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The Tragic Life of Ricardo Centurion: Football, Sudden Death and a Desperate Request for Help

The Tragic Life of Ricardo Centurion: Football, Sudden Death and a Desperate Request for Help

It’s June 17th, 2012. Luis Zubeldia put him in the limelight and it didn’t take long for him to be compared to Loco Corbetta. Another one that had a sad story. The Academy had a bad time with Rafaella (it would fall 4-2) and Debutant 19-year-old boy starts throwing bicycles, feints and pipes, to make up for the joy the team lacked in that Clausura 2012. He played shamelessly of a boy who used to have fun with his friends. From afar it seems that it was a valve to escape a gloomy life and difficult childhood.

It didn’t take long to attract attention ricardo centurion, On the second date of the following tournament, Gambtas converted into a goal (he converted 2–0 in the first against Argentina) and also because of his life off the pitch. Stay strong, Santu. Fast and furious, as if time is running out.

The day his picture with the double spout Itaca Pajera was leaked, a real scandal broke out. Iron was a part of his daily life. This happened when I was in racing. And also in Boca. They criticized him and he began to back down to gather fury, without speaking to anyone. Then, yes, it was time to vent on the network. The famous, “let them tell it as they want”.

,It was normal for me to see weapons and drugs, That’s what was happening with me. I like weapons. If I had grown up on a yacht, I would have loved yachts,” he later explained.

First photo of Centurion with a gun.

Centurion had a very bad childhood. He grew up in Villa Lujan, a precarious settlement in Sarandi. The day he bought an apartment with his football earnings, he took several of his friends with him. But he could never stop passing through the neighborhood. Until he started feeling like a toad from the other well and couldn’t come back: “I started to be a peso sign there…”

It is just that there were only a few left from childhood, the unconditional ones. “Of the 30 friends of my childhood, only three are left.” No need to explain how they were dying…

“I’m tired of living”

He said this Tuesday, after a long silence, in conversation with Marcelo Palacios from Radio La Red: “At some point I was tired of life. I couldn’t stand myself. I had panic attack. I am still living like a pandemic. I am alone,” said Santu, crying out for help.

Centurion had missed his one millionth chance., As he did in racing, in Boca, in Velez… now he did in San Lorenzo. The Reason? More or less normal: the player missed a few training sessions, in this case, frustrated by the lack of opportunities. The easiest thing to do is to judge it with a keyboard. It is better to try to understand what happened to him.

“Big stupid things, I never missed a training session I’d never done before. If He Hit Me As A Boy, I Was Going To Train Him, That’s when I grew up, because of my head, because of the many problems that I had. I love the training, the topic was great,” he confessed to Palacios.

Centurion Celebrates After Scoring The Final Goal Of The Superclassico That Ended 4-2 In 2016.  Reuters/Marcos Brindicci.

Centurion celebrates after scoring the final goal of the Superclassico that ended 4-2 in 2016. REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci.

On those outings, Ricky messed up all the time and often came close to causing a tragedy. It was 2016, he played at Boca and went to bowl in Chapter 1 of Lanuso, As it happened many times, he got into trouble, He ran into his car and caused several collisions, Police analysis revealed that blood alcohol levels said it all and the player admitted his guilt to minimize collateral damage.

,You have to be a Boca player 24 hours a day“, said DT Guillermo Barros Scheloto, one of their greatest defenders.

But his departure from Xeneize was marked by a video: Centurion in an apparent state of intoxication, supported by two comrades walked through the corridors of Boca concentration. His stage in Xeneize was over.

After a spell in Genoa, where he was already in 2013, he returned to racing. Uncle Caudet convinces Victor Blanco to come back to him. Santu had converted the championship goal into a cylinder and DT wanted to give him a chance to shine again. This will be his third phase at the academy.

Centurion Celebrated His Goal Against Godoy Cruz For The Title In 2014.  Ap/Victor R Cavano.

Centurion celebrated his goal against Godoy Cruz for the title in 2014. Associated Press/Victor R Cavano.

With Lautaro Martínez, Lysandro López and Huevo Acua, the team began to shine and the Centurion returned to their adventures. One morning the police stopped him. He had passed two red lights and when he was pulled over, going black to take a breath analyzer test: “If we can fix, then I have to fix. i can cover the month“They tried to bribe the officer. They were recording it and the video quickly went viral.

At the start of the next season, when the Caudat champion racing campaign began to take shape, he missed training. You Victor Blanco lost the filter,He drank too much and didn’t go to training As a Saturday it should. You have to be aware and take care of your image, you have to fulfill the obligations. Erred. You will go to the legal section to see the relevant clearances. He is a racing player all day and all night. We love him very much, but one hundred percent. If not, he’s not the player we were looking for,

In February 2019, Chacho Caudet finally got tired of the Centurion: with the Copa Libertadores series nestled by the river at the monument, the coach called him to enter and the player gave him a warm reply: “you put me so that the whole court can fuck me,

The Episode Ending Centurion'S Second Leg In Racing.  Getty Images / Marcelo Andelli.

The episode ending Centurion’s second leg in racing. Getty Images / Marcelo Andelli.

After an argument that ended in a scuffle, the player entered the court but the relationship with DT was broken forever.

After some time, Ricky tried to explain what had happened: “He had already made two changes and he called me to be the third. When I was walking, I didn’t go with the coolest face. And there he says to me: ‘Are you spoiled?’ He didn’t ask me right. Sigli stopped him and calmed down. He kept insulting me and talking to me and that’s where I took it out.”

Life full of blasts and request for one more chance

At 29, Centurion seems to have lived many lives in one. He was still young when his father died. The situation is confusing, we can hardly explain what he once said: “I lost my old man when he was very young, when he was five years old. He used to work in an illegal firecracker factory, It is not known how the explosion occurred in the factory. There were seven boys working there and they all died.”

As if he was being chased by a curse, the footballer was losing all his loved ones. The tragic death of his father was followed by the death of his best friend.: “He died in my arms.”

“That was my worst moment,” Santu said. But fate took another slap on his face. One of those who left a mark, with an open hand.

Melody Pasini died on March 29, 2020, probably the love of her life, Ricky’s partner from those days. He died of cardiac arrest while driving. They went through the pandemic together and he became a great support. His grandmother had died two weeks earlier, the grandmother who raised him.

Centurion With Melody.

Centurion with Melody.

These days the Centurion Pass belongs to Velez and the Academy holds a part of it. “I’m training at Velez, with only a kinesiologist and a physical trainer. They put me up every day at noon so I can’t compete in the First Division. It’s so hard,” Ricky told in an interview to Palacios.

He reached Fortin by the hand of Gabriel Heinz. like a caudate, DT felt able to tame the animal And wore it in January 2020.”We know everything external. I’m going to take responsibility. I look forward to helping you.”, said the coach. And he did, but the Centurion had a magnet for trouble. And he was in the middle of a complex.

Footballer was accused of sexual abuse, with Thiago Almada, Miguel Brizuela and Juan Martín Lucero, after a party at the former Independent’s house. Not long ago, he had a complaint of sexual violence from his ex-girlfriend Melissa Tozzi.

Although the Fortin players were dropped from the case, leaving former coach Juan José Acua as the main accused, Ricky was once again the target of the storm, Heinz slammed the door and lost his retaining wall, just as his grandmother and his girlfriend died. Completely stunned, the Centurion returned to his adventures and in Velez they got rid of him.

Centurion In San Lorenzo, His Last Club.  Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia - Ftp Clarins.

Centurion in San Lorenzo, his last club. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia – FTP Clarins.

The last adventure was in San Lorenzo, where Ricky could not shine: neither with Troglio nor with Fernando Barron. Cyclone no longer had patience and terminated the contract. “No one else called me, the champion’s friends disappeared”He moans and asks for another chance.

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