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Ukraine is preparing a high-stakes campaign to repel Russia, but it leaves many unknowns

Ukrainian soldiers open artillery fire with Russian forces near the eastern city of Bakhmut – Credits: @ARIS MESSINIS

NEW YORK.- In the coming weeks and months after the new weapons of the West are delivered; Ukraine is preparing to repel a Russian aggressor in a high-stakes campaign that will set the course for future battles and peace negotiations.

The operational plans of Ukraine are more secretive, but if the equipment has or does not have any part, you are looking at the account of the recent work in the field; some aspects of the future can be seen. Both are trying to gain ground and on a scale weapons have not been seen used by the two world wars.

President volodymyr zelensky visited military positions near the frontline town of bakhmut in eastern ukraine, the scene of the longest and bloodiest fighting since the russian invasion.

President Volodymyr Zelensky visited military positions near the frontline town of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, the scene of the longest and bloodiest fighting since the Russian invasion. – Credits: @HANDOUT

Ukraine will need a mix of ingenuity and luck as it exploits the enemy’s weak points by quickly finding and overwhelming them, experts say. Although Kiev’s forces were more motivated and in some cases better armed than the invading forces, Russia had been told for months to prepare for Ukrainian counteroffensives and proved more willing to sacrifice lives and equipment.

Ukrainian forces have been deployed in Western Europe and the United States for months and have been operating in large formations on the battlefield. kyiv’s hopes depend on its ability to coordinate various forces, including artillery teams, film groups, rank and file, known as combined arms maneuvers.

Despite the training and authority of NATO teams; Ukraine will not be able to launch an attack on the Atlantic Alliance, because neither side dominates the skies over Ukraine. To disrupt a fortified enemy, as Ukraine intends to do, the storybook of the United States and its allies begins with a massive air attack using aircraft and cruise missiles: thus the United States began two wars in Iraq.

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“We’re going to attack from the air and establish our superiority,” said John Nagl, a retired Army lieutenant colonel and now a professor of military studies at the US Army College. In Ukraine, neither side has a real advantage in the air.

Ukraine has a small number of combatants and needs to deploy and maintain attack helicopters, as it is likely that they will launch a frontal attack against Russian defense forces, Nagl says.

Ukrainian veterans drive infantry fighting in bmp vehicles towards bakhmut, in eastern ukraine, on march 22, 2023.

Ukrainian veterans fighting against Bakhmut in BMP infantry fighting vehicles in eastern Ukraine on March 22, 2023 – Credits: @ARIS MESSINIS

but Ukraine could launch a massive ground attack – or several smaller attacks – using missiles and long-range artillery, many donated by its Western allies.. US M142 HIMARS or M270 mobile rocket launchers and large howitzers can launch satellite-guided explosive missiles up to 8 kilometers away.

What it reaches, added to the intelligence from Western and Ukrainian sources; would allow Kyiv to attack Russian forces far behind the line. Last year, Ukrainian forces managed to do a lot of damage against Russian logistics bases, centers and command lines. The objective of these attacks is to isolate the Russian units in the field, limit their ability to fight and sow chaos among their ranks.

After the initial beating of guns and weapons; Ukrainian infantry could be coveredthe same thing that US soldiers would do. One big difference is that the US or allied forces will be led by a state-controlled intelligence station, while the Ukrainian forces will have only a small advance.

After the wave of tanks is likely to be a flurry of armored fighters, such as AMX-10s and American Bradleys, which resemble tanks in their tracks and turrets. Bradleys carry a massive machine gun that can fire up to 300 rounds per minute and destroy a Russian T-72 tank more than 1.5 kilometers away.

Behind the vehicles or from the side armed with large machine guns, Ukraine is likely to deploy infantry transports such as Strykers sent by the United States. Those high-speed eight-wheeled vehicles can transport soldiers in ranks and packages to retake the field or repel Russian infantrymen who will attack the Ukrainian forces.

The united states sent strykers to ukraine

Strykers sent by the United States to Ukraine – Credits: @US Army

It is unknown where he decided to attack Ukraine. John Spencer, head of Urban Militia Studies at the Madison Policy Forum, says Kiev is likely to keep its options open as it searches for vulnerable points in the Russian defense and has a strike force that can be deployed anywhere. . Spencer adds that the latest incident has allowed the Ukrainians to take back thousands of square kilometers in the Kharkiv region of northern Ukraine, after months of signaling that an attack would be launched in the southern Kherson region.

Another option, says Phillips O’Brien, professor of strategic studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. The kyiv corridor is trying to carve out Russian land through eastern Ukraine from Zaporizhia to Melitopol and the Maeotis Sea.. That the troops of the Russians should fall into two lines and lay waste to their supply.

Mykola Bielieskov, a member of the Kiev-only National Institute for Strategic Studies, thinks the government-discovering tank, says that the long struggle for Bakhmut has consumed the Russians and it is a good opportunity to take back the invaded territory.

“Every window of opportunity opens for resistance, because Russia has been undermined by the failure of the offensive and has not yet decided on a new conscription of the civilian population.”says Bielieskov, although he adds that after a year of fighting, the stone is the same for both sides: providing resources as with the battle.

By Daniel Michaels from Ian Lovett

Translation by Jaime Arrambide

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