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The theft of data from journalists from Spain affected 263 communicators

After the illegal exhibition of personal information in 323 reporters which covers the morning briefing of the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, three days later, this Monday, January 29, the president confirmed the Hack of computers in Presidency of the Republic pointing out that the opponents of his government are responsible, in which he indicated that a report of what happened will be presented, as well as a complaint. A few hours ago, in a press conference by the Presidential spokesperson, Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, it was stated that the illegal theft of information was carried out from Spain, carried out by a former employee and affected 263 journalists.

Carlos Emiliano Calderón, coordinator of National Digital Strategydetailed that by the account of a user “who no longer works here” the extraction of information from a “pre-production” platform is done.

In a press conference, Jesus Ramirezspokesperson of the Presidency, reported that there are 263 people, who have already been informed and emphasized that the Federal Government is ready to provide security to “263 people” whose personal data was violated by the hacking of the National Palace.

Jesus Ramirez He explained that it was around 2:00 pm on Friday when “unauthorized access to a folder and not to the entire database was detected.” After that, and the cybercrime unit was informed, the access was closed.

He also said that the technical report on the illegal extraction of information from journalists has been delivered to INAI.

The information of a user who no longer works for the government was used to access the data.

“It’s not a leak, it’s a illegal acquisition and this is not a government page, but a pre-production page, where tests are done and to run the system and prove that it works,” explained the spokesperson.

What did AMLO say about the data leak?

The Chief Executive said that the leak was a case of espionage and dirty war and assured that there will be legal action against the people responsible for hacking the networks of the Presidency. The Presidency has called a press conference at 5:00 pm this Monday, where it is expected that more details will be given about this theft of personal information.

The president was reprimanded by reporters who asked him if this kind of situation was not dangerous for them or their families because of their work.

“Yes, yes it is hacking. It is not dangerous (for the journalists affected) because we have to take care of all citizens and journalists. Hacking is an attempt to sow the idea that we are persecuting, censoring and dictators,” said López Obrador.

The Tabasco resident admitted that the security of his network had failed and that the hackers were very good. “Remember that our opponents have a lot of money and can hire criminals in this matter, Claudio X. González” said in his morning at the National Palace.

On Friday, the cybersecurity company Silikn revealed that the press accreditation system of the Presidency of the Republic became the victim of a cyber attack, which revealed the personal data of reporters. The president’s mornings are national and foreign.

Because of this, the Mx Media Alliance expressed its concern about the display of personal data by more than 300 reporters. “The information breach of the Presidency of the Republic caused their photos, identification, passports, telephone numbers, emails, addresses, and Unique Population Registration Codes (CURP) to be placed in public databases, putting them at risk of suffering physical attacks. and affecting their dignity,” said the alliance in a statement.

The MX Media Alliance shows his concern about the bad climate that prevails in the country and about the violence and killing of reporters in Mexico and other parts of the world, highlighting the dangers and challenges faced by media professionals in doing their job. In the specific case of Mexico, although there is a decrease in the number of reporters killed in 2023 compared to previous years, the figure remains alarming.

Notice of reporters Hack

This Monday, the General Coordination of Social Communication and Spokesperson of the Government of the Republic, led by Jesús Ramírez Cuevas, began to inform each of the nearly 300 journalists who covered the morning of President López Obrador that their personal data had been breached. The notification was sent by email to each of the affected journalists.

The email says:

By this means, in accordance with the provisions of articles 1, 12, 35, Section II, and 38 of the Federal Law of Administrative Procedure and 210 A of the Federal Code of Civil Procedures of the supplementary application, I authorize myself to inform the following:

As the public knows, on January 26 of the current year, there was information about possible unauthorized access to the Presidency Press Accreditation System.

Therefore, according to the provisions of articles 37 and 40 of the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Obligated Parents, it follows that violations that occur in any phase of the processing of data, which directly affect the economic importance or moral rights of the owners, as well as to take preventive, corrective, and improvement measures to avoid new violations, you are informed about the existence of a possible violation of your personal data hosted in the aforementioned system.

As a result, you are informed that all necessary technical actions are taken to protect the information managed through the Press Accreditation System. It should not be ignored that, on the same day, upon learning of the current vulnerability, the official site “Press Accreditation System” was immediately blocked.

Therefore, we request your valuable understanding in this situation and your participation in our commitment and obligation regarding the protection of personal data.

Be careful,

General Coordination of Social Communication and Spokesperson of the Government of the Republic.

SIP condemns data leak reporters

The MX Media Alliance shows that the alleged leak represents a double risk for journalists since Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism, coupled with the uncertainty that prevails in the national territory.

After the revelation of percolation on personal information of the more than 300 journalists who attended the “morning” conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the MX Media Alliance expressed its concern about the events and demanded that the federal government find those responsible and apply the corresponding penalties.

It emphasized that the integrity and security of journalists were violated by the leaking of their personal data in secret Internet forums, where their name, address, INE, email, and other personal data were published.

“From the MX Media Alliance we see with concern the illegal display of personal data of 323 journalists who attended to cover the morning conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The breach of information of the Presidency of the Republic caused at their end. in a public database of photos, identification, passports, phone numbers, emails, addresses and Unique Population Registry Codes (CURP), putting them at risk of suffering physical attacks and affect their dignity,” the statement emphasized.


“Stop blaming others”: Xochitl Galvez

“If you don’t give results, you give excuses.” This is how the coalition presidential candidate responded to “Strength and Heart for Mexico,” Xóchitl Gálvez’s response to the justification of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador about the leak of personal data on secret Internet forums by more than 300 journalists who attended his morning conference.

This Monday, January 29, three days after the database leak, the federal president confirmed the hacking of the computers of the Presidency of the Republic, pointing out that the opponents of his government are responsible, for which he indicated that a report on what happened as well as a complaint would be presented.

“That’s what’s called inept, and what they are, they’re inept. “They canceled a lot of resources for the protection software,” said the standard bearer of the PRI, PAN and PRD during the inauguration of his “Truth Conference”, a new method of communication with the campaign team in Galvez which seeks to counter the presidential conferences with verified data during the inter-campaign.

“Bringing in people who have no knowledge of cybersecurity has results, if they hack the Army, they don’t need to hack the National Palace. The capacity and talent of this Government really leaves a lot to be desired. It is your responsibility to stop the blaming others. All he needs is to say it’s (Felipe) Calderón, because everything that happens in this country is Calderón’s fault,” he added.

According to the next opposition presidential candidate, who is also a computer engineer, he has suffered many hacking attacks on his networks, but he has the equipment to detect and prevent them.

“Obviously, everyone’s hands are trying to hack. Do you know how many times they tried to hack me? I had critical moments of hacking my accounts. But obviously I had protection of my networks detected it and I was able to avoid hacking,” he explained.

Last Friday, the cybersecurity company Silikn revealed that the press accreditation system of the Presidency of the Republic became the victim of a cyber attack, which revealed the personal data of national and foreign journalists in the morning of President López Worker

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