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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ulysses Toiraq on the dollar exchange rate: the state plunged into the black market of currency to compete

Cuban comedian Ulysses Toiraq He was amidst nostalgia and outrage, before the government announced the new dollar exchange rate, believing that the only thing new would be for the state to compete in the black market of currency in Cuba.

“The exchange system seems to me like a Brazilian soap opera, chapters and chapters … It seems that something is happening and months go by, in short, nothing happens. The only thing is days, go on and on Go on.” ‘Tray… the only thing that changed is that The state got down in the black bag of currency to competeWith similar prices,” the actor said on his Facebook profile.

Facebook Ulysses Toiraq

Toiraq insisted that ” Supply in national currency requires national production“, an area in which the island government has made no progress for decades.

“Dumbledore can’t do magic by taking money out of a hat up his sleeve. I’m not an expert and having him eat two thousand lunches per ticket is studying the fluff of a counter fluff that doesn’t produce wealth and So the problem doesn’t get solved, and put on the face of ‘now we’re going to split it,'” the actor said.

He is not the only one who has shown his unease with the new measures of the Cuban government announced by the Minister of Economy, Alexander Gilo this Wednesday. Many Cubans believe that the exchange rate and the purchase of the dollar are the same without announcing the date of sale of the foreign currency. lack of respect for the population and the cynical attitude of the state towards the Cuban people.

Gill said that from this Thursday “everyone will be able to sell their foreign exchange to the state and soon [en fecha sin determinar]The state will sell dollars to the population.” This generated a wave of critical comments about the government’s inability to get the country out of the crisis, and dozens minister speech memes,

The reference exchange rate in Cuba would be 1×120 Cuban Peso, This is reduced to one dollar for 110.40 CUP when applying banking commercial margin (tax of 8%). Cuban officials have warned that the rate will not remain stable.

Toirac is usually active on his social networks and comments on aspects of Cuban reality with a humorous tone. A few weeks ago he heated up Cuban social networks with his general ability to make people laugh when he debated Quality of life in Marianao,

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