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United States, is one of the most dangerous countries to give birth

The United States remains one of the most dangerous developed countries to give birth, according to a new report published by a non-profit organization focused on improving the health of pregnant women and infants.We talked about this topic with our guests. good evening.Thank you for joining us.Thank you.Carolina: The CDC data cited in the report shows that the United States reported a 3% increase in infant mortality, and the maternal mortality rate doubled. What happened? This is a public health problem. I can’t tell you what the death rate is. The main problem is that patients arrive at hospitals late. Mothers have no control and supervision from the obstetrician every month, and they come to an end. second, the cost of having a child now. It costs a lot. Third, many women have illnesses that they cannot treat and end up in the hospital. Many of these babies are premature. There are many problems. This is a major health problem in the country. Carolina: We talked about the racial disparities that exist in maternal health in the country. There is no doubt that the black community, especially the African-American community, has more than double the mortality rate of Caucasians. but it has to do with the disparity of resources. disparity in reaching health professionals before they come with such a serious condition. Carolina: What regions or states of the country are most affected? The southern states are the most vulnerable. For example, in Texas, we continue to help Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi with these problems. Carolina: What should the government do to help transform the resources that mothers and young people need to prevent this tragedy? We need to rethink our health system. We cannot be a first-world country with a third-world health system. There must be a health system that allows easy access for people and that does not cost a lot for people to go to the doctor.Carolina: How do women protect themselves during, without, and after pregnancy?>> We have to make sure they want to be pregnant. Second, any disease that is present must be controlled. health professional. The most important thing is that during pregnancy, you must follow up with a health professional. This is the most important part. There, we can detect medical problems early and prevent them from developing into prematurity or infant death. Carolina: Thank you very much. Carolina: We continue talking about this situation faced by many women in the country with our panelists. How do you feel, as a young woman, about these statistics? Worrying. But you also need to read more precisely what the doctor said: that if you have a pre-existing condition, you are a woman who consumes chemicals that harm the health of the child. that develops in the womb, these things contribute to a pregnancy that is more dangerous for the child and the woman. But there is also something positive, and that is that we have better technology. We have made advances in the fields of medicine and this specialty. There is also the fact that this is not a Republican versus Democrat I know that’s where Heidy is going, but the reality is more complicated than one realizes.

And many of these areas have a problem where less than 14% are ready to have emergency rooms that can help children. This is a problem that has problems and lacks a real pediatrician. Heidy: There are many, but it is that women smoke and drink a lot, but before we have this data, women could not smoke. and drinking. However, we now know that women are more responsible and avoid pregnancy, and we cannot say that this is happening. The numbers are clear, and that’s why Vianca gave an introduction. Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Georgia are the states with the highest infant mortality rates and Republicans. It is in babies after being born alive that they die more often. And many have to do with abortion.

They force women to carry a pregnancy to term even if the pregnancy is not viable. Some women wait in a car until the last moment so that they can be treated and have an abortion. We have 10-year-olds traveling to other states to get abortions. This happens more in states where abortion is illegal and where there are poorer women. The less money they have, the less they can take care of themselves during pregnancy, and the less access they have to the doctors and vitamins they need. That’s all that’s important. If you don’t take care of yourself before, during, and after pregnancy, you will have problems when it comes time to give birth. There’s also racism. This idea that women of color have less pain than a white woman, we see that in hospitals as well. A woman of color is treated differently. The disease is not that serious and they can take care of it later.Vianca: Then why do you keep pushing women to get abortions when it is a reality that many African-American and Hispanic children die from the labor industry? that is expanding in this country?(everyone speaks) Vianca: Are you mixing two different themes?Heidy: mortality in the states of the republic.Vianca: We are talking about this topic, and what you are talking about is problematic. You are a member of the democrat Party and you say Troit, Baltimore, New Jersey has a high death rate. Second, the democracy Party encourages women to have more abortions. We also see this death rate. Also, you can’t tell me you care about the infant mortality rate when you need to recognize the humanity of people inside the womb. Heidy: go look at the numbers and see that the Republican says that many children died and many children who did not have resources and that did not, for example, when Biden became president were tried he would pass a tax credit for children, who do not want to do this?, even the children live in poverty, republicans. Carolina: 20 seconds for each. what is the solution? Vianca: let the Democrats get away with cheap politics. children in the womb.

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