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Friday, January 27, 2023

The harrowing journey of a man who survived a shipwreck on birds and fish for 438 days in the deep sea

salvador alvarengaA humble Honduran shark fisherman had a new day at work with his rookie partner Ezekiel Cordoba. The two of them, ready to start a new and regular day, left the coast of Chiapas, Mexico with each other to go fishing in their small boat. The two fished in small fishing boats made of fiberglass.

The fishing location was between 80 and 160 kilometers from the Costa Azul. Alvarenga, who had no formal education, Thanks to Mexican fishing boats, he managed to find a way to cover his expenses; At the same time, he discovered a new way to look at working life: having fun.

Alvarenga already knew that a tropical storm was imminent in the area, which did not concern him much, as he was used to dealing with such situations. “The problem was not the storm,” Alvarenga recalled in his book. Castaway – My engine died.

Salvador Alvarenga with his familyTwitter @@foto1000ton

The sea storm kept the boat in constant suspense for seven full days. The force of nature was so strong that it threw Alvarenga off the boatAnd if it weren’t for the fact that his apprentice would have caught him, this story would not have been told.

Despite this, the boat will have to bear the brunt of the storm. engine stopped responding wear and lack of fuel. The only things left in the boat were a fridge to store the day’s fish and some buckets that were used to drain the water that had accumulated on the deck.

When the storm stopped, Alvarenga and his companions knew how far from shore they were. They were lost aimlessly and without supplies.

“At first we didn’t think of hunger—he recalled—we thought of thirst. After the storm, we had to drink our own urine. It wasn’t until a month later that we finally had some rainwater.”

Despite the fact that Alvarenga was already old in fishing, He failed to catch enough fish in the inhospitable Atlantic Ocean to feed his starvation.

The sun, the loneliness and the uneasy calm of the beach forced the two to make a tough decision. Seabirds appeared on their boat as an opportunity to get some food. For the birds, the boat was an unexpected resting place for wider migrations.

&Quot;I Never Lost Faith That I'D Make It Out To Sea&Quot; Salvador Alvarenga Survived 13 Months In The Pacific Ocean
“I never lost faith that I would come out to sea” Salvador Alvarenga, Survived 13 Months in the Pacific OceanTwitter @JulioR_ES

Alvarenga, shameless and blinded by hunger, took one of the birds and showed it to Córdoba.Completely horrified, but at the same time, knowing that it was either him or he died of starvation.

The experienced fisherman began to tear the bird to pieces with his bare hands; Like dinner at the Chicken Rooster, but with the difference that these birds had an abundance of blood, which changed the menu of drinks for fishermen. “We cut their throats and drank their blood. It made us feel better,” he said.

The men ate the birds as if there was no definite tomorrow. They left with nothing but their stomachs, which in most cases were full of garbage and plastic. It was here that he realized that the sea was a very important food source.

Alvarenga explained, “I’ve heard of two Mexicans who did this before. How did they do it? How were they saved? ‘I don’t need to be a coward’, I said to myself. I prayed a lot. And I asked God for patience.

Even then, Córdoba, who had gone through a picture of depression and melancholy during the shipwreck, could not bear the circumstances and passed away after wishing his companion good night. According to Alvarenga, the man was already aware of the outcome of his fate. “We parted. He didn’t feel pain. I was calm. He didn’t feel pain”, he recalled.

Meeting His Family
meeting his familyTwitter @ photo1000ton

The young man’s death sparked a jealous outburst in Alvarenga. The man said that he considered his life to be the most fitting end to all the suffering he was experiencing.

Salvador Alvarenga was already single. His focus on getting as much food as possible was the only thing that worried him at the moment.

Faith managed to keep the man alive, as he, fearing that “the wrath of God would fall on his shoulders”, took his own life, condemning his soul to eternal torment; So they devoted themselves to prayer daily and regularly, as well as singing hymns during moments of life and death, such as during storms, whirlpools or sharks.

All his efforts went in vain for him. After 14 months in complete ruin, he managed to spot a small island with a majestic mountain range. Without thinking about it, the man decided to jump into the water and swim to the shore, risking his life. On stepping onto dry land, it was found that it was in fact an inhabited and civilized island: Marshall Islands. It was January 29, 2014.

“I made landfall first. Then my ship arrived. I felt the waves, I felt the sand, and I felt the shoreline. I was so happy that I fainted on the sand. I didn’t care if he died right then and there. I was very relieved. At that point I knew I didn’t have to eat any more fish if I didn’t want to,” he said.

without thinking twice, Alvarenga managed to attract the attention of the island’s residents to ask for help, but the language barrier made the process difficult.For which the man decided to make a gesture so that people would be surprised to see him and understand what he meant.

“I was so scared. I was scared of people. I couldn’t find the right words after being alone for so long,” he recalled.

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