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Saturday, February 4, 2023

They negotiate brief trial for Lobos for enrichment and fraud

former mayor of guemaln Luis Lobos negotiates against the clock a “summary trial” with the Public Prosecutor’s Office a month after the start of the main trial of the case in which the accumulated cases will be decided Illegal enrichment, bribery and fraud against the former Peronist political head of the most populous department in the province and his ex-wife Claudia Sgr, They only accuse him of undue enrichment. Both are serving their sentences for fraud against the state and defrauding the administration in the “Okey Maid” case.

The trial for illegal enrichment and cheating is due to begin on December 15 this year and its trial is scheduled until February 2023. In that trial – if it is held – it will wind up how the most powerful couple in Guamaln became illegally rich. Evidence collected, ordered and classified by the Economic Offenses Prosecutor Susana Masciani Were Strong, conclusive, and backed by expert opinion from the body of forensic accountants, who managed to determine the poor fortunes of Lobos and SGR, to the point that by asset forfeiture law, Justice stripped them in February 2021 of the mansion they owned at 4337 Tirasso Street in Gwenmallon and other properties and vehicles. A historic decision that had a national impact. He left only two cars, and one of them has already been seized by AFIP.

History of case of wolves It is well known and can be read in its entirety at this link. This was an investigation published by mendoza post On December 4, 2014, a collaborative effort between this newspaper and a group of lawyers spearheaded Carlos Varela Alvarez, FIT leaders supported the complaint. The work was full of proofs and testimonies. Forensic accounting expert verified and ratified the investigation published by POST. Lobos and his wife were not “closed” or having goods registered by them. The Post publication was mentioned several times in the court order. In short, Lobos could not justify the property for about four million pesos at the time, and Claudia Sgr, for just over one million pesos. That investigation was a transcendent editorial success when we decided drone filming the lobos mansion, We wanted to show the magnitude of corruption. Six years and two months later, justice took it away.

inflation pervert Money came to him in all kinds of ways: you, fraud, and bribery. The court order cited several paragraphs from the criminal investigation and statements of witnesses. A woman told the court how the marriage took place USD 10,000 and USD 20,000 were sent to buy his last years in power, Another, that he handled large amounts of cash. A search report of the 1,663-square-meter family mansion at 4337 Tirasso street in the Alto Portal del Sauce neighborhood says there were eight 55 inch televisions were installed there, Six of them were brought on a trip from Chile at the time with a favorable exchange rate. Then, describe the prosecutor a scientist how he bought lots in real estate ventures through a company owned by Lobos’s in-laws, his ex-wife and the mayor himself, whose owner company – in some cases – acknowledges equality with the owners of Vanka SA. As per the investigation, the asphalt plant which he had leased to the municipality at a fraudulent price and terms.

In the sudden wealth of Lobos and SGR a little glamor is the detail, A witness said that she – now an inmate at the Almafuerte women’s complex – bought “ten pairs of shoes”. Before the mansion was finished, he rented elsewhere in Guamaln, paying a canon that would be too difficult for a councilor – as Lobos was then – and paying a municipal employee. It’s all in the court file.

They Negotiate Brief Trial For Lobos For Enrichment And Fraud

Transfer of Luis Lobos and Claudia Sgr to their prison sites.

a sister of Claudia Sgr He handed over a 30-page A4-sized booklet with the name of “Oquis” in front of everyone who had to “return” part of their money. That’s how they were financed. When Lobos’ political cycle ended, many of those “employees” were forced to work by the new authorities, and others left.

The couple ran the municipality like a monarchy. They also hired a “mentor” named Mauro Díaz, who accompanied one of his Great Dane dogs to municipal offices to “advise” the couple. The staff complained, because the animal “he was talking nonsense“—that’s literally—in the meeting room. “Shaman” was appointed on February 26, 2015, with the rank of director and the position of consultant, with an estimated salary at the time of 60,000 pesos, less legal exemptions. The “Lobos case” was already public.

Not all of the clan’s wealth fell under scrutiny. But there are striking statistics regarding others. wiretapping They commit Claudia Sgr in a frantic rush to buy the lot In top neighborhoods, where their “neighbors” are other members of the political “cooperative” who supported or in some cases shared these maneuvers.

The residents of Guemlan quickly understood what was happening. Although Lobos managed to win the primary Alexander Abraham That year (2015), he lost the municipality to the hardline marcelino iglesias, who “cleaned up” the commune as promised. He is now a private prosecutor in a case of illegal enrichment and cheating. With that defeat, Lobos dragged Peronism into an endless series of poor electoral results in the department and province, where he never won election again.

To remember the details of the case, it is convenient to read the original investigation “This is how a mayor gets rich”, and then, the record of the promotion to trial. There are 35 pages describing the operation:

From “Mother’s Cause” which should be aired from December and on which a brief trial is being negotiated, others were singled out and new complaints emerged. More than a year passed from the first publication until a prosecutor charged Lobos with fraudulent rental of machines and vehicles, although that case has not yet reached trial. Then, the case went through different prosecutors. Juan Manuel Bancalari Accused Lobos, Former Secretary Frederick Sampieriand businessman roc nez in the Vanka case (which is now being exposed), and in the end, it was the prosecutor Susana Masciani one in one big jobThey ordered, classified, compelled, interrogated, took measures, and prepared cases for trial. He already had a strong conviction for “Oki Maid”. And it is he who supported the enrichment tests.

They Negotiate Brief Trial For Lobos For Enrichment And Fraud

Wolves and Sgr, in happier times.

But now, Lobos and the MPF’s defense are negotiating “brief test”, that is, the accused admits to the crime, participation, organization and execution of the crimes and talk a sentence Avoidance of procedural time of trial and final appeal. It is a case resolution model that was borrowed from North American justice. It is difficult to determine how many years Lobos will actually be in prison for all the crimes he committed. If convicted on the remaining counts, you will be two to six years for illegal enrichment, two to six years for state fraud and two to four years for bribery in each case. as well as sentences that are already in progress, which amounts to four and a half years in prison for Lobos and three years and four months for Claudia Sgr. Of course, when crimes are “concurrent” in time and one is required to commit the other, the sum of the total years is never arithmetic. It’s minor. But, this is a conversation. If there is a summary trial, Lobos, his wife, and the rest of the defendants in the Vanka case He shall receive a lesser punishment than could be awarded at an oral and public trial, if they are guilty. And it can be a double-edged sword at the gate of an election year, with politics and justice under all kinds of civil enquiry. It won’t be easy to convince the people of Mendoza that Lobos In each case he may receive less than the maximum punishment to which he was entitledIn view of the crimes committed by me.

Qu negocián

On November 9, the Collegiate Criminal Court 2 accepted the appointment of new lawyers for Luis Lobos. it’s about the lawyers Mariela Ponce and Mara Moyano, they changed Fernando Luquez, who dropped the former mayor’s defense last July for “not reaching agreements to continue”. In the world of the Mendoza courts, it is said that Luquez will continue as the “brain” of the defense behind both attorneys.

The rumor about a final request for a “brief trial” submitted by Lobos gained force as the day passed. A last-minute version that circulated in the government, but could not be confirmed, indicates The letter will have been submitted to the prosecutor this Tuesday, But the chief of prosecutors for economic crimes, xavier easter, you are on holiday. And he already indicated that without his signature no document or contract would be released from the prosecutor’s office. Prosecutor these days also completes a license maskianis, and the other prosecutor is subduing him, flavio de amor,

What has Lobos proposed to avoid a new trial, even if they condemn him? Something that is in the interest of the government, but also for the MPF. if they give summary trial and a reduced sentence of which none of the data was disclosed, the former mayor Will waive ongoing appeal against domain seizure law, which is still without resolution in the Supreme Court of Justice of Mendoza. Thus, a landmark sentence will stand, that of the civil judge Mara Paz Gallardo, which in February 2021 took away the corruption property from the pre-marriage. This decision was classified copy and highlighted in an editorial across the country including the newspaper L’Ascène. Domain confiscation laws make it possible to seize property produced by specific crimes at the indictment stage and without waiting for the outcome of a criminal trial. For this reason the public prosecutor’s office which leads Alexander GulThey will not look bad at a “summary trial” that in parallel leaves the domain firm extinct and with a constitutional degree. Protected from surprise rulings in local court or in national. they won’t do it for a minor penalty, Given the crimes of which Lobos is accused, as well as the convictions he already has, No one will accept that Lobos and SGR serve less than ten or twelve years in prison., gross. In any case, in the MPF they believe that the conversation is “green.” And if there is no agreement, then the oral hearing will start from December 15.

The Lobos Case: The Story of an Investigation

The cornerstone of the final settlement is the Chief Prosecutor for Economic Offenses, xavier easter, He would not allow Lobos and the SGR to have a brief trial, for a lesser penalty than what could have been achieved in an oral and public trial. Especially with the abundance of evidence.

In the event of an agreement being reached for the short trial, the benefits would include Claudia Sgr, Federico Sampieriand businessman roc nez, For Lobos, the difference could be two to four years in prison and or less.

Now, if he pleads guilty, and with the counting and commutation of sentences being requested by the defense, the former mayor could spend a total of 10 to 13 years in prison. Maybe more. With or without summation test.

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