Sunday, May 28, 2023

The US assures that the Cuban government will be held accountable for the trials of the 11J protesters

U.S will look for ways to cuban government report on the judgments to the protesters of 11J on the island, State Department press secretary Ned Price said Tuesday.

“We will seek ways to promote accountability, in addition to defending, protecting and promoting the universal rights of the Cuban people,” Price said in an exchange with reporters at the State Department. on the trials of those detained for protesting last July, which reviews the digital portal voice of america.

Prince also reiterated the call to the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel to respect human rights and to release those detained for peacefully protesting.

He added that after the 11J protests, it was observed how the Cuban government represses its own citizens more and more.

“We believe that the Cuban people have every right to continue expressing their desire to enjoy fundamental freedoms,” the State Department spokesman also argued.

He also pointed out that “once again the Cuban regime has responded with repression, instead of focusing on its own provision of services, on its own governance, on the protection of rights within Cuban society.”

Price reiterated that the United States supports the right of Cubans and people around the world to exercise their freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

“We ask the Cuban government to respect these rights and release those unjustly detained for peacefully protesting. No one should be prosecuted, no one should be imprisoned, for exercising a right that is as universal in Cuba as it would be anywhere else,” he also commented.

He also recalled that since July 11, the United States has enacted a series of measures to hold accountable the Cuban individuals and entities responsible for the repression of recent months.

Price insisted that his government will continue “seeking ways to promote accountability and to defend, protect and promote what should be the universal rights of the Cuban people.”

After months of silence Cuban authorities recently admitted that 790 people have been prosecuted in the country for demonstrating last July 11 on the island.

They also recognized that 27 children under the age of 16 participated in the anti-government protests of 11J, of which at least 10 remain interns in comprehensive training and behavior schools.

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