s okay! Carrie Coon was almost 8 million weeks pregnant at the time, and the costume designer(s?) has done a great job at masking it. Also, maybe this dress is high fashion for 1881; I do not know these things. Van Rijns has arrived! Astor enters with Carey, and everyone stops talking because it’s a moment. A breakthrough for Bertha Moment!

We have to sit in the much-loved quadrille, where the dancers were dressed in 18th century costumes and they had little umbrellas. Men wear horse heads and they walk around. This is no wasp or peacock costume, but that’s okay. Mrs. Astor tells Bertha during the dance that she can destroy him, and I am very attracted to Donna Murphy at this time and all the time.

Oscar tries to get Gladys to dance with him, and she says she’s been told enough of what to do – foreshadowing for next season! Everyone’s dancing, and it’s so beautiful and again, that’s exactly what I wanted from this show. prosperity. Tom arrives with Miss Bingham, who is shameless, and he tells Marion that he didn’t think she would be there. okay sir. He says that he meant it when he said that he loves her, and she says that love isn’t always enough and stops crying. There is zero emotional payoff in this moment. What a complicated story. When Larry comes over and asks her about Tom, she says that he’s the only one she knew (“Sambudyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”).

People leave when daylight is like this is the first night Bachelor, Larry follows Marion across the street to the Van Rijn House, and she says she shouldn’t have told him. Does it look like they cut off a big chunk? Like we all blacked out at the party, and oh, Marion Brooke is telling Larry Russell that he shouldn’t have told her about Tom? When She Happen? Maybe when we were talking to Miss Rockefeller about her clever peacock dress and then drank too much punch. At home, Marianne tells Ada that she will someday tell him about the canceled getaway.

Butlers nod to each other across the street. The servants lay out the red carpet and stack the party chairs. Season one is over! For more drama and a fancy dress ball in season two!

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