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They suffer from cold, indifference and discrimination but they earn more in Canada; his stories

Canada e has become an ideal country for many Veracruzians who see it as a better opportunity to perform professionally or to earn a higher income that allows them to lead a better life, Despite sacrifices, efforts or discrimination They have to face in some cases.

Maria is 24 and lives in Toronto, they Work at a painting and renovation company. This is the second time that he decides to go to that northern country; The first was for a year and this one, in which he has already spent seven months, no longer thinks of returning to Mexico.

studied till the 4th-semester degree in the English language in the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Veracruzana in Jalapa; He left school at a time when he did not know which direction to go and after months of no definite activity, decided to migrate.

“Because you know anywhere if you don’t have a career if you don’t have liver, as we call it, you can’t do anything well and you can’t get more than a salary of 100 or 150 pesos Is.” One day, even if it works for you. One day I was with my best friend who’s been here for half a year and she told me ‘And why don’t we go to Canada?’, And we got everything we could and we came because we wanted to pay some attention”.

The first time he left Mexico with a permit to enter Canada, he did everything and found many opportunities, which he saw were a vast difference from what happens in his home country.

“That year (2020) when things got very bad because of Covid, people already had their own people here and they didn’t let you enter much in their groups, because the pandemic was very ugly here and I started building, housing Wrecked, ran machines, cleared snow, I think I was in about 12 things”.

However, they faced cases of discrimination and masochism for being a woman, as they are pigeonholed into cleaning work or as dishwashers, and men can work in the construction or demolition sectors, earning more. . With the money he collected on that occasion, he returned to Mexico with the goal of studying for Sobrecargo, which was not achieved as he had to invest his earnings in other needs and that dream was shattered.

After that, he moved to Jalisco where he lived with his girlfriend and started working in a boot factory, but the money was insufficient and the insecurity problems worsened, so he decided to move to Canada a second time.

Now, every day he wakes up shortly after 6 a.m. to go to work, he makes about $2,200 a fortnight, though that could be a substantial sum in Mexico, Toronto, where he lives, as well as Vancouver. Is. The most expensive cities out there, which means more to spend.

The most difficult thing for her has been staying away from her family and not participating in special and even traumatic events; Still, he’s convinced that the sacrifice, eating cold food, and receiving humiliation or discrimination is worth it to help his loved ones and get a better chance at life.

“Because there are holidays, Christmas, birthdays, even the loss of family, and you can’t do anything because you say if I’m leaving, how do I come back, that’s what affects you the most when we all came here, we all reached a moment where we became depressed, people in this country live in such great loneliness because the weather affects them, everything affects them because it snows most of the year It falls and it’s cold and people are always in a bad mood and it’s contagious and the depression we’re in is the hardest thing to get out of.”

And it is that even thinking of returning to Xalapa or Mexico is an uncertainty of not having a permanent or well-paying job, for which he has prioritized what is necessary and supports the people he loves most. : He has three younger sisters and his mother even though he is not there.

“I say ‘Of course, I miss my mom, my sisters, my grandparents, my friends, I miss Xalapa, but in principle, what am I going to work for? If half my career and I don’t have liver anywhere, what will I do with 150 pesos a day, I won’t be able to support my family”.

Brian is an engineer and had to move to Vancouver

Brian Pizzana Reyes is 29 years old And originally from Poza Rica Veracruz, he studied Industrial Engineering at the University of the Gulf of Mexico (UGM). He has been in Vancouver, Canada for 4 years, and is currently a supervisor for a maintenance company.

They decided to leave the country for their safety and their opportunities outside of Mexico because it is not always possible to have a well-paying job, despite the fact that people decide to study. “I think that many times it is not being able to secure a good, well-paid position. The situation was or is very complicated”

Just like María, the hardest thing about living in another country for her is being away from her family, but even with the sacrifices it might mean, she doesn’t think about returning to Mexico. ,I have no plans to return to Mexico, only for short holidays”, He assures her that she has not only found a better life, but now also has a partner.

Initially when he arrived, he accepted that the language was too complex and was able to afford the high cost of living there; However, he insists on He prefers to live outside Mexico. His family supported his decision from the very beginning and now they encourage him to move forward, giving him the strength to follow his dreams.

“The main reason (why people leave their country) is because of the quality of life that you find here in Canada, it is a country where you have many opportunities to improve yourself in different areas of life and the security of living The main reason. here. Apart from the beauty of its vegetation”, dice.

Given this, Brian says it is worth the time away from family, which is why he plans to acquire his own company in the future and be able to recruit people from Mexico, as well as provide more sources of employment. There is also a plan. , “At times immigrating to Canada can seem complicated, but it is not, I would like to help with the necessary procedures.”

How many Veracruzans have emigrated between 2015 and 2020?

Total between 2015 to 2020 277,357 Veracruzans decided to emigrate to another country or state, mainly for reunification with family and job offers, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

Statistical data indicates that 109,090 Veracruzans chose to emigrate with the aim of reuniting with their families; 40 thousand 314 citizens decided to leave the company due to change or job offer; 34,589 decided to go in search of work; 33 thousand 130 migrated because they got married,

like that, 27,793 Veracruzans reported emigrating for “another reason”; 19 thousand 574 for studies; 8 thousand 458 people left the state due to criminal insecurity or violence and 585 due to natural calamities.

Inegi also announced that M 279 The Veracruzans had emigration as a reason they “deported” them, 2 thousand 545 for “unspecified reasons”.

Although 212 Veracruz municipalities have migrant movements out of the country and towards the unit, The ten municipalities with the highest levels are Xalapa, Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos, Emiliano Zapata, Medellin de Bravo, Boca del Río, Tuxpan, Cosoleque, Córdoba and Orizaba. Xalapa City is the municipality that records the highest intensity of migration with a record of 21,671 people who decided to live in another country or state.

is in second place in Veracruz Municipality with 20 thousand 662 people; followed by Coatzacoalcos (10,756), Emiliano Zapata (9,156), Medellin de Bravo (7 thousand 206), Boca del Rio (6 thousand 703), Tuxpan (6 thousand 649), Cosolecac (6 thousand 309), Córdoba (5 thousand 527), Orizaba (5 thousand 067), Poza Rica (4 thousand 949) , San Andres Tuxtla (4 thousand 350), Martinez de la Torre (3 thousand 678), Minatitlan (3 thousand 321) and Papantla (3 thousand 262).

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