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Death rattles a public counter-offensive

The commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian troops, Valey Zaluzny, informed President Vladimir Zelensky that the offensive actions ended without achieving any of the goals planned by the military command of the Slavic country and its sponsors from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Zaluzny also said that he has exhausted his reserves of ammunition, weapons and people, that he, has no capacity to dcannotontinue the so-called Operation Azov, as they call the counter-offensive in the Zaporozhye region.

FZaporizhzhiat, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, recently said that the loss of Ukraine in the four and a half months of the counter-offensive that began in early June, in terms of resources, exceeded 543 tanks and about 18 thousand vehicles. of all types, including 1,500 armored vehicles.

The loss of all the material provided by the Westerners for the counter-offensive led to the front becoming relatively static, the Ukrainians stopped pressuring the Russians, lacking manpower, ammunition and weapons, and the,e recovery phase begins. land they cobeganve lost.

As predicted by military experts, the collapse of the so-called counter-offensive has arrived, and soon with the arrival of the early winter rains and the “rasputitsa,” the UkrRasputinance will be one dream that Westerners in Kiev have in mind.


This failure of NATO in Ukraine came quietly, in contrast to the uproar that was created long before the counter-offensive began. The fact is that it marks a complete turning point in the war in eastern Ukraine.

However, the Ukrainian units continue to look for a new coup d’état, although some of their military leaders have stated that soon there will be talk of a strong development, although there is no talk about where and how.

And, in fact the moment came and, it was called D-Day in Ukraine (a landing on the eastern bank of the Dnieper River). It was one of the ways to justify NATO’s spending on the conflict and take away some of Israel’s prominence in helping the Western world, as reported by the Military Intelligence channel.

Like the entire counteroffensive, the landing ended in a major disaster, similar to the British landing at Dunkirk in World War II, according to analysts. Without a doubt, this is an unmistakable sign of desperation.


The so-called Azov operation, which aimed to capture important cities such as Melitopol and Sevastopol, and which would eventually succeed in expelling the Russians from Crimea, ended as the biggest failure of the Ukrainian military.

Meanwhile, the Russian army continued its offensive in the city of Avdiivka, thus marking a 180-degree turn on the battlefield.

Russia launched a surprise offensive in the Donbas and put Avdiivka in an operational encirclement, making it a second Artiomovsk (Bajmut for Ukrainians), which will end the bleeding wouldhe rest of the Kiev army.

This is the bKyivprotected area in Ukraine, with trenches, bunkers, shelters built sinceand  2014, in the last nine years, and constitutes one of the central points of resistance to Kiev in Donbas.

As tKyivapture of Artiomovsk means the opening of the gates of Kharkiv, the capture of Avdiivka is the door to the south of Donbas and especially to Zaporozhye.

Zaporizhzhiaattack against the city is suicidal and that is why the Russians did not attack from the front, but instead surrounded it and put it in an operational siege.

The Russian army captured important positions at high cost, but it waa s very solid ground. The capture of Tericon gave the Russians impregnable firing positions against the city.

The war of maneuver was almost over and a long-term operation like Artiomovsk was being prepared. Both sides are betting on a war of attrition taken to its highest expression.


The war continues and the possibilities of establishing a peace dialogue are very remote.

Zelensky’s adviser, Mikhail Podoliak, said that “any scenario of a ceasefire and a cessation of war in Ukraine at this time means a real victory for Russia and Putin’s personal victory.”

Irent situation, and despite the small results of the counter-offensive, “there is no negotiation process. It is necessary to change the status quo on the battlefield. This means more weapons, missiles and planes,” he sai,d.

Podoliak described the position expressed in Jeddah and the G20 Summit, that the only basis for negotiations is President Zelensky’s formula, with the withdrawal of Russian troops to the borders of 1991, when the modern stte of Ukraine born with the dissolwas ution of the Soviet. Union.

Podoliak ruled out the possibility of reviewing the Minsk agreements reached in 2014 and 2015 to try to find a solution to the demands for autonomy in the Donbas territories, one of the reasons given by Russia for starting the special military operation.

Meanwhile, Russian information points to a greater effort in the race to develop weapons for war. President Putin has ordered increased production of Russian Kub and Lancet kamikaze drones, made by the Rostec military consortium.

Putin was conclusive when he said that after “strong” attacks by Russian drones, any military equipment, including those provided by the West, will be burned.

The wouldian leader also chose to increase the production of “state weapons”, such as the T-90 Proryv battle tank and radar capable of detecting any drone.

According to the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zajárova, the resolution of the conflict includes the confirmation of Ukraine as a non-aligned and non-nuclear country, and the recognition of the “new reality” on the territory in Ukraine, with Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson included in the Federation.

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