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Thursday, February 2, 2023

They assure that they found a part of Malaysia Airlines plane and gave rise to a sinister hypothesis

flight of MH370 Malaysia Airlines that traveled between cities on 8 March 2014 Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Beijing (China) disappeared suddenly and practically without a trace with 239 people on board. Thus it became one of the most mysterious accidents History of Commercial Aviation. These days, the alleged discovery of a piece that may have been from that plane opens the door to a dark hypothesis about its disappearance that sheds new light on what has been known so far.

it’s just something 25 days ago two experts of this mysterious accident met in a fisherman’s house on the island Madagascarone of the landing gear doors that can be from Boeing 777 from malaysia airlines Also missing eight years earlier, marks found on a piece of aircraft indicate to those who found it, that the ship intentionally crashed on the surface of the ocean. evidence.

Since the strange incident in which the Malaysian plane disappeared mid-flight, various theories have emerged as to what could have happened. operated by Zahari Ahmed Shah, the plane disappeared from radar and was never seen again. Only 19 pieces found scattered on different islands in the Indian Ocean may be of the flight MH 370, But they did not help solve the mystery. The ship’s black boxes, which could have told what had happened, were never found.

Blaine Gibson Finds What May Be The Landing Gear Hatch Of A Malaysia Airlines Plane That Went Missing From A Fisherman'S House In Madagascar In 2014.
Blaine Gibson finds what may be the landing gear hatch of a Malaysia Airlines plane that went missing from a fisherman’s house in Madagascar in 2014.Sun

But now, with the discovery of the piece that would be the landing gear, British engineers richard godfrey and the wreckage hunter from this flight, the American blaine gibsonSuggest that the plane crashed quickly, and what’s even more chilling, intentionally.

To give their conclusive assessment, the two experts based on the damage that the landing gear door presented. They deduce that one of the pilots of the flight MH 370 dropped the aircraft’s wheels in the final seconds of flight, which, given the circumstances in which the aircraft was located, Will reveal criminal intent.

is that according to the explanation given by experts to the British media The Sun, when emergency landing in water, you usually don’t go down landing gearBecause this may increase the likelihood that the aircraft will violently break into many pieces.

According To Experts Blaine Gibson And Richard Godfrey, The Damage Presented By The Alleged Landing Gear Hatch Of The Malaysia Airlines Plane Indicates That It Was Open When The Plane Hit The Indian Ocean.
According to experts Blaine Gibson and Richard Godfrey, the damage presented by the alleged landing gear hatch of the Malaysia Airlines plane indicates that it was open when the plane impacted the Indian Ocean.Sun

lowering the landing gear also increases the likelihood of the ship sinks fast Something that limits the chances of passengers surviving the effects of abandoning ship.

engineer godfrey It told The Times that the landing gear door found, if it was from a Malaysia Airlines plane, would be “the first piece of physical evidence that indicates a possible one.” criminal Intent Behind the Disappearance of MH370″.

The Landing Gear Hatch Allegedly Belonging To Malaysia Airlines Flight Mh370 Was At A Fisherman'S House In Madagascar, Where His Wife Used It As A Washboard.
The landing gear hatch allegedly belonging to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was at a fisherman’s house in Madagascar, where his wife used it as a washboard. Sun

“The combination of high velocity impact planned to break the airplane and extended landing gear that can plunge the plane as quickly as possible, shows a Clear intent to conceal evidence of accident“, they wrote godfrey y gibson in a saved report Sun.

“The real possibility that the landing gear was lowered demonstrates both an active pilot in an effort to ensure that the aircraft sinks as quickly as possible after impact,” the report insisted.

The investigation of two experts ensures that landing gear door damage This was caused by one of the aircraft’s engines disintegrating on impact, suggesting that the wheels were already down. There are cuts in the hatch which could be due to some parts of the engine, but what stands out is that these cuts have been made from inside to outside.

Route That Malaysia Airlines Mh370 May Have Taken
Route that Malaysia Airlines MH370 may have takenWikipedia

“Whatever the cause of the cut damage, the fact is that the marks were from inside out The wreckage makes it very likely that the landing gear extended prior to impact, which in turn supports the conclusion that there was an active pilot until the end of the flight,” he said. godfrey y gibson in his writings.

The level of damage presented by the landing gear gate, to experts, conveys that the aircraft was at the end of flight”.high-speed dive planned to ensure its destruction In as many places as possible.”

Mh370 Pilot Zahri Ahmadon Shah: Malaysia Airlines Flight Mystery Continues
MH370 pilot Zahri Ahmadon Shah: Malaysia Airlines flight mystery continues

The door that experts analyzed in the flight disaster MH 370 It was found in the house of a fisherman, who in turn found it stranded on the beach on the south side of the Antsiraka Peninsula, anden madagascar, In March 2017.

Adding color to this horrifying tale is the fact that the man who found the piece never knew what it was about, he and his wife. Used as a laundry board.

According to official version Provided by the Malaysian authorities, the pilot would have made a sharp turn in a southwest direction, bringing the aircraft back to that country. But then the plane would turn again, this time heading for the Indian Ocean.

After this final turn, the aircraft flew for approximately four hours until it crashed into the sea. That would be around 9.15 am on March 8, 2014. Satellite signals showed that the plane continued its flight seven hours after the initial disappearance.

Remains Were Found On Reunion Island In 2015
Remains were found on Reunion Island in 2015file, archive

theory about missing plane They range from the possibility that he was abducted and shot down by a US Air Force missile as he came too close to a US military base in the Indian Ocean. It was also said, a hypothesis that may not disappear, that the ship was abducted by a UFO and another hypothesis indicated that the ship’s pilot would become depressed, and then end his life by throwing the plane into the ocean. carried out the death.

But none of these possible explanations for what happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been duly substantiated. And it will take a little more time to analyze the plausibility of the explanation put forth by Gibson and Godfrey following the discovery of the supposed landing gear hatch of the largely missing ship.


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