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Campo Soriana treats its customers every Tuesday and Wednesday, so we bring you the best offers for this July 11, 2023.

These days you can enjoy great prices on its fruit and vegetable sections as well as a variety of meat and fish products, all designed to make the most of your pocket.

With so many climate changes constantly occurring this time of year, it’s important to maintain a balanced diet, and these suggestions can help you create delicious recipes to achieve it.

At Soriana they know how important it is for you to take advantage of the days of the offers, so we tell you what the best prices will be on fruits and vegetables, valid from 11 to 12 July.


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What are the best deals for Tuesday and Wednesday at Campo Soriana for this July 11 and 12, 2023?

Soriana has not stopped updating its catalog to offer its best prices on fruits and vegetables, valid for this 11 and 12 July.


  • White Onion $12.80 pesos per kg


  • Fresh Whole Chicken at $31.90 pesos per kilo
  • Roast Beef Ribs: $79.90 pesos per kilo
  • Pork Ribs for Roast: $79.90 pesos per kilo
  • Frozen bone-in pork leg: $48.90 pesos per kilo

If you live in Mexico City (CDMX) very close to Copa, this information may interest you because fruit prices in Soriana Copa CDMX will be as follows:

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  • Yellow Lemon $53.90 pesos per kg
  • Tomato Guajae/Saladette $24.90 pesos per kg
  • Carrots $12.90 pesos per kilo
  • White Potatoes $42.50 pesos per kg
  • Cambray Potatoes $41.90 pesos per kg
  • Avocado $54.80 pesos per kilo
  • Green Cucumber $14.80 pesos per kilo
  • Jicama at $23.90 pesos per kilo
  • Green tomatillos $19.80 pesos per kg
  • Italian zucchini at $34.90 pesos per kilo
  • Chayote at $46.90 pesos per kilo
  • Nopales at $37.90 pesos per kilo
  • Broccoli $39.90 pesos per kilo
  • Cilantro at $8.90 pesos per bunch
  • Spinach $10.50 pesos per bunch
  • Swiss Chard at $8.70 pesos per bunch
  • Parsley at $7.50 pesos per bunch
  • Cambray Onions $8.90 pesos per bunch
  • Radish cost $12.90 pesos per bunch
  • Pour at $24.90 pesos per piece
  • Beet $22.90 pesos per kg
  • Chile Poblano $61.90 pesos per kilo
  • Green chili $73.90 pesos per kilo
  • Yellow Pepper $83.90 pesos per kilo
  • Red chili $83.90 pesos per kilo
  • Mushrooms $95.90 pesos per kilo


  • Watermelon with seeds $15.90 pesos per kilo
  • Chinese Melon $19.90 pesos per kilo
  • Papaya $24.80 pesos per kg
  • Honey Drop Pineapple at $24.80 pesos per kilo
  • Banana Chiapas $23.90 pesos per kilo
  • Red Delicious Apples $29.80 pesos per kg
  • Red apples in bags $42.90 pesos per kilo
  • Golden Delicious Apples $29.80 pesos per kg
  • Danjou Pear $44.90 pesos per kilo
  • Paradise mangoes $9.80 pesos per kilo
  • Atulfo Mango $34.90 pesos per kg
  • Seedless White Grapes $68.90 pesos per kg
  • Red Seedless Grapes $49.90 pesos per kg
  • Strawberries at $62.90 pesos per package

Remember that these prices may vary depending on the unit you are in. Don’t forget to make your list!


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What are the best deals for Tuesday and Wednesday at Campo Soriana for this July 11, 2023?

You will be able to enjoy the best products at the best prices when you visit your nearest Soriana branch to take advantage of this Tuesday and Wednesday in the field this July 11, 2023.

So far the products waiting for you with the best prices are:

fruits and vegetables

  • Green Cucumber $16.80 pesos per kilo
  • Paradise Mango $18.90 pesos per kg

meat and fish

  • Beef Ribs for Roast at $79.90 pesos per kilo
  • Pork Ribs for Roast at $79.90 pesos per kilo
  • Frozen Bone-in Pork Leg at $48.90 pesos per kilo

Don’t worry if you don’t see your favorite products in this list, because when you visit your favorite branch or enter its web portal, Soriana will publish a complete list of products that await you at great prices. do.

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Campo de Soriana has restrictions on Tuesdays and Wednesdays; Not available in all states of the country

Something you should know, so that it does not come as a surprise to you, is that the Tuesday and Wednesday offers from Campo de Soriana are not available in all states of the country.

Although they are valid and you can find them at most organizations, there are exceptions where this promotion doesn’t apply.

Therefore, we leave you a list of states where these Tuesday and Wednesday promotions from Campo de Soriana are not valid.

  • Campeche
  • Yucatan
  • quintana roo
  • veracruz
  • tabasco

Soriana (Armando Monroy / Dark Room)



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