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The Mets outperform the Yankees and sweep them

NEW YORK ( Associated Press) — Starling Marte scored a single in the bottom of the ninth inning to propel the New York Mets ahead of the New York Yankees on Wednesday, swept in a Subway series that included only two doubles.

Max Schaezer had a wonderful 38th birthday. He dismissed Aaron Judge three times to help the Mets take a 2–0 lead in the eighth inning.

Gleber Torres equalized with a two-run homer off inexperienced reliever David Pietersen, who starts normally.

Pete Alonso took home early from Domingo Germain, and Francisco Lindor had an RBI single for the Mets before the packed Citi field crowd.

Scherzer, playing his first game in the Subway Series, allowed five hits in seven innings and made six strikeouts, which Judge took in two crucial situations.

Eduardo Escobar doubled the first pitch from Vandi Peralta (2-3), who started his ninth inning on his 31st birthday. Escobar moved up to third on a bunt by Tomas Niedo, who later doubled and scored.

Escobar finished third when Bandon Nimmo reached an infield single. Marte then hit a line drive in left field as the Mets dropped the Yankees for the ninth time.

For the Yankees, Venezuelan Torres scored 4-1 with one run and two RBIs.

For the Mets, 5-2 with Dominican Marte RBI. Puerto Rican Lindor scored 3-1 with an RBI, Nido scored 3-1. Venezuela’s Escobar scored 4-1 with one run.

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