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The signs that will tell you that he likes you even if he hasn’t told you yet

Butterflies in the stomach, being in the clouds, seeing hearts everywhere or being on the Moon are some of the expressions used to describe when someone is in love. like another person. The nervousness, fascination and desire to be with that special being causes the loved one to be absent from their daily lives. Despite their feelings, many people decide to hide their expressions for fear of rejection.

However, no matter how much he tries to hide his interest If a person is a good observer, they can notice feelings immediately. The hands, the eyes, the body, the expressions or the mouth say more than words. If you doubt whether you like of others, today we will share some with you signs who betrayed him. If you follow everything signs means it’s time to talk if you have too interest.

On the other hand, if you have interest of a person, but you have doubts about it interest towards a relationship, it signs It will also help you identify and name your feelings. Feeling loved and attracted to someone should not be a cause of shame. If you decide to express your feelings and they are not reciprocated, in the future it will let you know that there is always a chance to meet someone special.

How do you know if you you like to someone but turned it down?

According to Lamentees, endorphins, enkephalins and phenylethylamine are responsible for euphoria and happiness, because they allow the emotions of well-being. It is enhanced when we are attracted to someone. Their presence, their words, their appearance or their way of being brings us to a state of well-being that keeps us looking for opportunities to feel those emotions again and brings us to in mental state.

Sharing similar experiences, reminding ourselves of people who care for us, admiring certain qualities or the production of pheromones through the lips, armpits, neck or groin are some of the reasons why we can show interest of a person, added the portal. If we want a person who does not know the feelings and the reasons, other questions follow. Shall I tell him that I am like?

According to Online Psychology, it can be frustrating to think every time you are we are interested a person, especially for fear of not making a mistake in the interpretation of signs. Although we don’t understand why people don’t express their feelings to us, or why we don’t express our feelings, the portal details that it could be due to shyness, fear of rejection, insecurity, lack of emotional intelligence or social skills that. work against us.

Psychology and Mind explains that by stating that we interested To someone we reveal ourselves. For this reason, it is necessary to declare the interest be clear and avoid doing so without creating unnecessary awkward moments. Standing face to face, making eye contact, controlling your nerves, avoiding cliché phrases and speaking directly and concisely are some tips that will allow you to pass the stage of interest in action. Perhaps by telling someone that we are interested we put at risk the relationship we have formed, but it is advisable to listen to our feelings.

If we want to know if we are interested of that person, Lamentees beautiful lists of a series of signs which will allow us to clear the doubt:

  1. Shows nervousness when you are there
  2. He imitates you
  3. Always make eye contact
  4. His posture is oriented towards you
  5. Initiate interactions
  6. He has a preference for you compared to some groups
  7. Will respond immediately when you send him a message
  8. protects you
  9. He wants to introduce you to his social circle or get to know yours
  10. Other people tell you they like you
  11. He is interested in your opinion of him
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