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Torino: why it is considered one of the best cars, how much does it cost and what engine does it have

Torino: why it is considered one of the best cars, how much does it cost and what engine does it have

Turin Car One of the most valuable of all time, considered one of best vehicle of domestic manufacturing And with some of the adventures that make it unforgettable, such as 84 Hours of Nürburgring, passing the famous German track.

as for him Original, Torino originated in the 1960s, while its brand dates back to Industrial Caesars Argentina (IKA), which signed an agreement with American Motors Corporation (AMC) to manufacture some models offered in Argentina . , Rambler Classic and Ambassador were then chosen.

wanderer It quickly found a niche in the market, but needed a smaller car. Thus, it was thought that the style should be European, as it was the trend of the time for the Argentine consumer. Thus was born the XIKA project, led by Italian Batista Farina, aka Pininfarina.

The process was as follows: two units, a coupé and a sedan, were sent to Italy, and in the meantime, the mechanical aspects were decided upon in Córdoba. Upon returning from that trip, vehicle X already had a defined image. You had to give it a name. So the idea came to call it Torino Auto, Being the name of the city in which the concept was born.

Which engine is used in Turin?

On 26 October 1966, Turin Car At the Monte Chingolo plant, its 300 version with a sedan body was born, then the Torino Auto 380W and finally the 380 with the coupé design. In December it was sold at the IKA network of dealers and was presented to the press at the Autodromo de Buenos Aires. In 1967 the Renault brand owned a majority stake in the factory and from 1975 the model name was changed to Renault Torino.

With a wheelbase of 4,725 mm long, 1,778 mm wide, 1,410 mm high and 2,723 mm long, the two Torino Auto Coupes were almost identical, with only initials separating them.

where yes you can see what the difference it was in the engineWhich was a 3,770 cm3 in-line six-cylinder called the Tornado Superpower 230, but the 380 was fueled by Holly 2300C carburetor and the 380W by three Weber 45s. engine they were different performanceDeliveries of 155 and 176 horses respectively.

The Torino Car Is One Of The Most Highly Rated Cars Ever Made.

The Torino car is one of the most highly rated cars ever made.

The coupe’s naming had to do with the fact that the 380W had inherited the “380” numbering from Torino Auto, which accompanied that numbering. Nominal Displacement of Your Tornado EngineWhile the letter “W” refers to the three Weber carburetors that feed it.

all versions had theirs driving is associated with a GearBox German firm ZF K, of four ties with the command on the floor. The Torino Auto 380W reached 199 km/h and accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.3 seconds.

Torino Car First Refurbishment

in 1970, Torino Auto Line gets its first makeover and modernized its image. The hood fell flat, the grille ceased to frame the angled headlights, forming a single unit by adding a metal frame. Circular headlights were installed on the tail.

Too Mechanics were worked out to reduce the high consumption, However in 1973 the motorization of the Torino auto range underwent a major change with more cosmetic changes. The smaller engine was no longer offered and the larger engine was modified, moving from four benches (Tornado Superpower 230) to seven supports for the crankshaft (Torino 233).

With Holly the engine increased its Power From 132 to 178 horses, while fed by three Webers reached 205 hp, making the GS Coupe the first national car to cross the 200 km/h barrier.

Aesthetically, some changes were added, such as the color palette, which included tighter colors such as Delta Green, Launch colorWhile the appliances in the interior changed to a blue background, and iron went from imitation wood to ivory.

in mechanics, Motor It remained the same, although with some improvements it managed to deliver 200 hp, with which it was a . reached Maximum speed of 196 km/h. The sedan version continued under the SE name until 1978, when it was renamed Grand Routier, retaining the aesthetics mechanics Coupe, though fitted with alloy wheels instead Tire Sheet metal with steel bowl.

The Production Of Torino Auto Began In The 1960S.

The production of Torino Auto began in the 1960s.

Why is the Torino considered one of the best cars in Argentina?

The 1969 epic sealed the legend of the Torino car with fire. Competing among the greats of the time in one of the most demanding races of the time, Torino was on par with a true champion in the 84 Hours of Nürburgring.

At the time, a group of drivers organized by Juan Manuel Fangio and Orest Berta managed to beat brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ford, which came from the Ikea plant, which was later bought by Renault.

It was in 1966 that Fangio and Berta left with the Torino car for the German Nürburgring circuit, where the 84 Hours of competition had begun a year earlier. An Argentine team called “La Misione” was organized to participate in 1969. put together a selection of pilots who knew 198 curves of 18 kilometer circuit,

Although Torino did not win the event due to a violation of car number 3 rules (it exceeded the time spent in the pits), its performance as highest laps vehicle On a tough track, it is considered an epic in Argentine motorsports, although it was not a winner.

At the end of the competition – there was only 1 Torino car left on the track – the exhaust pipe became loose and caused a deafening noise (by regulation, the level cannot exceed 90 decibels) and a complaint from Ford, the Torino car allowed him to enter the pits. Fall, which meant he had cut 10 laps and finished fourth.

End of production in 1981

In 1979, with the import open, Renault played one last card to fight with European and Japanese sports cars and launched the ZX and GR, models that featured the Diamond logo on a Torino car for the first time.

Torino Auto Was Discontinued In The 1980S.

Torino Auto was discontinued in the 1980s.

was one of the changes new grill, hood with central bas-relief bar; newly designed bumpers; New condition and turning headlights and new metallic paint.

Some improvements were added to the final units manufactured by 1981 such as the R18 . Left exterior mirror with electrical control ofand one on the right (without command), the newly designed instrument, Steering Wheel And on the roof of the R18 lifts the digital clock, tachometer, electric windows, along with other details. These last copies, both the coupe and the sedan, were sold in 1982, and thus earned the public the nickname Gamma 82.

finally Manufacturing ceased in 1981, 99,792 units were produced since 1966. This was last December, exactly 40 years after it last left the Renault plant’s production line in Santa Isabel, Córdoba.

How much is a Torino car today?

Finding Turin Cars for Sale is no easy task, because fans who have it rarely want to part with it. related to Presio, too much variable There are many deals on 1972 to 1979 models, with prices ranging from u$s10.000 and $s22,000.

One of the first, for the 1967 model, is the price they ask for the most U$s15.000Whereas in very good case the second option goes for $29,000.

In general, owners agree that setting a price is not an easy task, because not market value, but the value of the Torino car for its condition. On the buyer’s side, his ambition to be one of these landmark models will also define how much he is willing to pay.

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