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This is how City’s victory was celebrated: a good atmosphere in Guardiola’s office

There are many ways to remove Kante and Pep Guardiola chose Transcendence to move forward. The Catalan coach, undoubtedly the best today (currently covering a decade and more) has provided an added value to a Manchester City side that essentially recalls what was achieved by the Barcelona that is regarded as one of the best in history. was classified as such. We are facing a replication adapted to the new times (hence the qualification) that will give rise to discussion about which team was better, if this or that, but the evidence will be impossible to sift through: both sets, exceptional, identical. Type in the bench. Warning to haters. Give up your lost cause, for football. Don’t waste more energy.

The thorn was stuck in Guardiola last season. At the Bernabeu, Real Madrid, masters and gurus of the Champions League, turned an impossible game. He rises from the dead, a feature of the house, and deals an unbearable emotional blow to the city. Guardiola too. The technician needed to remove that episode by putting it on top. He did on Wednesday. To thank the white champions for an exhibition of their players who won over posterity. importance of the above. Take out the fork

The night ended late and the next day came breakfast with a ‘Catalan colony’ like never before

In the hours after the game, still at the Etihad, Pep Guardiola shared his joy with his men. City’s dressing room is a big office eating and drinking and hugging each other. Football players, technical staff, staff and of course, the Catalan community. There he found Ferran Soriano, the legendary executive head of the whole set-up (City Football Group groups 13 football clubs around their Manchester headquarters); Txiki Begiristain, technical director of Basque and Catalan adoption; Joan Patsy, Manel Estiarte and several Guardiola: his brother Pere, his wife Cristina and two of their three children, Marius and Maria. With the latter, the coach would take refuge in the second order to celebrate the victory with more privacy. Everyone was aware of the importance of victory for Pep, as he also knew how to achieve it. Guardiola takes his job with an ailing business. Perfectionism ends.

Ferran Soriano previously played the most formal roles. There are certain responsibilities in this type of game. There were dozens of guests in the Etihad box, not just the sponsors. People from all over the world arrived at the call of the big event. Former Argentine president Mauricio Macri stands outside after being president of Boca Juniors. American club shareholders, Italian board members… everyone wanted to greet the players. Photos, thanks and congratulations at the bottom of the lawn. The night was long because the stadium’s grandstand area houses a huge nightclub, The Tunnel Club, which usually opened under two notions: night play and victory. it was crowded. The hero, family and friends dance till the early hours of the morning.

“Come four hours earlier,” Guardiola told his players to face Real Madrid; everyone knew what they had to do

More rituals the next day. Guardiola didn’t give a day’s rest. The club faces the prospect of competing its entire season (it could win the Premier League this weekend; the FA Cup on 3 June and the Champions League a week later), so all concentration is low. The football player, who was still injured, underwent a recovery session. Nobody objected: Pep didn’t even concentrate on them before the game against Madrid. “Come four hours early,” he told them. Everyone knew what they had to do and followed the instructions on the pitch.

But the best games came in the mornings at the city offices. The typical breakfast tasted tastier than ever. The Catalan colony is united again. Watching TV and reviewing the press. The city is everywhere and not a trace of thorns.

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