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The sad story of flying with low fuel and being hijacked by terrorists who threatened a bomb that didn’t exist

The sad story of flying with low fuel and being hijacked by terrorists who threatened a bomb that didn't exist

The Boeing 767 Aircraft That Was Later Involved In The Incident.  (Wikipedia)
The Boeing 767 aircraft that was later involved in the incident. (wikipedia)

was born on 23 November 1996 One of the scariest facts of commercial aviationWhen three hijackers seized an Ethiopian Airlines plane that was covering the route between Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and Nairobi in Kenya.

It all started when the aircraft involved, the Boeing 767, entered Kenyan airspace; That time Three men of Ethiopian nationality went to the commanders’ cabin and claimed to be armed with an explosive device If their demand is not met, they will create a ruckus.

According to reports, a man suddenly got up from his seat and ran towards the front of the plane and the other two people also ran behind him. It was said that they looked 20 years old, they seemed with symptoms of being naive, psychologically fragile and narcissisticAs recalled by the site air disaster,

The Plane Was Originally Supposed To Cover The Route Between Addis Ababa And Nairobi, The Red Plane Visible On The Map Being The Spot It Was Supposed To Crash Down.  (Wikipedia)
The plane was originally supposed to cover the route between Addis Ababa and Nairobi, the red plane visible on the map being the spot it was supposed to crash down. (wikipedia)

three terrorists Threatened to explode a bomb on boardDeclaring that he was opposed to the Ethiopian government at the time, and that he had recently been released from prison.

They demanded that the plane go to Australia, where they hoped to apply for political asylum. The problem was that the plane was already inside Kenyan airspace, meaning it was close to reaching its original destination in Nairobi.

The aircraft commanders tried to convince the three hijackers that The plane didn’t have enough fuel to fly to Australia, In fact, the Boeing 767 did not have even a quarter of the fuel needed to cover the long distances demanded by the hijackers.

but None of the three hijackers believed the pilotsThey felt that they were being tricked into not accepting their demands. So, the commander of the aircraft, abbot lion The 42-year-old, who had more than 11,000 flight hours, pretended he was headed to Australia, when in fact he was following the coast of Africa.

At one point, the hijackers realized they were not headed to Australia and He forced Abate to turn to Oceania, It was there that the pilot had no choice but to head east, and began flying towards the Comoros Islands, located between Madagascar and the African continent.

The Pilot Had To Make An Emergency Landing, Killing 125 Of The 175 People Aboard.  (Wikipedia)
The pilot had to make an emergency landing, killing 125 of the 175 people aboard. (wikipedia)

When the plane was near the islands, the last liter of fuel was already left, but the hijackers continued to ignore the pilot. Faced with this situation, Abbett chose, as a last resort, to fly in circles with the intention of landing at the airport on the main island, But the Boeing 767’s tank was empty and both engines began to fail.,

A fight inside the cockpit between the pilot and the hijackers prevented the commander from trying to reach the airport, so Can only attempt a splashdown that ends just 500 meters off the coast of the main islandGiven the many tourists.

The plane’s left wing hit the water first, followed by the left engine, which quickly sank, destroying the Boeing 767.

125 of the 175 passengers died as a result of the impact.Captain Abbett was one of the survivors, so he could detail what happened in the incident. Three of the kidnappers, for their part, died because of the impact.

The story ends with an even more sad fact: The alleged bomb the kidnappers claimed to be carrying was nothing more than a bottle of wineAccording to subsequent investigations.

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