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Those accused in the 2019 Cartaya well crime were sentenced to 46 and 41 years in prison

The Provincial Court of Huelva sentenced 46 and 41 years in prisoneach, to two men accused of killing two men whose bodies were found in a well in a farm in the town of Cartaya in 2019, all after a guilty verdict you famous jury.

In the decision, dated November 16, the Court convicted the two defendants for two crimes of murder, one of them with treachery and the other with treachery and brutality, and imposed a sentence of 46 years in prison on JAMB and at JMPP. of 41 years in prison, attended in two cases the aggravating circumstance of abuse of trust and in the second of those convicted the similar mitigating circumstance of indicated by the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA).

The Provincial Court of Huelva, which acquitted the two defendants of the crime of robbery charged against them by private prosecution, also sentenced them to FEES jointly and severally as civil liability with a total of 754,944 euros to the relatives of the two deceased persons, aged 27 and 35 at the time of the events.

In accordance with the guilty verdict issued by the jury, the Court declared that it was proven that, in the days before April 14, 2019, the two defendants “planned to end the life” of MBG , “that the two had serious conflicts in the past. , for the most part, with drug trafficking”, in order, “to implement what was previously planned by the accused”, in the afternoon of April 14, 2019, one of them, specifically the JAMB, contacted MBG, “deceived him by accompanying him to a farm” located in Cartaya and owned by the mother-in-law of another convicted person “under the false pretext of seizing an unspecified amount of drugs that it’s supposed to be hidden there.”

The accused identified as JAMB “perpetrated the said fraud because he knew that he would wait for them in the said property – as he previously agreed with the other accused – JMPP was hidden and armed with a shotgun in his property” where the two investigated “intended to end the life” of MBG He was shot, so, “in execution of the aforementioned deception”, the first of the accused went to the said property to the said victim in the car driven by the second of the deceased SVC, who is the other victim, who lacks a license. to drive, asked him to pick her up.

“great suffering”

Around 10:30 in the evening of that day, the accused accompanied the victims to the point of the property agreed upon by another convict, “who was waiting crouched in his position, a few meters away, in the dark and hidden among the plants,” and that he fired his shotgun that hit the SVC “after mistaking it in the dark” for the MBG, causing sudden death from a gunshot wound to the chest, all this without the victim “having the opportunity to avoid such deadly action or notice the armed presence in the area” of this accused.

The sentence added that, after noticing that MBG was still alive, this accused shot him without hitting, ran out of bullets and approached the point where the victim was next to another criminal, after which the two accused continued. eliminate him”, ending his life “one of them inflicted repeated blows on different parts of his body with the shotgun with the consent of the other defendants, causing the victim with this “violent” action “great suffering” as a result of the “relentless effects” received with the metal barrel and the wooden stock of the weapon.

This man eventually died after receiving fatal blows to the skull “with the conspiracy of the two defendants.” After committing the two deaths, the accused dragged the bodies to a well on the same property and threw them inside, “hiding them from the view of third parties and removing their mobile phones from the two corpses”after this, “with the intention of eliminating any evidence that could accuse them of the deaths that were committed, each of them took control” of their respective vehicles and traveled to La Ribera, stopping at a nearby road where they burned the car in which the first of the accused traveled to the farm with the two deceased.

The sentence continued by pointing out that, after that, the two left the place of another car headed to Cartaya around 11:40 in the during that journey, the defendants threw the cellphones they found on the bodies of the victims into the Odiel Estuary “with the specific intention of erasing all traces of their participation in the deaths.”

The Court added that the accused JMPP, when the Civil Guard showed up at his house to arrest him, told them what happened, confessed his participation and cooperated with the investigation, “thus favoring the discovery of the facts “, so he is the analogical mitigation of confession is applicable. The Provincial Court of Huelva applied the aggravating circumstance of abuse of trust to the two defendants by considering that, “to reach MBG in the farmexploited the relationship that is fundamental to JAMB” of the said victim.

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