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The ‘revival’ of Creedence

The 'revival' of Creedence

More than half a century after rising up, and dissolving as fast as they came, at a time when many peers of his era are unaware of where they are now?, Creedence Clearwater The revival anthem (CCR) continues. To echo

Not once, real ones dive From New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin or Madison in which John Fogerty’s band has no immortal title.

turned into a myth, into one of those jewels of American popular culture revered in cinema (big lebowski ), literature (Stephen King) or by the musicians themselves (from John Lennon to Kurt Cobain or Bruce Springsteen), you just have to see what happened to Creedence in July 2021.

John Fogerty Of Creedence Clearwater Revival As Photographed At The Hilton Hotel In Amsterdam, Holland In April 1970.  (Photo By Geijsbert Hanekroots)

John Fogerty during the Creedence Clearwater Revival Tour at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, April 1970

gijsbert hankrut

On that date, it had been 31 years since one of its members (Tom Fogerty) had died. Two others (Stu Cook and Doug Clifford) had already been removed from the scene, while the fourth (John) was still shooting when one of his creations, have you ever seen The Rain (1971), went to number one on the Billboard Rock digital chart.

Although the seven albums, released in record time from 1968 to 1972, always managed to top, “he was the first single (single) with which the band achieved number one,” John Lingan wrote in a recently published book. outlined in. a song for all (A Song for Everyone), in which, according to reviews, he traces the most complete history of CCR.

Unspecified - Circa 1970: Photo Archives Of Creedence Clearwater Revival Photo By Michael Ochs / Getty Images

A promotional image of the band in the early 1970s

Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

“The only post-Beatles band to deliver hit single after hit, play classic rock and roll without an archival sound,” recalls Lingan that Ellen Willis (1941–2006), a noted American leftist essayist and critic, wrote Wrote once. music.

The mention of the British is not trivial. Willis saw the adventure that began in El Cerrito, a town on the San Francisco Bay, where Stu, Doug and John became friends, all three with a high interest in blues and R&B. They added John’s brother Tom, who was four years older than the others and with more musical experience. He called himself Blue Velvet and brought to life school and local parties.

“If this sounds familiar, like the somewhat similar story about Liverpool, it is no coincidence,” says Elizabeth Nelson wall street journal I, When reviewing Lingnan’s work

“Given their amazingly prolific talent, their runaway success on the charts, it wouldn’t be remotely insulting to say that CCR is the American Beatles,” he says.

Suirock Festival - Tienon - Belgium - 20/07/2010 John Fogerty Of Creedence Clearwater Revival Photo G Naps

John Fogerty, second from right at a concert with his musicians in Belgium in 2010

Angie Knepps

More relationships are formed. The four of El Cerrito were stunned to see the Beatles make their American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. His music was refined and lively, “not just dance fodder,” Lingnan explained of the impact it had made on him. He decided it was the formula. No piano, two guitars, bass and drums. And he changed his name to The Vision.

The group evolved. John took the reins in music direction and composition. Tom accepted the supporting role, despite being older and more experienced. Fantasy Records decided to bet on them later that year, but gave them a name they hated: gollyvogs , Something like a doll with bright colors, a dark face and curly hair. He was even forced to wear a ridiculous hat to concerts.

short but very intense

Between 1968 and 1972 he released seven albums and his voice became synonymous with opposition to the Vietnam War.

They were on their way to fame, although Tom managed the finances, handing each of them $20 a week. until they sign a new contract. All three pioneers were 22 years old. Thanks to that power and the success of their recordings, the band felt strong enough to claim another name. There were proposals (Whiskey Rebellion,…), but John applied his criteria. He was inspired by an advertisement for an Olympia beer which reiterated that the secret was water. Creedence Clearwater Revival could mean anything anyone wanted and marked a rebirth.

It was 1968 and he released a self-titled album CCR , This includes his creations, such as porteville (re-recorded) or others who made their own, such as Suzy Q , That was the great takeoff of success. In 1969 he released another three LPs. , bayou country , green River You Willie and poor boy ) who placed them on the altar of glory. The three acts are considered one of the best in the history of rock and roll. Not only artistically the creeds were different. He rejected harsh drugs and hallucinations and made it a rule not to drink alcohol before performances.

Despite this policy, the CCR was the product of a turbulent time (racial conflict, free love, and free speech on campus) and became synonymous with opposition to the Vietnam War. Although Tom and Stu survived, John and Doug were placed on the draft list and attended boot camps. To exclude university degrees or other circumstances, the two hung the threat of being sent to conflict in Southeast Asia.

John’s fundamentalism continued Cosmo’s Factory His 1970 full length.

Falsely, Lingnan argues, he was accused of being more of a commercial product than an actual countercultural creation.

<<यहां कैप्शन दर्ज करें>> at the Ventura County Fairgrounds on August 10, 2018 in Ventura, California.” src=”” class=”lazy” /></source></source></picture><figcaption class=

Stu Cook and Doug Clifford at a 2018 performance in downtown Ventura, California

Scott Dudelson

Despite the success, and with fans having no clue, the group’s internal life was clouded by the imposition of John as the sole songwriter, band leader, lead singer, producer, and finally, business manager, leading to He signed. Terrible contract with fantasy that required decades of litigation.

large indirect resonance

CCR resonates somewhat because of the cult of other musicians and soundtracks from films like ‘The Big Lebowski’.

He established such control that he prohibited repeating. He announced this to his teammates at the conclusion of a concert in Minneapolis. Doug confronts him, they almost come to blows. Stu and Tom’s silence makes Clifford see that he is defeated.

However, the iron hand, which prevented the improvisations, bids Tom goodbye after the recording. anchor , Brother fell out. John did not attend the deathbed of Tom, who died of AIDS in 1990 after receiving a blood transfusion.

There were more concerts in the formation of the trio. And he still released his seventh studio album ( Mardi Gras , 1972). This was Creedence’s obituary and the beginning of the legend.

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