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Friday, December 3, 2021

The problem is not just Xi Jinping; It is communism


For the communists and for them, the line that the party is now promoting is true – that is, until it is influenced by a new line.

This is George Orwell’s great novel, 1984. The protagonist, Winston Smith, works in the Ministry of Truth, revising party historical records that are consistent with the current party line. In particular, those who are liquidated are de-personalized, just as they did not exist.

In Communist China, this truth has been packaged consistently and consistently since the 1st, from birth to the fall of the USSR. Accordingly, when Joseph Stalin’s secret police chief, Laurenti Pavlovich Beria, was executed by his successors, customers of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia would be instructed to replace Beria with Berea Sea’s acclaimed pages. Beria was made a personless person.

But the reality is that the enemy of every communist regime is the truth itself, as are other values ​​and principles of civilized society, especially the very core proposition of the Declaration of Independence. It’s not just American. According to Winston Churchill, according to Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights, the Declaration is the third great title document on which the freedom of the English-speaking people, the foundation of the West, is founded.

“Declaration of Independence,” 1819, John Trumbull. (Open area)

It states the basic principle that man is given some inalienable rights by his Creator, a principle that is incompatible with communism, which is the supreme ruler.

The latter is important. What we might call the “Communist China Lobby” – a powerful pressure group in the United States and many democracies – pretends that Chinese leader Xi Jinping is the only source of the current problems of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

No, the source of this evil is communism. Just as a gruesome example, the evil multi-billion dollar business in healthy human organs began long before Shi’s rise.

The fact is that communism has always been alien to civilization. We cannot rely on communist rule to behave appropriately or respectfully. We can’t trust their words, even the most basic ones.

Take, for example, the statistics of Covid-1 on which CCP is responsible.

We have been told that the number of deaths due to the virus in 26 million countries Australia will soon surpass that of 1.4 billion people from Communist China.

Clearly, no wise person would ever take their statistics, or their words seriously, a suggestion that does not seem to apply curiously when the subject CO2 emissions are reduced.

Equally, any sensible person must expect an adverse reaction when they claim a fact that would reveal something that could embarrass the Communists, as happened when Australia dared to propose an international inquiry into the origin of the epidemic.

Australia’s only mistake was to allow an investigation led by the World Health Organization, an agency under the strong influence of the CCP.

A sign from the World Health Organization on April 24, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Australia should have proposed to the former US administration to establish an ad hoc international tribunal to investigate its origins, assess liability and, if appropriate, damages.

If compensation is paid and not paid, the law could allow for their recovery from Australian assets under the final control of the guilty state – Darwin’s port comes to mind.

Since Australia has responded to Beijing’s call for an investigation and has come under increasing and unjust economic penalties, the CCP can do more if we can seize such assets to satisfy a valid international verdict. At least one premium and strategic asset can be recovered.

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The bottom line is that we can not only rely on the information or truth of this regime, it also governs an area where there is no rule of law, no human rights and no protection of workers’ rights.

It didn’t come with the Xi; It has existed since 1949.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the European communist dictatorship, the CCP’s enduring purpose was to avoid a similar fate.

Deng Xiaoping, the supreme leader of the time, drew the new economic policy (NEP) of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, which saved the Soviet Union from its first collapse in 1222. Features. “

Lenin never wanted to perpetuate the NEP. The words responsible for it explain the real intent of the communists: “The capitalists will sell us the rope by which they will be hanged.” What they did, Stalin did in the opposite direction, was to socialize the economy, to force collectivism on class enemies, including being forced to cultivate kulak and using it ruthlessly to destroy famine.

Deng Xiaoping offered the West more than Lenin. It was something that shocked the Western elite, a market of one-fifth of the world’s population.

On October 19, 2020, a container was spotted at the Yangshan Deep-Water Port in Shanghai, China. (Ally Song / Reuters)

Bill Clinton gambled in 2000 to welcome the People’s Republic of China to the World Trade Organization. Instead, he allows communists to enter without the most basic protection to ensure what they can’t do: ignore the rules, steal, or forcibly take out something even bigger. Huge portfolio.

From Europe to Australia, Western leaders and big business have followed suit.

As a result, these elites saved an oppressive regime from the fate of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher given to the Soviet Union.

They betrayed American, Australian and Western workers and closed their industries and relocated to China.

They have unfaithfully benefited from the suppression of their basic rights and betrayed the Chinese workers.

Yet, these same elites are often taken on trips by communists who deceive them at every turn and allow their countries to become dependent on the CCP.

Only under the former U.S. administration was this trend reversed briefly.

Now, from America to Europe and Australia, the same communist China lobby, who wants to get Western industry back in China, is desperately trying to restore this dependence. They have a common rationale for this. They say the problem is temporary. If most leaders pass, the problem will be solved.

But that is not the case.

The problem is not who is the greatest leader. The problem is, as always, the evil “Plague Bacillus”, which is communism.

The opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of the author and The Epoch Times.

David Flint


David Flint is an emeritus law professor, known for his leadership of Australians for constitutional monarchy and for his responsibilities as head of the Australian Broadcasting Authority. He is a former chairman of the Australian Press Council and the World Association of Press Council.


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