The most inspiring movie on Netflix, its true story will make you cry

The most inspiring movie on Netflix, its true story will make you cry

Various movies which, through their plots, offer us a new perspective of how to interpret and operate ourselves in the world, this is exactly the case of the film that we recommend below, it is an inspiring feature film, but also with strong emotions is full of what can bring us to tears, as it is based on real events.

Is about the tape “Pele”, And as its name suggests, this film is biographical which follows the life and career of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the iconic Brazilian soccer player known worldwide as Pelé. The film chronicles his life from his childhood in the slums of Brazil to his rise to becoming one of the most famous and successful football players of all time.

“Pele”, a film that will bring your emotions to the surface

the film shows how Pele He overcame many challenges and obstacles throughout his life, including his difficult financial situation, doubt from critics, and challenges on and off the field.

it is available on creation Netflix And although it allows us to take a closer and deeper look to know the footballer in his most intimate side, it focuses on his outstanding performances in the FIFA World Cup, especially in the 1958, 1962 and 1970 tournaments , in which Brazil became the champion.

An inspiring film that lets you get to know football closer

In addition to showcasing Pelé’s sporting achievements, the film also explores his influence cultural and social in Brazil and in the world of football in general. It has a role in promoting football as a sport that transcends social barriers and unites people.

Directed by “Pele” jeff zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist, and combines the ingredients Images from archives, actual matches and interviews with Pele and other influential people in his life. The film will take you through a range of emotions while taking an intimate look at the life of one of history’s greatest football players and his lasting impact on the game.






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