Tim Suzy explains the seriousness of dog bites

Tim Suzy explains the seriousness of dog bites

The Australian boxer has come out and told how he experienced his incident with the dog.

June 03, 2023 4:47 pm.

Queensland, Australia.- WBO Interim Super Welterweight Champion, Tim Suzy, He came out to explain how the dog bite hurt him and assured fans that he would be ready for his fight with Carlos Ocampo on June 18.

A few days ago, Tim Suzy raised the alarm when it became known that the Australian boxer would have to undergo an operation. dog bite

The bite caused doctors to put 26 stitches on Tim Suzy, who assured that the wound was much more serious than it actually was.

After the bite, just a little bit of fat was visible, just a little bit of blood, two pieces of meat hanging together,” Suzy said.

The Australian boxer said his biggest concern after being bitten was infection, as it is common for dogs to spread diseases when they bite people.

I just wanted to be very, very cautious because I know there are a lot of infections that can happen with dogs, so I wanted to go to the hospital and sort that out, I was worried at first,” Tim Tzieu said.

Finally, the Australian reassured his fans by saying that, after the operation in a hospital, he woke up with little pain, and the next day, he was already training in general.

But when I woke up a day later, I was fine, I felt a little sore, but the next day I was fine, on Monday I was back to gym training. It really was a day off,” Suzy announced.

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