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The most brutal and unknown articles of law

The Omnibus Law that was recently voted in its entirety, in articles 449 to 453, allows the State to grant concessions without an expiration date with a guaranteed profit. Think for a moment How about a bidding process that focuses on the happy beneficiaries of a lifetime profit, for example, on a route? Even if there is a pandemic that stops traffic or an earthquake, the State will ensure that the concessionaires get money. Also, think about the ICSID trial that Argentina will lose the day it should be paid to end the bad contract. The same people who will vote for it now will be the ones to blame for the cost of the trial of the president who canceled it.

Article 447 is an investment incentive regime. I made it clear that I agree that these tools are available as long as they are reasonable, aimed at the strategic sectors that the country needs for its development, and do not create unfair competition with national or foreign companies that have already been established. Let’s see what was voted on Friday. The article lowers the income tax from 35 to 25%, which creates unfair competition among the established ones. New investors are exempt from import and export taxes! They do not have to comply with the exchange regime followed by other companies, nor do they have an obligation to sell locally. Consider a lithium mining company, for example, that can get everything tax-free. Oh, and tax stability for 30 years.

I quote these two articles because, apart from The disclosure, I haven’t heard anyone mention them. there is almost no mention of what was voted for and that is serious. A little more known is that Luis Caputo is now allowed to borrow without limits. Also the repeal of the Competition Law that benefits monopolies and harms consumers and the privatization of companies that will strategically maintain our position in the list of developing countries.
The same dominant media – no longer because of their numbers, but because they are the majority – which with their systematic neoliberal preaching created an army of the declared poor who voted for an extreme right-wing the current government is hiding from them what is being done.

For the first time since the return of democracy, a government made legal changes to the extent and depth of constitutional reform by decree.

For the first time since the return of democracy, a government has changed more than 300 laws with a high impact on one project.

For the first time since the return of democracy, a government shot 30 journalists. One was an accident, two was malpractice, 30 was a systematic plan

For the first time, photojournalists were arrested.

For the first time, a president did not speak in the Legislative Assembly, he insulted the lawmakers, and he treated them as bullies and bullies.

All this should lead us to think if we live in a democracy and a republic as we know it. The usual sommeliers of the Republic so far do not mention it.

Milei does not travel to the provinces. Not even in municipalities. He does not visit factories or hospitals. He did not meet privately with the governors. He does not talk to foreign presidents or discuss them except to insult them. He spends most of the day on Twitter, a network where he even posts donkeys. His chief of staff is unknown. Nor the Secretary General of the Presidency. His Minister of Social Development just told the hungry to line up one by one to see him. The price of food, must be millions. Your chancellor posted memes of a social leader lying on the street. The defense minister is cosplaying and the economy minister is threatening. We take a crazy government seriously.

Most of the steps he took were impulsive, so to speak. yeaThe excuse is that there is no other alternative. He even said that Massa did the same. This is not true. Massa suggests finding primary balance, not financial balance. In other words, reduce the deficit to less than 3 points. No more than 5 as suggested by Milei. On the other hand, Massa put on the table a list of benefits and tax exemptions for companies that will primarily seek adaptation there. Massa will not increase the dollar by 118%. He did not do so even under the threat of funds. Massa did not fight with the Chinese, on the contrary, he got unprecedented support from them. In other words, it is not true that there is no other alternative.

The Government has produced the largest reduction in real income in the last 30 years: -10% a month. Along with devaluation and elimination of controls, it created a 50% increase in food prices between December and January and at the same time completely stopped the delivery of food to canteens. He also highlighted the increase in the price of medicines by an average of 93% and stopped the delivery of medicines to hospitals. Neither delivers chemotherapy products. More than half of tenants say they will take out loans to pay rent. Unless the pandemic has created some kind of anthropological change, in a short time there will be a social reaction as big as a tidal wave.

The issue is what happens the next day. Milei resisted Macri to help him, who took over the government. He put it on Scioli to show that he prefers to help the Peronists. In Peronism, Axel Kicillof has shown himself as the perfect antagonist of the president, in speech and deeds: increasing wages, maintaining jobs, and following his path of development with inclusion. He did not move an inch from his speech even after neoliberalism disappeared. But it’s hard to imagine him being an easy comforter. Massa does not speak, but moves and waits. Cristina didn’t say a word either. Milei was not cruel to him. He did not persecute him, he gave him generous custody, away from Bullrich and with his trusted commissioner who was promoted today: he guaranteed what Macrismo threatened him: life and freedom. Maybe he’ll tell him to vote against and if he can, he’ll make the vote even more complicated. But he did not attack him: he must think that the weak Milei is better than the strong Macri. Pichetto appears as a supposed guarantor of management because he thinks that the fall will create chaos because – he says – there is no Duhalde outside.

Milei’s advantage is that she is the only leader. Neither Macriism nor Peronism has it. Also, the one who is clear in his direction. What is racism? His proposals are simply anti-Kirchnerism. And what is Peronism? Currently, Cristina continues to be the one with the most in a very small space. But it is not difficult to see that every day there are more Peronists who agree with a neoliberal common sense that is far from Cristina. The only one who is clear about what he wants is Milei and perhaps it is this certainty that remains strong in the eyes of an important part of society. Also, the difference is a constant doubt in Alberto, who even has delegated power and does not use it.

The government is a contested territory. A group of shadow traders with great influence, but not homogeneous. Even sometimes there are conflicting interests. The Bullrich sector was reinforced by gunfire. The vice president toured the country and the barracks. Macriism on the go. In that dispute, Milei, who had a cell phone, a publicist, and his brother, survived.

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