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Ticks: these are diseases that they transmit and can be serious

If you are one of those people who walk among bushes, grass and plants or have toys that can bring ticks into the house, you need to be very careful. One or more of these mites can attach to your body and, while most of their bites are harmless, they can cause some serious health problems.

The National Library of Medicine (NLM) and part of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggest that once a tick attaches to the body, it often travels to warm and moist places such as the wings, groin and fur. When this is done, they adhere to the skin and begin to suck blood. Read: Why are tick bites dangerous?

Ticks can be quite large, about the size of an eraser pen, or so small that it is almost impossible to see them.

That’s why avoiding ticks is so important: they can infect you with bacteria and other organisms that can cause serious illness.

The Mayo Clinic points out that “although hundreds of species of ticks have been found worldwide, fewer than 60 are known to bite and transmit disease to humans.”

These are some of the diseases that ticks can cause in humans;

— Lyme’s disease; Between 3 and 30 days after the bite, the first symptoms of this disease appear. Rash is a common symptom, although not always present, and usually a single elongated circle from which the bite falls and feels warm to the touch, but is not usually injured or psora. Read: Lyme: a tick-borne disease

Other symptoms of the first stage are: fever, headache, extreme fatigue, joint stiffness, muscle aches and pains, and swollen lymph nodes.

Many people with Lyme disease never see or feel ticks on their body.

In the second stage, without treatment, Lyme disease can become worse. These are the symptoms that usually appear between 3 and 10 weeks after the stroke: severe numbness in other parts of the body, pain or stiffness in the neck, muscle weakness in the face, uneven pulse, pain in the back and neck starting. and spreads to the legs; pain, numbness, or weakness of the hands or feet; painful swelling in the tissues of the eye or eyelid and immune system activity in the nerves of the eye causing pain or loss of vision.

In the third stage you can have the first stages and other symptoms. In the United States, the most common condition is arthritis of the large joints, especially the knees. Symptoms of this stage, which come and go, usually begin 2 to 12 months after the tick bite.

– spotted fever rocks: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warn that this disease can be fatal if not treated early and correctly with antibiotics.

The first signs and symptoms of this disease (such as fever and headache) are not typical, and rash, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, muscle pain, poor appetite.

Ticks: these are diseases that they transmit and can be serious But the disease can progress rapidly and develop into a serious and life-threatening disease.”


– Colorado tick fever; The viral infection is characterized by a biphasic fever (two febrile periods separated by 1 to 3 days, which occur in dengue) with headache, muscle or group pain, joint pain, and fatigue, which may last at least. 3 weeks.

In some cases, rash, maculopapular or petechial rash and/or stiff neck, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, loose stools and sore throat may also occur.

— Tularemia; It is a bacterial disease whose symptoms are they vary and depend on where the organism enters the body.

When entry occurs through the skin, the presence of lesions and swollen glands can be identified. Insect organisms can cause a throat infection, intestinal pain, diarrhea and vomiting, while inhalation of the organism can cause fever only, or fever and a pneumonia-like illness.

Symptoms usually appear between 2 and 10 days after the bite, and patients’ recovery is followed by long-term immunity, although cases are reported to recur.

Given this scenario, the recommendation is clear: visit a doctor if you become ill after being bitten by a tick or after being in a forest or deep brush area where ticks live.

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