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These Hidden Features Will Improve Your Experience In Google Chrome

These Hidden Features Will Improve Your Experience In Google Chrome

Surely you do not know about some hidden functions that we are going to teach you. If so, they will surely improve your experience with Google Chrome.

Although there is still a lot of debate about which is the best web browser, the truth is Google Chrome There is something special in this. And the data shows that most users agree: According to Net Applications, Most internet users are on Chrome by now (Over 3.2 billion users worldwide).

Its clean user interface, software compatibility and many more features Make it the preferred choice of internet users.

Although Google Chrome is already full of load features To provide ease of use, its functionality is constantly being improved. Google continues to work on its browser, and new features come out from time to time.

Some of these wonderful features are able to save us time and make our experience more enjoyable, although they may be somewhat hidden. However, that’s where we are, so you can find them.

6 Hidden Features That Will Improve Your Chrome Experience

browse incognito mode

If you don’t want Chrome to record your browsing history or store any cookies, go into incognito mode. is one Good choice when you browse locations that can be a little different, whether it’s for Christmas gift shopping or more adult activities.

Well, to open an incognito window in Chrome, click on the icon of three dots in the upper right corner browser And select “New incognito window”. On mobile, tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right (iOS) or top right (Android) and select “New incognito tab.”

Note that incognito mode will not prevent your activity from being monitored by Workplace or the websites you visit (they may still log your IP address). For that you should already be using a VPN. Of course, there will be no trace in your history of what you’ve seen.

cast function in chrome

You already know that you can use your Chromecast to stream content from services like Netflix and HBO Max from your phone to your TV. but You can even cast what you’re watching on your PC screen to your TV with Chrome’s built-in Cast feature.

The most direct way to do this is to right-click anywhere in Google Chrome and select “Submit”. You can also access it through icon The three dots at the top right. In the pop-up window, select the Chromecast-enabled device on which you want the browser window to appear.


Chrome’s address bar, called the omnibox, can do a lot of tricks like solve math problems and perform conversions before you’ve even finished typing. It also allows you to find your most visited websites without actually visiting them.

to find quicklyEnter the URL of the site, and tap the tab to search the site. After clicking on the tab button, it will search the website instead of your default search engine.

This trick is beneficial if you want, for example, to go directly to a Wikipedia article without going to or the main Wikipedia page.

To enable this feature, You need to go to the Settings tab then click on “Search” and select “Manage search engines and site searches”, There, you’ll see your default search engine as well as the websites available for quick searching.

So, for a quick search on Wikipedia, click “Site Search” and add web. Then the next time you type “” into the omnibox on the far right, you’ll see a prompt asking you to hit tab to search within the site.

quick search

If you’re ever on a web page and you come across a word or phrase you want to know more about, Chrome offers a handy, built-in search option. Highlight the word or words you want to search, right-click and choose Search Google, A new tab will open and your Google search will appear.

You can also highlight a word or phrase, then drag and drop it directly into the Chrome omnibox to search the web.

integrated music controls

This is really helpful. And that is, if you are reading an article in one tab and listening to music in another tab, You don’t have to go to him to hit pause.

Chrome has a built-in music controller for It can be accessed from the musical note icon in the menu bar. Click the button and you can play/pause, search forward and backward, and skip or go back a track. If it’s a YouTube video, you can activate picture mode or activate live subtitles to watch it from any tab.

tab control in chrome

It becomes very difficult to do your work if you have too many tabs open in your browser. Browsing the internet becomes very difficult and you get confused which tab it is. To allow you to keep everything organized and easy to navigate, Chrome allows you to group your tabs.

To do this, you need to right-click on a tab and click on Add tab to a new group. you will see that a Nuevo tab group.

In addition, you can also group tabs together, assign colors to differentiate them, split tab groups, and more. You can also rearrange the groups by dragging the tabs. If you want to remove the tab or move it to a new group, you have to right-click on a tab inside to choose the option.

With all this, surely there were some hidden functions in Google Chrome that you were not aware of and we hope that this will help you to improve your experience with this browser.

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