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The UK Labor Party will present a vote of no confidence in the government of Boris Johnson

The UK Labor Party will table a motion for a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government on Tuesday, the party confirmed to The Post.

A no-confidence motion will force lawmakers from all parties represented in parliament to vote on whether or not Johnson is deemed fit to serve as leader of the nation until a new one is elected.

The vote is expected to take place on Wednesday and, if passed, would trigger an immediate national election if the government loses a majority of the vote, potentially replacing not just Johnson but the entire ruling party.

The next prime minister is not expected to be announced until September 5, after the Tory party set its timetable for the battle to replace Johnson.

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace was previously considered a possible front-runner to replace Johnson, however this week he was removed from consideration.

Meanwhile, former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak remains the current favorite with the most avowed supporters.

Boris Johnson Announced His Resignation Last Week.
Boris Johnson announced his resignation last week.

Other notable candidates include former Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who, along with Sunak, resigned from their government posts in protest of Johnson’s leadership.

Wednesday’s vote is unlikely to be successful for Keir Starmer’s Labor Party as Tory government lawmakers are not expected to send voters to the polls as a new Tory leader is to be announced imminently.

However, the Labor Party stayed true to its word after promising to table a no-confidence motion last week.

Johnson, who took office in 2019, finally succumbed last week to dozens of calls from fellow Conservatives telling him to resign.

The Scandal-Scarred Prime Minister Last Week Received The Highest Number Of Resignations Of Any British Leader As He Clung To Power.
The scandal-scarred prime minister last week received the highest number of resignations of any British leader as he clung to power.

More than 50 ministers and government aides tendered their resignations in protest at his leadership in just 48 hours.

It is the largest number of resignations a British leader has received while clinging to power.

Starmer celebrated the news of Johnson’s impending resignation on Twitter, writing: “We need a fresh start for Britain.”

“It is good news for the country that Boris Johnson is stepping down as Prime Minister. But it should have happened a long time ago. He was always unfit for the job. Starmer said in a statement.

Johnson narrowly survived an initial vote last month amid the fallout from Downing Street staff parties staged during the height of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and under current rules, he was safe from legal challenges for another year.

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