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The United States has so far won the R&D battle

The United States has so far won the R&D battle

i do nothing but listen America This is a country in decline, that China is winning the race in the business world and that the world’s greatest democracy is about to come to an end.

It’s true that the best thing that has happened to the United States lately hasn’t been the shining stars of its previous two presidents, both over 70 years old And in many of his decisions were not completely successful.

Didn’t know the former picking He was infecting his country and preparing for its downfall, although he had cooperated heavily, and today because he seems more like a walking mother than an active president.

when someone looks back Ronald Reagan already George Bush father, even bill clintonOne realizes that it is very easy to predict the death of the United States of America today.

But today it is in my hands, and in the most unexpected way, a Eurostat publication updated with how much EU countries invest in research and development, but also with the world’s major countries.

True the information is for 2019, but taking into account Epidemic And its recovery, the data is fully validated how the United States, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the European Union with its 27 countries and the Euro zone has been able to analyze it. 19 countries.

and here comes the surprise The United States is by far the country that devotes the most money to R&D, so much so that it is more than twice as dedicated to China.,

american will wrongly chosen in recent times to their presidents, but they certainly cannot say that the country is becoming obsolete; Quite the opposite: the amount devoted to R&D in the country is staggering. This makes it impossible for him to lose his career in the short term, in the technology world, the weapons world, and the business world.

But statistics speak and with them we draw conclusions that will tell us where the future may go.

The first country in the economic effort dedicated to R&D is the United StatesUndoubtedly, 587,000 million euros were invested in one year. European Union is with 312,000 million euros; That is to say, the 27 countries that make up the European Union, which has 100 million more residents than the United States, devote 275,000 million euros less per year to what could allow the advancement and development of a region.

China is the third countryWhich, with 1,400 million residents, spends 286,000 million euros a year on R&D, which is 26,000 million less than the EU and 301,000 million less than the United States.

The euro zone will be the fourth region in the world, and will be followed by Japan, which is ahead of Germany by more than 37,000 million, Germany and South Korea, which is already ahead of France by 15,000 million.

Following they start living are already so far behind that they become almost insignificant as countries, except where they are included in a region such as the European Union.

The United Kingdom, which continues to occupy a relatively important position excluding the European Union, is more than one alone, and soon it will not even be a benchmark.

But the most amazing thing is a country that currently has Europe, which only surrenders 90 million more Euros from Spain for research, but who has nuclear bombs.

Russia which is the laughing stock of these figures, As the war in Ukraine has ended, it must be done less and less in a country that, due to its history, will have to accept the other rules of the game if it wants to continue in world concerts.

And only after seeing these numbers can I say that Who says the United States is finished as a country doesn’t know that it is judging the country by its leadersBut not because of its ability to move forward, continue to modernize, remain a benchmark in terms of democracy, that it has to attack the problem of its awakening agenda and return to its traditional conservative values ​​that have made it so strong in the past. .

It cannot be that the country, which invests 275,000 million euros annually compared to the world’s second largest sector, will stop being the world’s leading economy in the coming months.

ChinaAnd I’ve been declaring it for a long time, it has played its part very well and it is already the second largest economic sector in the world, but There is still too much technology to be able to become the firstAnd Europe, as it overcomes the energy crisis, will have to change, and its strategic vision for years to come.

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