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These are the staple foods for this summer

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How excited are people for summer?

A third of Americans are so excited about this summer that they expect the season to start before June (31%).

That’s according to a recent Chinet and OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans.

Respondents also started changing their wardrobe for summer clothes in April (26%).

And Americans plan to keep busy this summer, with 68% saying they’re likely to attend a lot of social gatherings this season.

The average respondent plans to go to the beach four times this summer and bring chips (57%), lemonade (56%), iced tea (55%), fresh fruit (54%), and sandwiches (51%) Are.

Similarly, respondents plan to go to five barbecues, expecting to eat hamburgers (77%), hot dogs (72%), chicken (65%), and ribs (62%).

Potato salad (62%) and corn (53%) are also summer staples, with respondents saying they are important side dishes for any barbecue.

Food makes summer more enjoyable. Seven out of 10 people believe certain foods taste better in summer (71%), such as watermelon (74%), ice cream (68%) and lemonade (59%).

Barbecue staples like rotisserie chicken (54%), hot dogs (54%) and corn (54%) also made the list of best-tasting summer foods.

“Summer is a great time to gather your friends and family for a cookout,” said Melissa Rakos, Chinette’s brand manager. “Whether it’s hosting a backyard barbecue or dining by the pool, disposable tableware means more time spent with loved ones and less time worrying about cleaning up messy food.”






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