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The Premier doubles in income to the Tebas League – Then24

The inequality between the League and the premier league will continue to increase in the coming years. The success of the English league both in its own market and in the international one does not stop growing, quite the opposite of the competition directed by Xavier Thebes, that every time he sees how his great competitor distances himself more. In the next three years, the English first division will pocket a total of 12,400 million euros from the sale of its television rights, a figure that in Spain would not be reached even in the best of forecasts adding the next five years.

The Premier League has managed between 2021 and 2022 to close two historic agreements. For the first time they will exceed the barrier of 4,000 million euros in revenue per season, with a total of 4,126 million per courseby selling its television rights for over 2,000 million both in the national market and abroad.

The highest category of English football is still booming and distances itself even more from its competitors, among which the Theban League stands out, its main persecutor. In the agreements closed for the next triennium, the one that goes from the 2022-23 to the 2024-25 season, the Premier will have 12.4 billion to distribute, corresponding to an agreement in the United Kingdom of 6,080 million and a sum of agreements outside its borders that amounts to 6,320 million during that period.

In addition, for the first time, income from the sale of television rights in the international market will exceed that of the interior. The key to this has been in improving the contract in USwhere they will receive 400 million euros per season for the next five, while La Liga receives about 144 kilos in the North American market.

The League is around 1,700 million a year

The difference in the income that the Premier League will receive and that it will therefore have to irrigate its clubs during the next three years, contrasts with what happens in Spain. Javier Thebes He promised the clubs that, with the mortgage signed with CVC, they would be able to increase their income over the next few years, due to the improvement in the quality of the competition and the greater attractiveness that it would entail. However, it has not been like that.

For the moment, the president of the employer’s association has decided to sell the television rights for five seasons instead of the three he used to, which prevents the competition from being revalued in terms of income. Movistar Y DAZN have been made with them in exchange for a total of 4,950 million or, what is the same, 990 million per season in the national market. A figure that represents 1,030 million less than what the English league earns per year in its own market.

But it is abroad that the Premier product is sold much better than that of Tebas. Specifically, three times better. In the 2020-21 season – the last for which there is data on the international market – La Liga received a total of €681.7 million, for the 2,106 that the English competition will take. Taking into account the current downward trend, it will be very difficult for him to improve his income, even more so knowing that the agreement closed with the United States will last until 2029 and that 144 million per course are received for it.

Given that the premier league it has only signed an agreement to sell its television rights for the next three years, while the League has done so for the next five years, which in the American market has also done so for a shorter time than the League – five seasons per eight – and that it is a competition that has more and more resources, as well as greater appeal, that difference may increase as the years go by. All this, despite the measures that Thebes has tried to establish, that they have only regressed to the Spanish championship.

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