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They Launch a Robot That Makes Fast Food and Costs Half the Average Salary

They Launch a Robot That Makes Fast Food and Costs Half the Average Salary

If there’s anything that characterizes a fast food restaurant, it’s an excuse for redundancy, the speed at which dishes are delivered, An agile cooking system and most effectively arranged kitchen guarantee the delivery of Fries, Hamburger or Chicken Wings in minutes. As if that process wasn’t fast enough, one company “Wingman”, a robot that can fry, season and plate food Autonomously: Faster, less polluting and, perhaps most important, Cheap,

“The Wingman is our latest robot to help restaurants and other food providers Increased efficiency and mass production in the kitchenreducing the chances of contamination,” said Ajay Sunkara, CEO Nala RoboticsRobot manufacturing company.

In a statement, Sunkara said: “It is no secret that chicken wings are a very popular food option in the United States and around the world, prepared in a variety of styles and cuisines. This is where our technology is essential. is where We can make infinite variety of dishes as well as satisfy the high demand Number of consumers, as labor shortage continues to challenge industry around the world.

How fast food robot works

Nala Robotics highlights that robots can Cook several different foods at the same time and season them differently, The functions are many: You can take food from the frozen storage and delivery area, roast it, season it, and place it on plates ready to serve. It can also be Bread chicken, fry fry and add dry flour to the wings,

How does he do all this? thanks to the use of artificial intelligence with high-performance cameras and vision systems that support Integrated clean-in-place functionality and ensure all food is prepared to the desired high quality,

This is not the only robot on the market. White Castle, an American burger chain, is testing a Flippy developed by Miso Robotics in its store. Other restaurants are also considering these options for their kitchens.

Over time, the result can be that fast food restaurants need many less human labor, if any,

a better and cheaper robot

Available to rent with Wingman Starting price of $2,999 per month, At that price, Forbes calculated that the robot much cheaper than a worker,

and also with an hourly pay of $7 For a person, wingman means a 20% savings on labor, Although employment crisis Crossing the United States Makes Many Restaurants Pay up to fifteen dollars per hour Looking for your employees to retain them. As if that wasn’t enough, a new law signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom this month Will raise the wages of some fast food workers to $22 an hour,

They Launch A Robot That Makes Fast Food And Costs Half The Average Salary

Robots allow you to automate many kitchen tasks

If the latter value is taken, the wingman has a strong advantage: Assuming 18 hours of operation per day, an employer saves 75% in wages During an average month of 30 days. Naturally, restaurants that are open 24 hours a day will see even more savings.

The robot of solutions, but also of greater crises

The employment crisis, like the current one, could be further affected by robots that improve and replace the actions of humans. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated in May 2021 that There were over three million “fast food and counter” employees. in the United States of America.

“Around five or seven years, you will start to see many … many or all” Completely self-contained, completely re-imagined newly built kitchen, with no humans in the rear of the housePerhaps 25% of the square footage fits in a shipping container, completely changing the entire industry and potentially disrupting the franchise model,” Miso Robotics co-founder Buck Jordan told Forbes by the end of 2020. I told.

it is true that humans will still be needed Stocking the fridge with food, cleaning it, delivering food to customers, and managing payments. Robot advocates argue that this frees up people to do what they do best: high-value tasks like interacting with customers.

However, it is also likely that the introduction of More and more robots in fast food jobs and other industries will cause minimal job losses In the short term, Forbes argued.

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